Corvino's Pizzeria and Grill

1 Industrial Dr Suite 2, Hudson
(603) 577-1572

Recent Reviews

Brian Hildreth

Good food with quick service. Perfect for a short lunch break when you call ahead.

Jen Quinn

The food was good, but none of the employees were wearing masks. It was strange because they had a sign on the door encouraging customers to wear masks...

Aggressive Gamer

Good pizza, subs, and great deserts. Friendly staff and quick service, always good stop to grab a bite to eat. Would reccomend.

Carolyn F.

Placed an order online and got there early to pick up so waited in car until ready. Before we could go back in someone brought the food out to our car! So nice of them! Got roast beef sandwiches and they were perfect and exactly as ordered!

Jamie B.

First experience at Corvino's wasn't the greatest but they had just opened so my husband and I figured give them a chance to get it together and we'll return down the road. Our second visit started off not the greatest. We placed an online order, my husband got home with our 2 kids only to find out part of our order was missing. He called and spoke to the manager who corrected the mistake, asked if we could pick up and when he explained he couldn't return she went out of her way to grab our food and run it to our house herself. The food was delicious, we will be returning!

Nicole Titus

Funny story I called and ordered and meatball calzone and a large pizza when I got home and started serving to my kids i realized the meatball calzone had NO sauce in it! It was cheese, meatballs and dough. When I called regarding it all I was told was oh we have 2 new people. I started even if they are new its common sense that sauce come with a meatball anything that it's not a hamburger calzone the man I was talking to just laughed and said next time say you want sauce in it.

Jarrett E.

The food is meh and the service is HORRIBLE! I have never seen a pizza shop in such disarray. The owner is in the back while the teens out front screw up orders. Waited an hour and a half for a salad. Would have cancelled if it hadn't been prepaid. Give this place 3 chances with the same results. Never again.

Andrew Patterson

I had a pepperoni pizza. It was very good. Good enough to make me want another one!

Kristen Masson Masson

Roast beef sandwiches are top notch. Piled high, quality is excellent.

Amanda Mulligan

Best Toast Beef sandwiches. I am from Massachusetts originally so you would always get RB Sandwiches from Kelly's or Mike's. Corvinos is the only place I've found that has a RB Sandwich as good/ better than them..and consistent as well.

TraceyGary Morris

Best gluten free pizza I’ve ever had!!!

William Baron

They have a great store with great food a nice local Resturant

Melissa J.

Never again! Don't order from this place so rude! I ordered takeout and my friend ordered takeout we both used a coupon. Instead of us both going inside to pick up our orders I went in. The guy gave me crap for using the coupons sayings it was unfair to him for me using 2 coupons on 2 orders. What difference did it make when it was for 2 different people? Why make both of us go inside during covid? Well no worries it will never happen again as I will never go back! Plus my rice pilaf was a big pile of mush totally over cooked. Tried this place 3 times and had issues every time. I'll stick to Kendall Pond. Food is so much better and staff is def nicer!

Stacey Corvino

Must try our homemade chicken cutlets in a sub or on a chicken parm pizza or our homemade meatballs. Both absolutely fresh, hearty and delicious!

Karyn M.

When this place opened we were excited as it was right near our home and it looked to have a great menu. We ordered and were really disappointed but figuring they were working things out we'd wait and try again. Last night we decided to try again and were even more let down. I ordered a simple pepperoni pizza at 5pm. Corvinos is literally a 3min drive from my home and the pizza didn't show up until 6:10 pm. This wasn't as much of a problem as the fact that the pizza was between stone cold and barely lukewarm. I decided to let them know and opted to send them a message through Facebook so I knew they would get it. Within minutes they saw my note and opted to completely ignore it. Last time I will ever buy from this place again as the customer service is awful

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