Domino's Pizza

16 Chase St, Hudson
(603) 319-1999

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Miranda Landry

I called the store to ask if they have a lemonade. First call I was hung up on right away. Second call I said I have a question and then they hung up on me again. Third time I called the girl answered and I said I don’t appreciate whoever kept hanging up on me all I wanna know is if you guys have lemonade before I put it online order in. She said I’m sorry that happened I’m not sure who did that but yes we do have lemonade. But the third time that I called they were all giggling in the background. Not sure if they were giggling at me calling three times but that’s very poor customer service skills for a restaurant

Chris Rambeau

Food was good.... some of the things could have been made better.. The service was kinda scary why do the employees think they don't have to wear a face mask. If your gonna let the employees be seen they need to be wearing their mask and wearing them correctly


Bought a pizza today and the pizza guy wasn't wearing a mask or gloves and was literally touching everything in the restaurant like there's currently not a pandemic going on. Hopefully he doesn't contract COVID19 or pass it along and get other people sick or kill someone. Employee should be fired and restaurant should be deep cleaned as a precaution.

Rachael Loring

The staff is always amazing and i LOVE THEIR PIZZA. No room for politics when delicious pizza is always available. Thanks dominoes. You never disappoint

Christopher Digirolamo

managers blew my off. pretty much told me I'm lying and don't know what I'm talking about. employee clearly are from a customers pizza. see for yourself. never be back again

Anastasia Fields

Messed up my order 2 times in a row today. Would give a 0 star if I could.

Sean Lessard

Great tasting food at fair prices. While you are not getting the best pizza on the planet (this is no Brooklyn/Chicago pizza joint), you are getting food that is consistent and quickly made to order. The staffers I've met are friendly and appear to be hard working young men and women looking to please all that patronize the store.

Melissa Boggs

The new hudson nh location so far so good. Never really had any issues with anything really. But there is one thing you always have to remind them to apply the coupons. I mean come on now if they were ordering wouldn't they want to pay $40 more then $70 haha. So other then that great.

Chris Digirolamo

It's okay. Quick food nothing special

Mark Krueger

If I could give a zero star review I would. Always different price everytime I go in. Three times I went in, always wrong when I get home. I was also hit head on by one of the workers right in front of the entrance, and a bunch of workers, who didn't see the accident, came out and claimed it was my fault, even though he crossed a double solid line with no directional. They need someone with some maturity in there to lead the kids who work there. The kid who gave me my pizza last time reeked of weed. It's too bad we were hoping for a dominos in Hudson and this is what we were given. Need good management. Not going back. Ever. Sorry but honesty goes a long way.

Caitlin Mcnamara

wow dominos has the best delivery guy. kilian got my order delivered to me soo fast. & made sure everything was reaally hot. (;


Since this location opened we have been very pleased!! Once in a while the young delivery drivers will forget our sauce but hey it's ok. Overall they do a good job for the price.

Joseph Carter

Drivers keep pulling up. Waiting 30 seconds and if I'm not outside IMMEDIATELY they leave. No call. No honk. No nothing. I live on the third floor of an apartment building. Definitely wont hear a knocking. But I waited outside , because I know they never call, and he went to the wrong door and before I could catch him he drove away. Rediculous

Norman Oak

This store is always messing up on the order and missing dip cups. i called at 11:44 pm and the girl on the phone asked me to hold so she could ask if they were still delivering. after being told yes she took my order an did not understand what a meatzza pizza was very confusing placing a order with someone who don't know a menu. then i order a pizza with extra sauce and the pizza was drier as heck like please get the order correct and train the crew.

Donna Martel

Did an online order prior to Thanksgiving. Sent several messages to corporate office as my order did not get to destination. Was contacted by manager at this facility as they should have handled order. He stated it would be handled. As of today. No refund to my credit card and the surprised gift was never delivered. Now they are not responding to my email. I will not do business with them again unless they refund my purchase plus tip delivery charge etc or they make good on my order!

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