75 Derry Rd, Hudson
(603) 889-9528

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Matt E

Too long of a wait at the drive-thru. And the order was wrong. I do not fault the people working but I do fault management for not properly scheduling enough people on hand for the morning Rush

johnny dejesus

No place to sit and eat have to eat outside where flies het on your food they where told to open dining area they refuse to open

Full Send Fishing

I went to McDonald’s at 10:25pm on Wednesday and Ryan served us and he was very polite and was quick with our order and made sure to tell us to have a great night. Overall great service 5/5!!!

Melissa Widmann

It was super busy but they still had my food ready quickly and everything I ordered was correct.

Erika Q Stokes

Employees wear their masks around their chins. Disgusting!

Malori Debisz

Large order. 7 items, 3 errors. Cheese when the burger was blatantly asked to be without. Sandwich asked plain served with full toppings and no sauce for the nuggets. Had to return. Will find another McD with more consistent service.

Cherie R.

I'm surprised this place has poor reviews. I just got a quarter pounder and Big Mac with large fries. Everything tasted great and was so hot! My boyfriend said it was one of the best Big Mac's he's had and that Quarter Pounder was honestly the best I've ever had at a McDonalds. Service was nice and patient. I'll definitely come back to this location!

Andrew Patterson

Number 2 medium with fries. Always good.

Joseph Webb

Food was hot, tasty, served with a smile.

Leachim S.

Poor service. Slow. You order on a computer in the lobby while the employees attempt to put orders together in the most chaotic manner. It was so slow in the restaurant, the manager and employees had their friends at the counter doing some mock argument and the manager along with his employees started dropping F bombs. I had to confront the manager and remind him I was in the dining area with my children. Keep it classy McyD's!

Thomas Lippert

Ordered a fillet o fish I swear it was the neatestly assembled sandwich I've ever had from Mickey ds

ryan moyen

Always in and out real quick here

Malik Earl

Sometimes service takes long, and sometimes they mess up orders. But I've never had mean employees or any other issues

Eric Ford

McDonald's is what it is no matter where it is. The people make the difference. They can make or break you ..depending on quality of training. Utilization of that training in upholding policies and procedures.

Sheila Semanek

Did the drive thru. Food was ok but the manager lady was not about service with a smile.

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