Nan King Restaurant

222 Central St # 2, Hudson
(603) 882-1911

Recent Reviews

Kenneth Boucher

Very Good food. The pandemic is hurting a lot of small businesses and Nan King is doing its best to adapt. Right now it's phone in orders only. The only problem when you call in and give them your number they don't tell you to wait in your car until they call you which can be up to an hour or more. Be prepared and patient for some very good Chinese cuisine it's worth the wait. Didn't take any photos as you don't go beyond standing outside the front door. Winter is coming time to change the pickup point.

Keith Fadden

I have recently had a great take out meal here. Haven't been to Nan King in years but the new management has cleaned up and is making very good food

Brenda B

The food isn't as good as under the previous owners. Service is slow

Andrew Patterson

Great take out, never any problems with the food.Perhaps the woman who answers the phone could say more than just "uh hello". Maybe she could say "Hello, Nan King, can I help you?" so you know you've reached a business and not someone's bedroom. But, the food is great


This place is amazing... best Chinese food around!!!

Loren C.

Stopped here on impulse yesterday for some takeout, hadn't been here in a while. Just some Wonton soup and somegold spears. Not bad, not great but good.Can't wait for their buffet to reopen so I can check that out again.

Elizabeth B.

Since we moved to Nashua we've been looking for a go to Chinese place. Tonight we ordered from Nan King and I've never been more disgusted in my life. To start I order Peking ravioli and yaki udon. I was specific about which udon because there are 3 on the menu, two had shrimp which I'm allergic to and one did not. My mother ordered general tsao chicken and my husband ordered sweet and sour chicken. The udon came loaded with shrimp so I couldn't even eat it, the Peking ravioli was disgusting and had mystery chunks of something in it. The general tsao chicken was chicken fingers. The sweet and sour chicken was ok. So we called to ask about what happened and we were told they only have one udon and it has shrimp, no answer on the Peking raviolis and they claimed the chicken fingers were general tsaos. All I can say is never again!

Ryanna Ramos

I’ve never sat in the restaurant but my takeout was always really good

Lou Klem

I constantly come grabbing some food in this place. I loved the quick service and well cooked dishes. Keep up the good work.

Rocco Rampino

Curbside pick up works well using the Beyond - Menu app. Food is always fresh and a reasonable price.


Best Asian food in the area great customer service

Melissa M.

I ordered from here through door dash to try something new....bad idea! I didn't think it was possible to make pad Thai as horrible as they managed to!! It wasn't edible and ended up in the trash. I order pad Thai from giant of Siam and You You and its always delicious. I guess the lesson here is stay with what you know.

Barry L.

The BEST CHINESE FOOD in NH. Never had a problem. We love the buffet and have a great choices to choose from.

Jamie M.

Nothing to go out of your way for but food is decent. Better now with the new owners. Food often seems extra greasy compared to other places in town but at least their chicken fingers are crunchy. I'd recommend the new Nanking over Zheng Garden any day!

Nathanael Brown

This place is worth trying. They have big portions for reasonable rates. Regularly well kept and with good atmosphere. Highly recommended.

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