Papa Gino's

77 Derry Rd, Hudson
(603) 598-8001

Recent Reviews

Thomas belanger

Staff is always friendly when I go in for lunch!

Andrew M. Zuba

I went there because they have pizza.

Paula B.

Been going here for years! Love the sauce on the pizza! This time got a small cheese pizza, not so good this time!

Nick Gettings

The pizza is just amazing. The taste is very unique and the cheese is the right amount of stringy. I love it here!

Walmart Mods

The pizza is just amazing. The taste is very unique and the cheese is the right amount of stringy. I love it here!

J'aime McGrath

No phone calls, no communication of any sort from the restaurant over an hour after the stated delivery time. No apologies from staff, no information about delays, I called them finally to find out what was happening and no information from them except that the delivery driver was on his way and I “should be” next on the driver’s route. Driver showed up nearly 2 hours after my online order went in. Declined the order, sent it back. Never again. Don’t order from here.

Tune C.

Unlike most Papa Gino's I've been too. My meatball sub came on a different roll than the usual crispy Parisian bread. The new roll wasn't fresh at all. It was however thoroughly coated in lukewarm sauce and cold unmelted cheese. My sandwich didn't have oregano or parmasean cheese like I asked and didn't come toasted like I asked. I also got a steak Greek salad which was ok. It's unusual that it's sandwich steak on top of a salad, but it was ok. The pizza is still great, my favorite actually, but wow i was amazed at how low the quality has fallen in everything else. This isn't the first time I've been upset at the quality of my order, just the first time I'm upset enough to download an app to express it. I hope they can get things in order cause this would be a very convenient spot for me. :(

Dominic Nicolo SR.

OMG, I forgot how Great the crust is... yummy!

Mark Duggan

Horrible customer service. When you are the manager hiding out back while 15 year olds run your business you will likely end up with one start quite a bit.

Jo Bisbing

Extremely nice waitstaff!

Jen Hiroki Doiron

Amazing place! Great food!!

Kristina V.

I want to give this papa gino's more stars. I have ordered here quite a few times and the pizza is consistently good, but every single time I get the fries they taste disgusting like the oil is old. Gross... makes me wonder what else they don't clean. 3 stars because good pizza and the staff has always been pleasant.

Jamie M.

Not sure why we keep going back. The service is always slow, rude or a mix of both and this is the 3rd or 4th time I arrive after the quoted time and my order isn't ready. Difference is, this time my pizza is sitting in the box but my fried food isn't even started. The cashier apologizes and makes up an excuse that the web system is down(even though my pizza is already finished). She asks the kids working the fryer station how much longer. The young girl in the back started to curse telling her "I have no f*&$ing clue what you're talking about". My 4yo heard it and made a comment about her use of "bad words". The cursed a few more times while preparing my order. The manager heard her and rather than say something she just shook her head and laughed. 10 minutes later she comes out with my food and a massive stack of plates. I say "thank you, but we don't need the plates" she rolls her eyes and responds "wow. Ok, cool." Huh?! I don't see this location lasting much longer.

Hot Dogs In The Booth

Been our go to pizza parlor for the past 5 years... consistently really good!

Ginger Khoyi

I've tried over and over to give this place a shot. The people are super friendly and kind, but the products themselves are getting worse and worse.

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