T-BONES Great American Eatery

77 Lowell Rd, Hudson
(603) 882-6677

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Angi Archambeault

Was great. Had the crab encrusted haddock w baked potato and corn on cob. Delicious? . my only "complaint" is that I couldn't get an extra shot of amaretto to put in my drink which by that time had watered down to soda water and ice. But the "complaint" is really for the licquor commission not T-Bones.

Mike B

This place is hit or miss. I have had great experiences and truly horrible experience. Most of the bad experiences were due to poor service. Prices are generally a bit outrageous for what you get. If you stick to a burger or steak you will be safe. French onion soup is good. Avoid specials, seafood is often not fresh, had a lobster roll which was way past its expiration date. My recommendation is to go weekdays, lunch or early dinner and stick to burgers and steaks.

Ashley Young

Good. But nothing special

ScottyDog Channel

Stopped by for a sandwich and cold brew. They delivered. Cajun chicken was delicious

patricia demers

Amazing! Great service and great hospitality love the staff ? ? ?

Steve Sanborn

Service was fantastic, we enjoyed our time there.

Gerry Gan

Solid member of a local chain. Seafood dishes are particularly good.

Brenda B

The food is consistently great!

Ryan Kelley

Used curb side pickup. Burgers were still great, and the service was too

Anshita S.

This review is only and only for their dessert. Husband and I were in the area and we were craving for a chocolate dessert after dinner. Found this place on yelp and decided to give it a shot. The lady who took our order to go said she loves it and it is so good that we will come back for more. And she was right!!!! We ordered one slice to go to eat in the car and 2 minutes later I was back at the restaurant getting another piece to go. My oh my!!! If you a chocolate cake/mouse/ or anything chocolate lover, you HAVE TO try their dessert. My husband and I sometimes drive out of our way just to eat the dessert here. The cake holds true to its name- Chocolate Dream cake. Delicious layers of chocolate cake with light fluffy creamy chocolate mousse, Oreo cookie crust and the luscious chocolate ganache. Get yourself a slice or two ;-)

Scott Haskell

One of my friends had a rehearsal dinner for their wedding here. We chose to have seating outside and we took up 3 picnic tables. Each table had their own server which you thought would have been great however The other 2 tables were on their 2nd drinks with appetizers as we were just getting our 1st round of drinks. The waitress was in her mid fifties and when we try to voice our opinion all she did was become rude and snap back witty comebacks. She was very rude and unprofessional

Chrissy S.

Went here the other night and it was delicious! I have been here before but that was around 10 years ago. We got the homemade chips with ranch to start with and then some popcorn and bread. All was delicious. The chips were so good for homemade chips and the ranch to dip them in was perfect. The bread is a loaf and so good and different from any other restaurants bread. The popcorn is so salty it is delicious. Then I got the French onion soup and it was yummy. Wasn't too salty at all and liked that you could order a cup cause most places French onion soup only comes in a bowl size. Then I got the special which was the blacken chicken. It was delicious. I would say though blacken chicken usually is spicy but it was not.. at least for my taste but it is hard to hit my spicy level. My boyfriend got the chicken pot pie and loved it. He did say though he wish there as potatoes in the actual pie but said it was good even though there wasn't. Definitely will be back for more!

Walter Quinn

We had salmon and haddock from their "Classics" menu. Both very well prepared tasty. Friendly staff.

Catherine D

Cold rice, spicey salmon, no Brocolli with my sons dinner, and long waits while waiting for my order to be fixed.

Duck From NH

Always a great sandwich here. I get the Buffalo Chicken Saucewich every time. However, due to Covid, they have a limited menu and the sandwich wasn't on the menu... but they still made it for me!! Absolutely love this place!!

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T-BONES Great American Eatery

77 Lowell Rd, Hudson, NH 03051
(603) 882-6677