Veria Pizza Charcoal & Grill Restaurant

87 Lowell Rd, Hudson
(603) 880-3100

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Sahil Parikh

Their sauce is a bit on the sweeter side, and they don’t skimp on the cheese or the toppings!

Sang Soo Cho

Pizza is sweet (both the sauce and crust). Not what I was looking for. Personal pref obviously, but again was not super pleased.

Cameron Cote

Pizza was extremely good. Very good sauce.

Blair ?.

Omg this place is unreal! I use to live in MA and tony & ann's was my pizza place because I love sweet sauce! After living in N.H. for 30 years I just moved to hudson and found this whole in the wall, and it's the best pizza around! But I will warn you, you have to enjoy your pizza sauce a little on the sweet side! I'd never thought I'd find a place like in Massachusetts and Veria is it!!! Keep doing your thing guys your food is amazing!

Becky Has Arrived

I have been going to Veria for almost 10 years now, it’s my go too comfort food and go to pizza place to please a crowd. The pizza is the most popular item, which I would have to attest to its uniqueness. It’s a Greek style crust, but not like the Greek style you would get at any old “house of pizza” it has a rich butteries while still remaining light, and the actual crust isn’t that round hard useless crust you come to expect when you think of Greek style pizza. On this one the crust is desirable and crispy with a golden cheesy seal. The sauce has a sweetness to it and it’s simple. It isn’t weighed down by the overwhelming taste of basil and other seasoning that some pizza place through in to cover up there mediocre recipe. Any pizza style you order will be coated in a generous layer of cheese and they never skimp on the toppings either. One slice of a meat lovers pizza and you will feel full and satisfied, where other places will leaving you asking yourself “WHERES THE BEEF”. The other shining star is there subs. Again they are never shy with there filings, if you want a hearty BLT that you can feel the bacon when your biting into it you found your place. They advertise on there sign about a charcoal grill, at first I never understood why. Then I was feeling frisky and ordered a charcoal grilled chicken sub. I had a euphoric experience with this one. The chicken isn’t overly season, if it’s even seasoned at all. This is where they let the grilled flavor do it’s thing. A charcoal grilled chicken sub with lettuce, mayo, ‘Mercian cheese and mayo is what got me and my sister through our pregnancies. In fact, it was the eggplant sub that caused my sister to go into labor! That or it was just time. The rest of there menu is pretty standard, they have chicken finger but there nothing to write home about and cheese sticks that you could fry up at home too. French fries that where probably frozen and fried up to order, but they honestly accompany any meal so well you don’t care. Strangely enough rounding off my lists of favorites are there wings! I don’t know why but they are some of the best wings I can find. They have a thick crispy coating and the meat is always cooked exactly how you want them. Anything I order from here always come exactly how I would want it made if I wasn’t to lazy to cook my own food. It’s comfort. It’s like getting a hug from your favor aunt, it’s not moms cooking but it’s close. If you want fancy or gourmet cooking this isn’t your place, you can go somewhere that put truffle oil on hand cut fries. But if you’re heart hurts and you need something to pick you up, get veria.

Cindy M.

I love their pizza. Its more on the sweeter side.the workers are always friendly. My go to place for pizza

Heidi Sutherland Boghigian

I live in Nashua and saw a post on FB asking where's the best pizza around. Several people recommended Veria Pizza in Hudson. Boy we they right! My family loves the pizza, we agree it's the best! Even better, they are the nicest people. I highly recommend Veria!!

Kastle B.

I kindly give two stars for the fast delivery service. But subtract -12 stars for the motto of "Quality and Service." When someone orders crispy buffalo wings and you see it on the printed slip, you should get... crispy.. buffalo.. chicken.. wings.. I got the soggiest fried sack on buffalo wings that seeped through the packaging all just to find out that it didnt even come with bc or ranch. Who does that to a human being. And when someone orders greek salad. It should be a GREEK salad, not buffed out lettuce with building blocks of feta and garnishes of 2 cucumbers, 2 tomatoes and guess what? TWO OLIVES. ALL JUST TO GET STORE CREDIT FOR THE NEXT TIME I ORDER. Dissapointed would be an understatement.

Jerry Wallace

I tried this place already with a friend and I am addicted since then. I loved the great character and delicious dishes and beverages. Highly recommended.

Todd Boyer

Great pizza, fair price. I eat here atleast 4 times a week for lunch or dinner. Very consistent, which I like

Bob Dresser

The best Greek pizza around!

Mark Krueger

Good food. Never had anything bad there. Friendly family owned. Not great looking inside or out but sometimes the best places are not appealing to the eye. I go there a couple times a month. Sweet sauce pizza, great steak and cheese subs. Check it out and u will not be let down.

Pizza Bros

Greek style pizza with a good crispy crust. Nice blend of sauce to cheese. Over all surprising good first bite great look to the pie. Not too greasy that it would drip off the pie just made it look sweaty. About halfway through the slice the sweetness of the sauce became very over powering. May have been better with a little garlic powder but there were no condiments available beside salt and pepper. Over all good for one slice just be close to a bathroom.

Cecile Adams

Wicked Yummy!!!! Great place for a quick bite, the food was hot & fresh, the place is well managed, neat & clean and the customer service was exceptional


Pretty quick delivery but the pizza wasn't good at all Would NOT suggest ordering from here Better pizza elsewhere

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Veria Pizza Charcoal & Grill Restaurant

87 Lowell Rd, Hudson, NH 03051
(603) 880-3100