Bhindi Bros

452 Daniel Webster Hwy, Merrimack
(603) 341-6770

Recent Reviews

Niamh Dhabolt

This restaurant seems to not exist. They showed up on DoorDash one day and we were eager to try their delicious-sounding food. Half an hour after we made an order with them, we get a call from our DoorDasher letting us know that when she arrived at their address, nothing was there. The number listed for the restaurant is disconnected (they have a second number listed on their website, which we also tried, but again it was disconnected). The restaurant is fake, unfortunately. What a shame.Looks like we're going to have to get fast food tonight... *sigh*

Pramod Makkena

When we reached the address there is nothing there. Maybe they are just for-name sake kindof restaurant. The other reviews given are literally fake. So don’t fall for such fake restaurants.

Nona Patara

Authentic indian food for sure. I was greeted by a very nice staff and the aroma kept me waiting patiently lol. I liked that it was spicy because so many restaurants say "Hot" when they really mean mild. It was overall a really good experience.

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