Appleseed Crepe & Bread

310 Daniel Webster Hwy, Nashua
(781) 270-3131

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Cody Morse

Great panini on their own fresh bread and delicious crepe. In the mall food courtFood: 5/5


The owner and his family are very kind and well liked. Their iced coffee is handmade and one of the best I’ve had in a while.


The owner and his family are very kind and well liked. Their iced coffee is handmade and one of the best I’ve had in a while.

Hannah Pratt

I love this place. The crepes are warm and tasty. Don't go here much any more because I live too far away but I'm so happy they're still in business.

Megan Provencher

If I could give this place 10 stars I would. I have been going here for 10 years at least. It is literally the best crepes in the country. My only wish is that they were in Manchester, NH. PLEASE COME HERE! Nashua is so far from us! I can only make the drive 1 every few months but it’s always so worth it and I get 3 crepes at a time.

Rachelle G.

Delicious food! I regularly order the Turkey Panini and it is always wonderful! The staff is always super nice! Highly recommend supporting this business.

Christina Bell

I've been here a couple times now. Very good food. Nice staff and reasonable wait times.

Emily DeNyse

I go there a lot. Always ordered the Mediterranean Crepe. Really good! The boba is meh. It's more of a slushi than boba. It's great if that's what you like. The lady who always works there is very nice!

M Ribak

Always great service and their crepes are SO good.I usually go with The Plymouth with honey dijon or any of the dessert crepes you really cant go wrong there!

Johnna B.

The food is always great the Mediterranean crepe was Soo delicious. Even my mango drink was very good. And the order was on time and they were very nice.

Rob Anonymous

Best crepes in Southern NH, sadly. No one else compares.

Debbie M.

Came today to Appleseeds. I had the Plymouth which is a turkey fried with mozzarella cheese Romain lettuce and turkey breast topped with a little honey mustard dressing absolutely delicious my daughter had the new mushroom risotto roll up with what's lettuce a side of fruit. I do love this place to eat but I do not love the piece of paper that the sandwich is put on when you do cut into the sandwich you cut into the paper so I try to slide it off onto the plate. That is the only reason why I did not get this place five stars. It was only one employee working at this location at the Pheasant Ln., Mall he did a great job considering other people had come before us and he had some waiting and he had to do curbside.

Valerie Boelzner

The Plymouth crepe was AMAZING, nothing bad to say about that. However, the BROCCOLI CHEDDAR SOUP WAS ABSOLUTELY THE WORST THING IVE EVER EATEN. I do not know what even possessed me to take a bite. The look of it alone was enough to send me to the hospital. So let's start with that: orange glop, the viscosity of spoiled milk with specs of greenish brown broccoli bits. The taste was rancid. I cant even describe the pure disgust that coursed through my body. Obviously my next action was to drink an entire bottle of the closest liquid next to me; bleach, windex, dunkin donuts coffee. Whatever would get rid of the vile taste in my mouth. Took a quick trip to the bathroom mirror to get myself together and face the next battle. I smelled it. Bad idea. I relived the experience all over again and my hair stood on end. All living creatures in a 10 mile radius lost years off of their lives. I have no idea how anyone could serve that to another human being in good faith. Do you have no sense of smell? I couldn't imagine having to work next to a pot of that all day. Just throw it all away. Good greif.

Linda N.

Overpriced!!!! Warm, freshly made crepe filled with cold salad. WHAT?? Who ever thought up this idea? Mostly iceberg lettuce, a few bits of other veggies all wrapped up in a crepe, with a dressing. WEIRD, soggy idea. Perhaps the desserts are better? Or???????????? Perhaps, I am old enough to remember the "Magic Pan". Oh my gawd...the Magic Pan. Hot crepes, made fresh at the table, filled with fresh, wonderful ingredients. Coq au vin, Boeuf Burgundy with mushrooms, onions and rich beef gravy. White meat turkey swimming in silky mushroom gravy, with cognac. Agh!!!!!! And... for dessert, Medames et Monsieurs....a warm wheat crepe filled with softened granny smith apples, languishing in a brown sugar/caramel sauce. Drizzled with spicy whip cream. Or perhaps the chocolate crepe? Stuffed with warmed Ghiradelli chocolate (white or milk), striped with dark chocolate, accompanied by a small dollop of cold, fresh whipped cream. Or how about the Cherries Jubilee, crepe? Warmed cherries, brandy sauce, crepe of your choice, whipped cream on the side...a dusting of powdered chocolate.....ah... but I digress. There is nothing like the above at this place, in the Mall. It's just "MALL FOOD"....uck!

Linda N

Boring. Crepes are fresh made, but little to offer for insides. Pretty plain, expensive and not impressive at all.

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