310 Daniel Webster Hwy Ste 144, Nashua
(603) 891-1000

Recent Reviews

Howard Bailynson

Always consistent chain. Quality above the average. Send to usually be a wait, not all bad when food comes out fresh and hot.

Sung L.

I like any Chick-fil-A. Their food is always consistent and they also have pleasant employees. There could be long lines during lunch and dinner times but other than that there is no complaint.

Emma H.

My chicken was dry to start plus the lady who took us kept asking us the same question and it took forever and she messed up everything on our order I was so excited and it was horrible!

yuri arsenault

Ordered my food, was stared at for 5 min no response. Ordered my food with bacon added that I paid extra for and didn't get any bacon. Dissatisfied

Libby Tierney

this place was mad sus

Mike Falzone

Chicken sandwich is basic but always good


This location was quite good, incredibly fast service and the fries were fresh, which can be an issue with chick fil a

Wendy Bourque Martineau

I had a mouse run across my foot last week as I was ordering at the counter. the mouse ran behind the counter and not one employee seemed to care..GROSS!! ?

Rick B.

The chicken is always fresh and the service although everyone is short handed during the pandemic is very good. This location has a drive thru and they come running out of the mall food court with your order. Not a bad idea!

Doug Taylor

We got the number 7….. first time for me and my friend Patrick.Absolutely Delicious!!! Highly recommend this place.


Ordered just a sandwich (in the mall, not drive through, was not very busy) and after waiting 10 mins (during such time, people went to the cash register, ordered food, got it and left.) I asked how much longer for my sandwich - I got blank stare and no real answer answer so I just left….

First Last

A friend of mine bought me their baked mac and cheese and all I have to say is next to my Mom's, this is the best. Soo creamy, nice golden brown top and no hard pieces of macaroni. I would take this over anything chicken they make!


They have the best chicken sammiches the only downside is they are closed on Sundays I wish they could be open which would give me another day to eat there

idalys antonetty plaza

Ordered curb side pick up and mistakenly put I was there. I realized my mistake and rushed over because i was about eight minutes away. When i arrived i called because i put the wrong color car, not worried about the food. They stated it was fine and they’d ask me. I waited no longer than 3 minutes before my food came out which was super quick (Mind you, i was 8 mins away, but that was my fault) they apologized for the wait and were so kind. The manager, I believe his name is Anthony piccola, is outstanding. They gave me a free sample and a gift card and were so apologetic. Even if I had been waiting there for ten minutes, they were very quick. This was my first time trying, and it won’t be my last! Amazing!

Edward R.

This location makes wait in the parking lot to get an order. It's slow, really slow. Waited 10 min to be told they didn't have Mac and cheese. Don't go here. It's not the same as other locations.

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