119 E Hollis St, Nashua
(603) 324-8160

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Grace Hicks

Kathy was talking like a real Karen over the drive through and was very rude while taking my order. Hate this dunks

Ed DeQuasie

Double check your orders before you leave. Quite often items are missing and recently they seem to keep making our coffees incorrectly. They're rung up correctly and the labels print correctly, but the coffee comes out with incorrect ingredients. For example, last visit 3 creams and 2 Splenda turned into 3 creams and no Splenda. Today it turned into 3 creams and 1 milk. Also recently this store's lobby has been closed, no sign, on a few occasions. With all the errors I don't use the drive through. Honestly, the only reason I stop at this store is the convenient location. I think it's time to start going out of my way.

Paula Kearns

They don't update on the go when they are not accepting walk in orders. If you don't have staff and have to make decisions about which services you'll offer, that's fine, but don't take my money for an order and make me have to fight to receive what I paid you for.

Narisa Tortorello

For my love for ice coffee....the price is perfect. The DD on East Hollis St is not fully staffed so the drive- thru is insanely slow.

Jacqueline M.

0 Stars!!!!!! Rudest employees in the history of food service. "We don't have bagels so you're going to have to order something else." Said to me at the drive through in the most disrespectful tone. Can't complete any simple task like making a Black Iced coffee. Notorious for messing up your sandwich orders. Save your money and go to another store. This location needs to be closed down and turned into something else.

Ronald Goodwin

Got a large iced coffee six and six three chocolate sticks and two plain donuts great service thank you to all the hard workers

Pamela Bennett

Not impressed no lemon for ice tea. Didn't give me my 3 plain munckins before walking away. So I parked and went in. No other customers in there. I stood at one counter for a minute no one addressed me then I moved to the next counter I could here workers in the back an older women asked me what I needed I told her I paid for 3 plain munchkinsshe turned to get them and asked me 3 plain munchkins I said yes please. She gave me the bag. I went out to the car and opened the bag and it was 5 glazed munchkins. Not a big deal but I think there needs to be some retraining there. I won't be back. I'll go to another one on my way home. I hope the owner reads this. He/she/they are losing money.


So heres the thing, my order comes out okay, but it shouldnt take more than 15 minutes when there isnt even many people at the drive thru, also why do they close the front door? i dont have my car in the mornings and im right down the road by foot, and the door is closed 90% of the time when all i want is a simple drink order

Keith Bowman

I go to this Dunkins very often because it's close to my house and has a drive thru. I would say they make a mistake about 1 out of every four orders. I guess it's not bad enough to stop me from going there, but it's frustrating for sure.

Shiloh Mccarthy

Got my usual icectea 3xliquid. Shexhanded to me I told herxit looked real dark. Took a sip and it was iced coffee husband brought it back in and they tried telling him it was tea due to sticker. So wasn't tea

Scott McLain

They are not fast and efficient. They do not make coffee correctly when they have a rush, or even when they don't. I tell them extra sugar and never get sugar at all. They scream in the intercom like its a joke. Worst dunkins in Nashua.

Matthew Hebert

I was a employee working at the Dunkins at first it was nice but not too long after my first week I was due to close on that day I was told that I’m too slow I was told that I should know this and I should know that. it was very uncomfortable and I felt as small as a pebble, there was no real 1 on 1 training I was just thrown out on the floor and I was supposed to make sandwiches and coffee and lattes. I found out today that there has been rumors about me saying that I don’t like working with girls, if I have to go to corporate to get this person fired I will, if I could put a —5 stars I would. I don’t recommend going to this location. They are rude to the customers and if I have go to the other side of town I will.

Trina Fish

For bacon that cost me that much I am very disappointed!! Only a few pieces and they were mostly all black and burnt...yuck!!

Patil Roupelian

Busy most mornings but overall they do their best.

Paul Provencher

To expensive and for what they can't make a cup of coffee and their donuts got alot smaller bagels with cream cheese to expensive took away all the best donuts and sandwiches NO THANKS NOT WORTH IT

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