K'sone's Thai Dining & Lounge

493 Amherst St Ste 6, Nashua
(603) 459-8621

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Very good thai restaurant. A little nicer than a casual place, but the food is worth it. The pad thai and steamed mussels are a great combo!! Owner is very friendly.

Rose M.

Beautiful plates, amazing food, and the vegetables are delicious!!! We also loved the service, 10/10 would recommend!

Karthik S

This is one the best restaurants in and around Nashua. When I say the best, the food is absolutely tasty and delicious. Ambience inside is very nice. A must place to order food.I ordered Thai basil fried rice, I can’t express myself in words. It was delicious and mouth watering. I guess the rest of the menus is pretty much the same.

Perry Dickau

Fantastic food at reasonable prices. Spicy Pad Thai is incredible (but be sure to order higher on the spice scale, as they are conservative in this way). Everything is freshly cooked, and takes a little longer, so plan ahead. Highly recommended.

Squirrel Attackspidy

I used to go to the Chinese place that was there and it was awesome. Not this place. The food was overpriced and tasted like something I'd could put together myself at home. I ordered a Coke and receive a diet Coke. I asked to have it switched for regular Coke. Got back another diet Coke. Waitress seemed to think maybe they got the hoses mixed up wherever she poured it from the tap.The owner / manager, never once came over to see how we were doing. I asked the waitress where he was. Turned out the guy was hanging out at the bar the whole time we were there.On a positive note, the waitress was nice. Although the bar was busy, the restaurant was dead when we went during a weeknight. Maybe 4 groups of people seated in the whole place. I don't be going back.

Lee Rice-Frades

I used to go to school with a Thai exchange student and I nearly cried every time he made food for our friend group. It wasn’t the spice that made my eyes water, though that might be a part of it. I could always taste the love and culture mixed into the dishes. I can feel the same thing when I eat any dish at K’sone’s.The plates are always filled with more food than I can eat in one sitting reminding me of my grandparents, feeding me till I felt like I would explode. The placement of the food on plates is not what you would find at a fancy restaurant or anywhere that prides itself on presentation alone. However, it does look a whole lot like the placement of a nice, hot, home cooked meal; not the most gorgeous thing but does it excite the taste buds.

Amir Ghorashi

My wife and I ordered the Khao Soi for take out last week. It was absolutely delicious! I want to try everything in the menu now. Friendly staff as well. I 100% recommend eating at this establishment.

Mark Wainwright

Great atmosphere and food. Pefect place to unwind with friends!

Kathy Marrin McCoy

We’ve been coming here since they opened. Great food and great service. Owner, Ken, is so nice. The menu has been updated to include a wider variety for the more “picky” eaters. Great kids menu too. Prices nice! Try it out. You won’t be disappointed.

Celia S.

I did takeout from here for the first time. My go to Thai dish is drunken noodles and theirs was Goldilocks hot -- just right. For lunch it was served with a small crisp lettuce salad and a couple of fried dumplings. Portion size is generous and the dish was excellent. I will definitely be back.

Jean S.

Tasty dishes to go! They really have a flare for making a Summer Roll; fresh corn and avocado. A Friendly Staff will greet you and start a trip through the orient. ?

Reviewer 101

Not a grand experience. The food needs to be fresh. It wasn't fresh on this particular day.Quantity on delivery was less.

Googler 101

Not a grand experience. The food needs to be fresh. It wasn't fresh on this particular day.Quantity on delivery was less.

Monali Patel

Amazing thai food... Loved the way they served.. aesthetic of the food was so beautiful

Ethan Kim

Some of the best Thai food around! I ordered spice level of 5 for my entree and it was delicious and and not too spicy. The rest of my family doesn’t have the spice tolerance that I do and can’t handle Spice level 4 or 5. We’ve ordered many times, and spice level 2 or 3 for my family was perfectly fine. However, the last time we had ordered we had an order of normal(not the spicy version) Pad Thai that was very spicy, and an order of drunken noodles that was more than the normal spice level(2) that we order. The reason I’m taking the time to write this review is because this time, I was very clear and specific about the spice levels and specified that the drunken noodles previously were way hotter than 2 and to please make sure that it is right. Unfortunately the only spice level that was correct was the spice level of 5 that I had previously mentioned. When I had called to let them know, it was explained to me that when you specify, for example, a spice level of 2 for a dish that already has a spice level attributed to it on the menu, that it is made extra spicy in addition to what the menu level is. Which to me seems counterintuitive, as that would mean that if I ordered a spice level of 5(which is supposedly their highest spice level) for a dish that already has a spice on the menu, then it would be that much hotter than 5? This restaurant really deserves 5 Stars for their food, which is a shame as when the spice levels are as inconsistent as they have been for us it makes the food unenjoyable or even inedible at times(not for me though).

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