Laton House Nashua

28 Railroad Square, Nashua
(603) 594-8700

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I love this place so much! Recommend Pho, Bun Bo Hue and chicken wings. Will go back later!

Evita A.

This place really makes me feel like I'm just at home. The owners treat you like family and they definitely show their love with the fresh food they prepare for you. I'm only able to give 5 stars but if I could rate more I would

Sabrina G.

Delicious food! Their bun combo dish is out of this world. They also have a set up for hot pot if you want to eat outside. Highly recommend

Nat S.

Really delicious lunch. We had imperial rolls, shrimp fresh rolls, pho, and an avocado shake. Service was laid back, and attentive. Everything tasted great. Vietnamese is a healthy and flavorful cuisine. If you haven't tried it yet, it caters to vegetarians/vegans and carnivores. I thought the broth was very good. So happy I can get an avocado shake in NH now. The imperial rolls served in NH do not seem to have the fixings they serve in the cities, often the come with leaf lettuce, pickles and herb to wrap the fried goodness in, but they were still tasty. It is just nice when you cut the great with some crunchy veggies. If you are new to Vietnamese food Try the fresh rolls! Get a tropical shake avocado, red been, and taro are my favorites! Order some soup or the grilled stuff with rice noodle bowl. Happy that NH has more, and more international restaurants! Parking is pay for. There is a down and out shelter in the same complex, but they were really nice. The door to the restaurant doesn't scream entrance. The men sitting on the stoop pointed out where the door was, nice guys.

Kristen H.

Nice, welcoming people working here. The pho broth is yum. They do a great job with their takeout setup for pho. I'm a big fan of the chicken soup and all the fresh veg, herbs and sauces! Definitely recommend.

Ed C.

Got their take out and it is ok. Had their Pho and flavor was good but it was waaay too oily. I am not one that shy away from greasy things but in pho, it is definitely not expected. Portions were good sized for the price. Their banh mi was not bad, filling was on point but the bread failed to impress..

Thea H.

Do not sleep on Pho Tai Loc. This is low key the best restaurant in downtown Nashua. I have been to Vietnam, I lived in NYC for 15 years, I've had good Vietnamese food and this is good Vietnamese food. When they were closed I was a very sad person but now they are open again and I will probably gain weight. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.

Tom M.

About the best pho ga I've had locally. Fair price. Quick turn around for takeout. Lousy location but don't let that stop you.

Jeffrey T.

The food here is amazing. The best Pho I have had. The most amazing thing is the crab Rangoon. They are the best I have had in my life.

Katie M.

This place had the worst atmosphere. We walked in and you're right in the bar. It smelled like smoke. The food was mediocre at best. Halfway through our lunch they put porn on the TV. I will never again visit this establishment. Too bad as I had high hopes for this place.

Melissa T.

Best Pho I have ever had. The chicken is so flavorful with garlic and large pieces of fresh chicken. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Also, best crab Rangoon I have ever had!

David W.

Considering it's the only Vietnamese around in Nashua, it's the best in town! Fast, friendly service, and clean. Tried the fresh spring rolls which tasted fine; lacked flavor, noticeably missing the mint. Some carrot strings to break up the overwhelming lettuce bolus would have been nice. Got the bun dac biet which was pitifully crammed into a Chinese take out box making it soggy and sad. No hoisin or sriracha in the take out box. The pork was dry and flavorless.

Lily T.

I love this place! I've come here a handful of times and each time, they've been so kind and are very generous with portions and prices are on par. There's a little boy when you walk in that greets you and takes your order and he is so sweet! The food is amazing and the family is so kind and deserving of all their efforts.

Kanchan S.

The food was amazing! We tried the spring rolls, Pho Chay(veg) and Pho Ga(chicken). The quantity was too much for us and when asked they happily boxed it for us. Social distancing was followed with the other customers and staff members as well.

Tom F.

GROUPON/FRAUD ALERT..  I have no experience with their food but was deeply disappointed that they took (and continue to take money) for the Groupon and do not honor it... Their words "Oh sorry we stopped taking Groupon weeks ago" , there were no restrictions on use, I drove 15 miles to try then and turned away...

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