Nashua Garden

121 Main St, Nashua
(603) 886-7363

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Fantastic sandwiches! A unique selection that will keep you comin' back. Highly recommend!

Nick Kaplan

Overrated. The sandwiches were dry and weren't worth the wait. It's a nicely built establishment though.

Travis S.

Been going here for years. Great sandwiches and an amazing atmosphere! Would recommend to anyone craving an amazing sandwich!

B D.

It's been 5 or 6 years since I've been here but today I stopped in with some work friends for some sandwiches. Everyone was very happy with their food. Quick polite service. I won't wait so long to come back again.

James M.

Not what it used to be. Went on a Sunday at 130 and only one person working and she could not keep up. Got one beer (staff was too busy to get her attention fair another), only one in line and it took 25 min to order. Hour and a half later we for our sandwiches and so disappointed. Way too much meat, portions were way off, not the sandwiches we are used to from the Garden at all. As a business owner it is disappointing to see a employee put on this position and the quality go so far south. We'll give it a while and try again but must say cannot recommend a business with so little attention on what's most important. I write this only in the hopes it will turn around and be great again.

Sharon Palermo

AC would help on 90+ degree beer was already warm out of the little fridge. Staff was great...friendly and helpful.

Gary C.

Purely based on a Yelp review, Nashua Garden was fairly busy. Only 1 guy working, super friendly and apologetic for working alone. Loved the overwhelming decor, basically anything New England sports including local. Menu chalk board was massive and added a nice touch. Food was good and sandwiches were quite large. Sandwiches were amazing. We got the Green Monster and the Parcels. Would definitely recommend

D Bayne

Our order literally took 40 minutes to get 3 sandwiches, the young lady was working as fast as possible while the other guy was seemingly trying to look busy. If I were the owner, I would re-evaluate my employees and look for someone that would actually earn their pay.

Big Mike D.

What Happened to the garden? Used to be great sandwiches and atmosphere, now the sandwiches and staff are just awful. Waited 45 minutes for two sandwiches and there was only one other person there. Ordered my usual Big Papi which is supposed to be grilled, came out ice cold and nothing like it used to look. Tasted awful and the bun fell apart immediately. Hate to say I'll never go back. You had a good run Nashua Garden, but it's definitely over.

Amanda N.

This placed used to be very good.. now the staff and quality are terrible. I got a sandwhich today ate half inside and took the rest home for dinner... I went to eat the other have and took the lettuce off because it was not fresh and there was a black spot on the previously melted cheese. I am allergic to mold so I got scared and picked it out and it was a f****** bug. Nasty.

Emma Doyle

Very good sandwich, but they didn't have many other items on the menu besides bagged chips and beer. And they were out of a lot of things when I went. Still worth visiting if you're looking for a simple lunch.

Brandon Doyle

Very good sandwich, but they didn't have many other items on the menu besides bagged chips and beer. And they were out of a lot of things when I went. Still worth visiting if you're looking for a simple lunch.

Viviana Rosario

This experience has been the worst I’ve had since coming here sometimes for 10 years. We had to wait 40 minutes until someone came in before us and got there sandwiches first. HANNAH the employee was very rude stating my dad is the manager so it was like whatever… we asked for a refund and walked out the guy that was working looked stoned and non coherent.

Jake Burbank

Sandwiches are always unbelievable but I’ve gone on a Saturday around lunch time and they have 1 person working during prime time hours. Service seems to be going downhill quickly but again, sandwiches never disappoint.

Kyle S.

Went for the first time yesterday. If you're looking for a sandwich that can feed a small village, or just myself since I'm a growing boy, this is the place for you. Thing was massive, and everything on it was fully customizable. Walking in you feel the Boston heritage, like a walking into a dive bar near Fenway. Staff was friendly, beer was cold, sandwich was amazing, what more do you want.

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