OakCraft Pizza

2 Cellu Dr, Nashua
(603) 521-8452

Recent Reviews

Melissa Marconi

Excellent Pizza!!! Comparable to our favorite brick oven pizza spot when we lived in Europe.Ordering online was easy and delivery was prompt. An added plus....you can have craft brew delivered with your order!!!Thank you OakCraft!

Marla F.

Great quick pizza options. When we went in a staff walked us through the process since we hadn't been there before. We got a Margherita pizza and a Kale Caesar salad. The salad was tasty and the pizza was out quickly and yummy. The staff quickly checked in to see how it was & thanked us for coming on the way out. The only downside could be the small indoor dining space, although it was decorated nicely and clean. I would definitely stop by again, especially for a quick take out when in that area.

Anthony M.

Really great pizza! Mine was perfect, did not experience anything close to earlier reviews regarding burnt pizza.

Perri T.

Very pleased with the pizza selections and service. Have tried it on two separate occasions and will definitely go again

Jennifer C.

Very good pizza! I like to think I'm an expert. Cheesy bread and meatballs are yummy! Prices are reasonable. I'd highly recommend!

Fred T.

Super fast pizza, order at the counter and it's ready in maybe 5 minutes. We've had the Fire King (plenty of toppings), the Hot Pep and the Chicken Bacon Ranch and all 3 were great. Not a big pizza but enough for 2 people to split for a meal.

Chris Duane

Been going here for a while now, not once did we get a bad pizza. Hands down the best pizza in the area for sure. Basically the same concept as Blaze, but much better quality and consistency. Meaning you order Chipotle style, then maybe 3 minutes until the pizza is done. They have seating inside and outside, wine, beer, fountain soda, whoopie pies. Pizza themselves have good structure, limited flop, nice crunch. If I’m being picky I don’t love their cheesy bread as it’s really really cheesy. Try it you won’t be disappointed.

Brandon Ringland

I’m a pizza fiend. I could eat pizza for every meal every day. For what this pizza is, it is fantastic. Offered in only one size, 12”, prepared in front of you and cooked quickly in under 5 minutes. I have no complaints about the sauce, cheese or toppings. All were excellent. There are tables here, although it isn’t ideal for a large group to eat in. Think neighborhood pizza shop but higher quality tables and chairs. They have fountain soda, and a selection of beers and wines. Staff is friendly and really seem to enjoy working.

Joshua Hurst

Best pizza in Nashua, NH….for sure. Everything is done right, from the quality of the ingredients, freshly made dough, perfectly tangy sauce. I love being able to customize a personal pie since the wife and I often differ. To top it all off, the owner is a super nice guy who’s doing everything right. If you haven’t already, don’t walk…but RUN to this place and give it a try!

Dan K.

Super friendly staff, really nice vibe. Clean and I really enjoyed my visit! I wanted some pizza while I was waiting around in nh (from Maine) and this had the best review on google so I gave it a whirl. Glad I did!

Tammy B.

I love this pizza spot. The pizza is always super yummy. The owner is really nice. I really like the sunny side and the goat cheese with red pepper. I love how quick the pizza comes out. Instant gratification when your hungry. the Whoopi pies aren't my fav. But that's ok. I'll take the pizza.

Jim Brown

Fast service. You pick your own topics with plenty of choices. 3 minutes in the pizza oven and you have hot, melted, thin crust pizza at your table. The crew was very friendly and explained the entire process to us as this was our first visit, but not our last as we will be back!!Vegetarian options: Offered a ton of veggies as pizza toppings including veggie meat and cheeseKid-friendliness: It's a make your own pizza - of course kids will love it. Parking: Plenty of free parkingWheelchair accessibility: They are wheelchair accessible

Karis Oasan

OakCraft has some of the tastiest pizza in town. Absolutely love how quick the pizzas cook and all the different combo flavors are delicious.If you're a local business, these pizzas are always a hit at the office and the online ordering/delivery is easy.

Heidi Carvalho

Best pizza ever! Everything is so fresh! Cooked perfectly! Nice thin crust! And their whoopee pies, so delicious. have been two days in a row.

Mike Brooks

This pizza spot is pretty awesome. They have smaller size pies with phenomenal toppings. They are made to order right in front of you and cook within minutes. Definitely a great place to try in the area, good pricing and great eats.

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