Stones Social

449 Amherst St, Nashua
(603) 943-7445

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Curt Burnham

Oh my it is awesome! The location on Amherst Street is easy to find, plenty of parking.Nice clean place with bar seating, high top seating and comfortable bench and pillows seating.Games are available to play while you relax. Simple decor has enough interest without being too much, very relaxing.Got a painkiller and a Sangria, both were very tasty and well made.Pork ribs were hot and cracking when brought to the table, Beer cheese was a good compliment.Short rib grilled cheese was delicious meat and gooey cheese.The Faux French Dip was loaded with flavor. Dessert was great also, almost didn’t have room for it.The server was very nice, fast, helpful and made those awesome drinks.Stones Social has a great package of atmosphere, food and fun.Try Stone Social and you will be glad you did!

Karen Murphy

Stacy rocked our order and our night! Housemade chips - YES!Burgers- YES!Painkiller and all - you will be full, happy and delighted - food and drinks are fabulous! The big sister restaurant Cobblestones in Lowell should be proud of this off-spring?

Rich T.

The food here is good, just incredibly overpriced for what you get. There is minimal to no table service yet they still expect you to tip.

Hale Mierzwa-Winters

Everything about our experience was simply perfect - the food is incredible, the drinks were delicious, the music had us singing and dancing in our chairs all night, and the service was quick and friendly! We were celebrating a birthday so we splurged a bit, but the prices were totally reasonable if you are going for a regular night out. We sat ourselves down at the bar and spent the evening chatting with the bartender, Serena, who was such a pleasure to hang out with during out time there and who made excellent recommendations for food and drinks! We are going back to soon and cannot wait to have another great time!

Caitlyn C.

Súper chill vibe with a lot of different flavors in the menu so lots to choose from. Highly recommend shawarma skillet (hummus, beats, hot sauce and naan). Cool spot for date night or friend hang.

Renee Roberts

I couldn’t wait to take a photo. After a long day of commuting with kiddos to a spontaneous date night at a cozy bar, I was too hungry to wait. But wow it was worth it. The cornbread and popcorn was to die for. My boyfriend who hates popcorn asked for seconds. Stacy the dining room server greeted us kindly and told us to sit anywhere we felt looked most comfortable. Serena had amazing recommendations for cocktails based on our flavor palate preferences. The fried chicken basket with Buffalo sauce was phenomenal. I usually did like Buffalo sauces because they’re too vinegary and its always the same popular name brand but this sauce was exactly what you want with a Buffalo sauce. The meat and potatoes was to die for. The short ribs melted in the mouth and fell apart with the poke of a fork. The manager lindsay made a “stone social” version of Jager that was absolutely delicious. Tasted like Christmas in the best way. Absolutely will be back. They also had a super unique pride menu.

Night Skies

excellent food and kind staff! was stranded waiting for a tow truck on a terribly hot day, and they let me have a free drink while i waited. i had to stay longer so i had the grilled cheese and tomato soup. great taste and generous helping!

Luis Rivera

First time customer. I had the Tavern ‘Steak-n-Cheese’ and it was great! The cocktails were very good too. I’ll definitely be having the espresso old fashioned again next time I go there. Service was great too. Very friendly and welcoming. I even got a free dessert!

Tana B.

This place has a fun and laid back vibe. We went based on the reviews and we were not disappointed! Nice cocktail menu and variety of beers. The food was excellent and service was fast and friendly!

Sam L.

We ordered the chicken and waffles. They say it is 1/4 chicken which could be any combo from two wings to two breasts. I got the wing and leg and wife got thigh and breast. For $18 each we expect to not leave hungry. The staff brought another piece of chicken which was very nice, but the quality and portion size of the food does not even closely match the price point.

Marty Michener

The tomato soup was so salty we couldn't gag it down, so complained and they removed one of the meals from the bill. We had arrived Saturday 12:30 and not one other customer was present!The drinks were overpriced but excellent. The first four menu items we ordered they we're Out Of! The rare hamburger I then ordered was darker than well done, but flavorful and ok. The staff were friendly and clearly tried to make up for the kitchen's incompetence. But: Never again.

Caley P.

Stones Socials is great! It has an awesome atmosphere. Their drinks are great, their food is creative and their wait staff is attentive and knowledgeable. Will be coming back! Things to get: - 603 spritz - popcorn - grilled cheese - burger - fried rice - beets!!!

Kristen M.

the website for this place says it's open at 11 am on Sundays. We called yesterday (Saturday) to see if we could easily get sat for brunch at 11 am. The woman who answered said of course. We showed up today at 11:10. The door, which also said the restaurant opened at 11:00 am on Sunday, was locked. someone came to unlock the doors when we knocked and told us they were open but that the kitchen didn't open till noon. pretty lame.

Michael Farrell

When you travel you look for somewhere with good service and good food. Stones Social meets both criteria, with a solid Craft beer and Craft Cocktail selection, there is something for every type of drinker.On top of the absolutely out of this world "Cold Fashioned" the food is presented with the quality of a "high quality" restaurant all with the social aspect of having to stand up and order at the bar in line.If you're in the area for ANY reason and have time this is a highly recommended visit.

Jay B.

If I had to best describe the interior of this place, it would be: hipster meets Common Man-esque accommodations. Only you....don't order your food table side. You order it up front. Yeah. That's the first thing you need to know about this place. Not only do you technically seat yourself, but before that, you have to pick up your menu from the front, where you also inexorably place your order. Okay. So, now that we have quasi-idiosyncratic formalities out of the way, we can discuss the food. As I alluded to earlier, this place has sort of a Common Man vibe to it. At least, to me. I mean...the furniture is mixture of plush benches to hardwood chairs. The execution of the menu is rustic, yet refined in that...New England kind of way. And the staff are very hospitable. Despite the tiny brunch menu, I was able to pick out the steak and eggs as my go-to. It works, for the most part. The chimichurri sauce (yeah, I couldn't pronounce it either) blends well with the sunny side up eggs, potato hash and steak. Though the steak itself was a little under seasoned for my taste. Regardless, everything blended well together and I would still recommend it. 7 out of 10, would probably get it again. And before you ask, no....this place does not keep salt and pepper on the tables. Pretty sure you have to ask for it. Apropos, I sampled some of the wifey's chicken and waffles. I didn't care much for the chicken batter, but the cornbread waffles were a brilliant touch. Add a bit of homemade maple syrup and you can't go wrong. However, I'm not gonna rate this one since, not only did I not order this dish, but I'm hardly what one should consider the leading authority in chicken and waffle tasting. I have one unusual gripe with this place that most probably wouldn't think to mention, but I will since I'm such a huge geek. And it's...their gawd awful website configuration. Now, this is something a lot of people really aren't going to notice. So, you gotta be either a person who loves computers or someone who spent some kind of time (typically more than 3 months) developing webpages. But just to spell it out for those who aren't as familiar, it's annoying as hell that every single hyperlink or button you click on that site leads to another browser tab opening. And then another, and another, and another.. This just keeps happening. I don't know why! But this is how the webmaster programmed the site, I guess. Personally, I'd have set the subsequent pages to simply open within their native window, but....whatever. WHATEVER! /endgeekrant Anywho, they're definitely worth checking out. I'd even return here one night for dinner just to try the steak and cheese. And I'm giving Stones Social 4 heaping plates of chicken and waffles with a side of homemade maple syrup out of 5.

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