T.K.K. Fried Chicken

493 Amherst St, Nashua
(603) 521-8268

Recent Reviews

Andrew Capostagno

The fried chicken was awful… really really bad

Paul Speyside

Wings were spicier than expected, but still delicious! Wings were larger than expected, so I have lunch for tomorrow!

riddhi gangolli

Need a serious overhaul in terms for service. Multiple people were waiting for orders for over 20 mins for a single sandwich.

Tony Gouveia

Staff was extremely friendly and helpful. All food is made fresh to order, nothing sitting under a heat lamp. Chicken sandwich was fantastic. Tons of options of Boba tea. If you want something different and delicious, hot and fresh every time, this is the place to check out.

Tara Misu

Delicious tea! Have to go back and try more flavors. And go for the large, if you get the medium you’ll be sad when it’s gone, trust me.

Hilary Cloos

Wrong order. My drink was wrong. I called the store and was told it’s my fault for not looking at my order before I left. I asked for a corporate phone number and was given a # that goes directly to a generic voicemail

Barry S.

App said Buy 2 drinks get 1 free. Was only going to buy 2 but since would get a 3rd free ordered the 3rd one for my niece. Was charged full price for all 3 even though I was signed into the app. When I questioned this at the store w the a manager he said I had to opt into it via my email. I don't look at emails that closely to realize I had to opt-in even though it was stated right on their app. Didn't offer to honor the Buy 2 get 1 free. Buyer beware to opt-in via email

Ed Pena

Slush boboas are more ice than anything. One sip and your just left with ice chunks or just tasteless slush. Best chicken though but it’s a bit of a wait as I believe it’s made to order? Or else idk why else it would take so long

Michael Dumais

I thought this place was supposed to be a Korean fried chicken place. Crazy crunchy on the outside, super moist in the inside. This place was not even close to the real Korean fried chicken I’ve had in the past in multiple locations, including in my own kitchen.BEWARE, this isn’t Korean fried chicken in a traditional way.And what fast food place doesn’t have Diet Coke???If you want great American style chicken, go to Kentucky Fried Chicken. It’s better than TJ’s American style chicken.I gave it two stars because it wasn’t awful… just not as expected.

Mellow Milk Studios

I don’t think I will be coming here again. I like the boba, but every time I order anything here it takes foreverrrrrr. I just waited over 20 minutes for one individual meal, and the fries are cold, the chicken is somehow over cooked on the outside and raw on the inside and the Kwa Kwa Bao was so over cooked it’s like leather all the way through and basically inedible. That’s pretty bad for a $20 quick service meal for one person. I’ll go to the Kung Fu Tea in Manchester, but if this is the level of quality I can expect from TKK then I’ll just go to KFC.

Thary S.

We stumbled across this place and read some reviews so we ordered online. We got the 4 piece spicy wings and 2 piece spicy chicken combo with cheese curds.Placed our order at 1:58 and Got our food at pick up time 2:19..which was about 22 mins. We also got honey garlic sauce and I enjoyed it. Our food was ready when I walked in and piping hot when we opened it to eat in the car. The 4 piece spicy chicken was yummy, crunchy, and I really liked the spicy oil tossed on the wings. The 2 piece chicken was good. Spicy marinade and tender on the inside and crunchy on the outside. We loved the cheese curds.Must get! Staff was friendly. I don't know maybe they straightened up after reading some of these reviews.lols Price is definitely a little higher because of their quality and method but we liked it. Kinda sick of Popeyes n KFC chicken. Only downside is the "biscuit" , it taste just like KFC.. Hmmm.. I'm definitely going try other options on their menu like the spicy chicken sandwich.I like this location in Nashua, nh.

Christine C

Love TKK and was so excited to see one in Nashua. Consistently delicious boba teas and fried chicken. The "spicy crispy" chicken is actually spicy ?

Thomas Lippert

Not impressed I ordered crunchy spicy chicken. It was bland, the cheese curds were gross. The coleslaw bland. The only thing that was enjoyable was the strawberry milk.

Djassi Biko Pires

Great food

Teri N.

I was looking forward to trying out TKK chicken and Kung Fu Tea. Got there and the place was very clean, but empty. Thought I would be able to get my food quickly. WRONG! Ordered my food and drinks. Drinks were done in 5 minutes, but the chicken took forever, maybe 30 minutes. They even charged me a quarter for dipping sauce, what's up with that? Geesh they should give the first one out for free. Anyways got my order without an apology for the long wait and headed back home. When I took out the bucket of chicken, the bottom had some oil droplets and stained my shirt. To top that off, they didn't include my mashed potatoes. I was livid. I called the number on the receipt (side note: this place is over-priced) and no answer. Couldn't even leave a message. What kind of business are they running? Also, we were up all night, in the bathroom... Never coming back.

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