Uno pizzas

569 Amherst St, Nashua
(603) 886-4132

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Brienne C.

Pretty good pizza! Easy to order online and was ready when it was promised. My pizza had a huge bubble in the middle, so they had a second one ready to replace it when we got there. Got to take both home which is nice. I'm used to places just giving me the bad pizza with no apology. So, thanks! He got the Chicago style pepperoni, I got the thin crust spicy Hawaiian. Both great!

steve w.

Hadn't been to Uno in a while use to really enjoy and recommend even was a member of their insiders club Went to the Amherst Location last week. Wrote uno's off for ever Service was beyond terrible Was told they were short staffed and busy I counted 5 employees our party of 3 and 2 people at the bar for customers My chicken parm had a taste like it maybe on the way out wife's pizza was so burnt and dry looking even the manager said he wouldn't eat it they did take it off the bill which took us close to an hour to get Should have know all restaurant in area were packed As you enter you see peeling paint and an unkept building Can't imagine they'll be opened much longer

Robin Panousis

We got seated right away but it took 25 minutes before anyone came to take the order another 25 minutes before the food came. We ordered appetizers came with no plates , no napkins we were never asked if we wanted another drink until we asked for the check. I do not recommend this location.

Jeannette H.

We ordered two sodas and a medium deep dish cheese. The pan the pizza came in was extremely hot to the touch, but the pizza was lukewarm. Our waitress disappeared, we sat there without refills for practically the whole length of the meal . By the time she came back we were pretty much ready to go. I have always loved Uno's, but, due to short staffing , there seems to be a lack of service. Not the girls fault. She was tending bar, waitressing and god knows what else. Maybe because it was a sunday? I'll stick to take out I guess.

Tracy F.

Ordered to go and absolutely enjoyed everything about this meal tonight. Thanks guys I'll be back!

Steven C.

UNOs was one of my kid's favorite place when they were growing up, and the chain is disappearing in my area, so I went here for nostalgia's sake. They must be massively understaffed as there were only a few tables but the service was excruciatingly slow. When my pizza finally arrived, it was burnt on top and the crust was wavey and hard- like the oven temperature was off or something. An hour and a half for poor pizza and poor service - I think I understand why they are disappearing.

Leslie T.

Went to the Amherst St location early tonight- very hungry 5 year old. Well our waitress was the worst (Bri) from sitting down as if to socialize (?? who does that???) to when it was time to order she is 2 tables away chatting it up with other customers- when we DID finally order- my husbands fish and chips looked burnt- the sweet potato fries looked like the oil they were cooked in was way overdue to be changed.... all in all a HORRIBLE meal- took forever to be waited on and forever to get our check as well as boxes for our take home- she was flirting all around to every table as if it were social hour- this IS NOT how a waitress should be- i did mention it to the hostess- if WE ever go back to that location and this waitress is there i will REFUSE to have her.... she needs a good talking to

John Curtis

Service was good,food was good. The only complaint I had was they served me a beer in a dirty glass. Bubbles all over the surface of the inside of the glass. Dirty Glass Mafia

F P.

Crazy, I come in order a late lunch and get the wrong food... the bartender says, my mistake ... she gives the incorrect food to her friend and enters my order again.. so why do I get a full charge when she give the other order away? I got to wait twice as long for my lunch and the bartenders friend got a free lunch..

Alyson Lavery

Friendly and welcoming environment

Louise K.

This is my second visit to Uno's in recent history.  i have not really been a fan previously.  We came in on a Sunday to watch some football.  There was No One in the bar.  it was actually very nice!  We ordered a pizza and it was delightful!  Buttery, delicious and a tad like lead.  So much Za packed into such little space!  We could not finish it!  
We came in again and it was 1/2 price appetizers!  SCORE!  I highly recommend the new Deep Dish Meatballs. They were so good and so filling! Three meatballs was more than enough for two people.  We did make the mistake of ordering a personal pizza also, but holy stuffed enough from the meatballs!  (Don't worry we will be bringing a personal pizza home!)
The service is not the greatest.  There is no one here and service should be amazing.  There is a goon behind the bar and around the restaurant wearing a shield with no mask.  I suppose at least he is trying but actually its at an angle that its doing nothing, mask up buddy.
Overall, I am sure we will return.  Not a must stop but not a not gonna stop there again.

G. F.

We had takeout Vegan veggie garden pizza from Unos Pizzeria and it was delicious  . I highly recommend it . The crust and all of it was spot on . This was the last piece, the whole pizza looked better .

Mike Mayer

I really love the new recipe for the Rattlesnake Pasta. It uses fresh jalapeños now instead of canned! very yummy.

Alan Rowe

always a great staff and food is always perfect

Shannon D.

Waiting for almost an hour for take out ordered 2 hours prior is absolutely ridiculous. I will never order from this place again. No explanation why when I told them I was here...just that we "have a 45 minute wait". People that walked up and ordered got food quicker. Wasn't like in ordered $200 in food. It was 2 adult meals and a kid meal. Doordash guy got his orders faster. Absurd!!!

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