Uno Pizzeria & Grill

593 Amherst St, Nashua
(603) 886-4132

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Jean Souza

We were warmly greeted. Our waiter was tired, but she was very helpful and kind. My food was great, but one of my parties did not agree with the looks of a gluten free pizza. Oh well, I sorry for my gluten sensitive friends.Dietary restrictions: Their gluten free pizza was kind of sad. Try again UNO!

Katie Ball

I went to dinner with my family of 3 and a couple of friends. Everyone got their drinks except me. I waited a good 30 minutes for mine. The waitress admitted her mistake and apologized. I ordered a sirloin, I believe, cooked medium rare the waitress came back and said they were giving me a different better cut of meat because they were out of sirloin. I was like, ok. I got red bliss mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli for my sides. I cut into my steak it was rare, not medium rare, like I had asked for. However, the potatoes tasted like vanilla cake, and the broccoli was cooked perfectly, so I just dealt with the meat being rare. I don't like complaining at restaurants bc I used to work in one, so usually I just deal with it. Umless it's cold or really cooked wrong, then I'll say something, but it'd have to be pretty bad.


Rely loved the Lemon grilled salmon- coked to perfection. Christopher was a great server.

Jerry Hunsicker

We had lunch at this location. The food was excellent. We had a nacho appetizer to start and it was good. I had a turkey BLT without avocado but one with avocado was ordered as well. Just a good sandwich. The other was chicken alfredo which was a large portion and tasty. The kids meal was chicken strips with fries. A good lunch with some to spare so we brought it home. I would go back for lunch but as for dinner, I wouldn't know yet. I guess as long as I was seated away from the bar it would be fine.Kid-friendliness: Kids menu is what you would expect and they have an activity place mat.Parking: This location seemed to have a good amount of parking.Wheelchair accessibility: The walkway is ramped but the door is not automatic.

W Gavazzi

Very busy place for lunch on Veterans day. The staff was really hustling to cover everything. There was a 30 minute wait but worth it. The crab dip was delicious as were the burgers. The bacon blue burger (or triple B) was awesome, perfectly assembled and did not fall apart. The sliders were so good we brought an order home. The staff were very friendly and super efficient. I will be back for pizza soon!! I really appreciate Uno's commitment to Veterans, it really made the day special!Kid-friendliness: My grand daughter loved her mac and cheese and enjoyed coloring her placemat while she waited.

Michelle R

Called 30 plus minutes ago. The female employee stated on the phone. We are superpacked here. We can't take orders for 45 minutes.However after arriving in person and surveying the scene with Empty table throughout this location. It seems the manager stated to the employee's to say this to persons calling for take out orders, as to there so called policy.

Shannon Leason

The staff here will not take your order to go. And lie about the restaurant being busy on the phone but when you get there no one is in the restaurant and the phone lines are practically desolate. I find the dishonesty the be horrible. However, when I dinned in here in person the staff was wonderful and super accommodating. I think the wait staff and cooks here are wonderful. Front desk staff is not the best.

Brienne C.

Pretty good pizza! Easy to order online and was ready when it was promised. My pizza had a huge bubble in the middle, so they had a second one ready to replace it when we got there. Got to take both home which is nice. I'm used to places just giving me the bad pizza with no apology. So, thanks! He got the Chicago style pepperoni, I got the thin crust spicy Hawaiian. Both great!

Brian Picanco

We were enjoying our afternoon with the bartender, Liz. Who always provides great service. The atmosphere was great until the night manager showed up changed the entire vibe of the restaurant.


This was our third visit to this restaurant in the space of two months. I had appointments in Nashua all three times. I ordered the same thing all three times - the Vegan Garden pizza with Vegan cheese. The first dinner was very satisfactory and enjoyable although my husband didn't particularly like his deep dish pizza. On the second visit, my husband ordered a thin-crust pizza and was much happier. On the third visit, my pizza was delayed because the kitchen staff put regular cheese on my pizza rather than the Vegan cheese that I ordered at the additional cost of $4.00 (this mistake happened at my first visit, too). The third visit was different, much worse. When I finally got my pizza, it was only lukewarm and the Vegan cheese was hardly melted. My husband's pizza, too, wasn't warm enough. I could only eat 1 and 1/2 pieces. I brought the rest home and tried to eat it again tonight (at the proper temperature). The pizza crust looked very white and didn't taste like normal pizza crust. I couldn't finish my (take home - leftover) dinner - yet again tonight. I like to enjoy my meals at restaurants and it's a struggle to do so at this one! Something's "not right" at this establishment.

William Martin

The food was delicious and the restaurant was pleasant. No item on the menu disappointed, but the service was slow. We had to wait a long time to have our card picked up at the end of the meal and never were offered refills on drinks.

steve w.

Hadn't been to Uno in a while use to really enjoy and recommend even was a member of their insiders club Went to the Amherst Location last week. Wrote uno's off for ever Service was beyond terrible Was told they were short staffed and busy I counted 5 employees our party of 3 and 2 people at the bar for customers My chicken parm had a taste like it maybe on the way out wife's pizza was so burnt and dry looking even the manager said he wouldn't eat it they did take it off the bill which took us close to an hour to get Should have know all restaurant in area were packed As you enter you see peeling paint and an unkept building Can't imagine they'll be opened much longer

A. Chaudhary

First time here and will be my last. My chicken on the salad was extremely burnt and had no flavor whatsoever just overall bitter and non edible. I ordered a thin crust and they brought me a deep dish. Absolutely disgusting. Went straight to the garbage. They put about 10lbs of cheese and minimal toppings. Topping were undercooked and rubbery. Fries were stale and hard not even my toddler wanted one, and that says a lot. Paid nearly $80 for this garbage. Not worth it. They need a new kitchen staff because this is unacceptable.

George Hernandez

I ordered a sausage deep dish and it was ready in around 10 minutes. Anyone from Chicago will tell you a fresh pie takes minimum 25 minutes. It was tasteless and as if it had been reheated. Possibly even frozen. In the garbage it went.

Thomas McGuinness

Romano chicken Parm was very good. Still not sure why they provide you a spoon with rigatoni. It's not exactly a twirling noodle. But very good dish

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