113 Bridge St, Pelham
(603) 635-9926

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Bryce Hodsdon

Service here has always been exceptional from a McDonald's. It's a couple minutes from my work so I go here whenever I need a quick bite if I don't bring a lunch or am REALLY hungry in the morning. I generally order on the app and pick up curbside, never waiting more than a few minutes for my order.If there is an issue with my order, they have always let me know and tried to rectify it on their own accord. For example, this morning I bought a large pumpkin iced coffee, but the manager came out and let me know they no longer have that flavor available and asked what I would like instead. Told her what I'd like to replace with and she was back in less than a minute. No big deal at all.Treat people and service workers with respect, and your experiences will be much better. Yeah, it's fast food, but the service is what keeps me coming back to this location.

Renee Marie

Great selections with MCcafe menu. Has healthier selections than yrs ago

George H

Its McDonald's. Needed to eat something fast and it was there

Barry S.

I don't eat at McDonalds much but today had a need for something quick. I ordered the Deluxe Quarter Pounter meal with a Coke as the drink. I have always thought for some reason McDonalds coke was the best tasting coke. I suspect their perfect coke syrup / carbonated water ratio is the reason. The burger was fine. The fries are as terrible as ever. But what really turned me off today was getting to the Drive Thru window and first being told they were waiting for ice and would I mind the coke without ice. I accepted as opposed to waiting for water to freeze. But the kicker was then seeing the server take a store bought liter bottle of Coke and pouring it in the cup. Seriously???? Not wanting to wait for another drink I took the cup and drove away grumbling. And when I got home, the coke was flat. I dumped it down the sink.

Renee Prince

Couldn't get the order right

Mike Rodrigues

Lil slow but was good

William Langlois

Drive-thru is horrible if you ask for honey they give you Honey - mustard. If you ask for unsweetened tea you get Sweet tea..inside is absolutely filthy. Some of the staff really nice but most always looks good.

John Massie

What can I say? I've been a big fan of McDonald's delicious and wonderfully creative sandwiches and milk shakes and now coffee options and desserts my entire life going back to when they first started and my love affair continues with all those incredibly delicious and comfort food menu items. I can still remember the commercial of the late 60's a coke a burger? and fries ?for one dollar with change of one quarter. And they still continue to give the American public the best product at the greatest value and lowest price and still continue to provide the most convenient and efficient and friendly service. God bless them ,may they continue at least as long as I'm still here to enjoy their food and service.

Jeff Davis

7 trips, each with problems, nice workers but no management prowess whatsoever, complaints completely ignored by customer service, new complaint out, basic horrible service.

Trevor McGowen

Joe Pesci "They F___ you at the drive through!" He must have been at the Pelham McDonald's!!!

patrick dehertogh

It's a MacDonalds. Is there any other lower rating. I know everyone is not in my shoes out in the middle of nowhere. On a busy schedule. And had to eat here. And they make the money they do? Any one who gives a MacDonalds a higher rating and they also rate other restaurants. I'd be weary of. ?

Daniel x

This is the best McDonald's I've been to. The food is always hot and fresh. The crew is fast and polite. Great teamwork. Love it.


This is the best McDonald's I've been to. The food is always hot and fresh. The crew is fast and polite. Great teamwork. Love it.


A local McDonalds, the staff is friendly and the restaurant is kept clean and user friendly. We usually swing by for our morning ice coffees.

Louis Tanguay

I noticed that aside from the new "fresh" Quarter Pounder sandwich, when I order a doubleburger of any kind... It is always made to order. Fresh and hot! My favorite has been the Double Hamburger. It's always tasty, juicy and hot!

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