Ruby China

150 Bridge St, Pelham
(603) 635-7988

Recent Reviews

Don Greenwood

A little above average Chinese food!

Mrs. C.

Is THIS PLACE A FIND! Saw some comments about it on the local FB page so Ward & I decided to check it out. Really glad we did, it's our new Fav Chinese food place. TAKEOUT SYSTEM - They have a really GREAT online ordering system. Super easy to use (even for us older folks) with a place for notes (extra mushrooms for me please!) to tailor the dishes as to how you like them. Only downside, you can't pay online. Inside, there is plexiglass protecting them (& you) & you put your credit card in a cup in this plexiglass box & they ring it in & put it back and pass it & the food back thru to you. Sounds weird, but it works for no contact. PRO - Food is really good. Ward loves the chicken & broccoli & moo goo gai pan. He said the chicken is very tender (more so than at other places we've tried) & the sauces are not too salty. I love the house fried rice & shrimp stir fry. Ward prefers white rice, so we like that we can get him a small order for his food, while I get house fried for my food. The shrimp fried rice is really good too. And food is super hot, even when we get it home. Place seems to be all family run & they are very nice.CON - No delivery. Ward thought they were closed first time he went to pick up. "Place is bare & the lights were barely on" but no complaints about the food.SO - If you live in Dracut, Pelham or Salem, this place is well worth the trip.

John S.

Just moved into the area a few months ago and this place is great . Family owned which is good to see and the food is fresh . Try them you'll be back!

Melvin Plaza

Good food no oil

Ashley A

Awesome food. Great service. 5 stars

Allison F.

The food was above average and worth the drive from Derry. We ordered a pretty big order but they charged us for 2 quarts of wonton soup( which is what I ordered) and gave us 2 pints. The lo mein was delicious, everyone enjoyed the crab Rangoon and their meals. I ordered a tofu and broccoli supposedly cooked szechuan but the tofu was gross, it was crispy on the outside and mushy on the inside. It didn't taste cooked. I'm used to pressed tofu that has texture and taste. The sauce it was in was very bland. That ended up mostly in the garbage. So, some things could've been better. The lo mein was delicious though. We did have to wait maybe half an hour. It was a big order and they had several other orders at the same time. Based on other reviews I did have higher expectations and was a little disappointed but we may go back in the future.

M K.

This is absolutely the best Chinese food in the game!!! I can't get over it. My family and I drive 35 minutes to come here. It's super clean and family orientated which I love. They also don't cook with msg which is amazing, and It doesn't make you feel bad after eating it either. I wouldn't ever get Chinese food from another place! Thank you everyone at ruby china

Melissa Sorbello

Best food! No MSG in anything. Food is cooked to order. Excellent service. My favorite place.


Food is OK, nothing to rave about. A good value for the money. Always lots and lots of rice. Sometimes the appetizers, boneless ribs notably, are dry.

Chan So

Pretty good Chinese food. Very friendly staff

Lio G.

Just picked up lunch here, it was made fresh and it was delicious! This place is def a hidden gem.

Saad Azmat

I was looking for a new Chinese restaurant and this place delivered. Their vegetable fried rice is packed with oriental vegetables with great flavour.

Curtis Cormier

Very good food. Always had a good meal.

Andrew Wallis

Good food but slow service.

Chris Pappathan

Always bright and clean with a quiet environment, I've ordered take-out from Ruby China many times now and have had fast, very friendly service without fail. The food seems fresher in comparison to many other local restaurants of all kinds. Maybe it's just prepared less in advance and not allowed to sit forever. Whatever the case, the food tastes better to me. It's become my first choice for Chinese food in the Salem/Pelham area. In our office each of us have a day to choose what to have for lunch. Mine has become "Ruby Tuesday", because I look forward to ordering from Ruby China just about every week on my day.

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