Olde Waterville Pizza

6 Village Rd, Waterville Valley
(603) 236-3663

Recent Reviews


Pizza was ready on time. It was easy phone order and pick up. Pizza was pretty good taking, with thin crust.

Alex MacIsaac

run by children. you're better off buying a frozen pizza at Walmart and heating it up on the hood of your car. trash.

Jack K.

This place sucks. Yet I continue to go here. I'm no food critic but the pizza here is mediocre. It's kids working at the counter who have screwed up my order more than once, and I've often been confused by the classic "Go ahead" and nothing else when calling to order. Ordered one time, went to pick it up, waited another 45 minutes, and took the next pizza that came out This place will never go out of business though because it's so convenient and right in the valley. But if you're really looking for a good pie just do yourself a favor and make the drive to Plymouth or The Last Chair. Expensive, crappy pizza, and sub-par service. Only reason I'm giving it two stars is because the place has become a running joke among by friends and family LOL

Evan Rice

If you like burnt pizza and your orders of wings with less wings than what is advertised this is the place for you. If I could give zero stars because of the service as well, that’s what would be deserved.

Elizabeth G.

This establishment was very dirty and the staff was rude. It was a quiet Friday night and there was only one other family there. Took a while to get our "eat there" pizza and salad in a box. I said we wanted to eat there and the kid was "we have no dishwasher" which makes me think they had a water problem because I had to go use the public restroom. We even told the rude girl who took our order. It was crazy expensive for a small pizza, a salad and 2 waters. And to boot, the pizza (which was worse than many frozen) was cold. They also answer the phone "go ahead" which was really unpleasant to listen to while we were eating. Couldn't find a pepper shaker. We loved our trip to Waterville Valley but absolutely will not go here again. I wish I checked Yelp before going.

Eric M.

Absolutely garbage. It says "wood grilled, stone finished", but that's a joke. No wood stove, no stone. Just a regular pizza oven and a lot of frozen dough. I even asked the kid at the front where the wood oven was and he said he didn't know because he wasn't a cook. So bad. Worse than frozen from the grocery store. Just skip it and go to any place that sells frozen pizza and just buy that.

Alex S.

Literally the worst pizza I've ever eaten. Devoid of any character at all, or even flavor. Domino's would be a significant improvement.

Luke Kendall

Only open 1 day a week

Sarah Lindahl

Great little find up in the mountains! Pizza is DELICIOUS!

Jerod K.

This is not really a review, but more of a statement. The company itself has taken into consideration many of these reviews. I am not management nor am I in charge of running the place but I have spoken to said person. In the off season from April to May, they are going to try and fix many of these issues. The crust, and in particular, the way the pizza is made is definitely priority. Towards the end of the the winter season they tried some things and changed the crust and people including myself seemed to like the adjustment. As for the wait times during the busy winter season, your best bet is to call ahead and make sure 4 hockey teams did not order 70 pizzas before you place your order. The wait times can be sporadic due to this scenario. In general, management for The Pizza Company acknowledges and appreciates all your insight and reviews, and look forward to giving you a great experience next time you are in the valley. Thanks again for all your feedback.

Natalie P.

I thought the other reviews might be exaggerating. How bad could this pizza be? Well it was bad. The crust truly was CARDBOARD. You are better off with frozen pizza.

Diane A.

This is the worst experience I ever had at an eatery. I'm now sitting here, my feet are frozen, the place is bone chilling cold and the most of the food was too!!! Just got the pizza after 60 min wait, it was burned cardboard with a bit of melted cheese. The carrots with the buffalo tenders were easier to bite into than the tenders. Most terrible experience

Steven Boyne

Good standby

Mike M.

How bad was it you ask...? Cardboard with cheese on top. 3 different pizzas. One slice from each just to see if one was off..... and all 3 went into the trash. $81.00 later..... and now I feel nauseous.... I guess they call it old Waterville pizza for good reason.... c'mon guys.... how hard can it be..???

Addie B.

We ordered pick up and were told it was going to be an hour long wait, so we waited one hour. We picked the pizza up an hour later and it was cold. The crust is disgusting and closely resembled cardboard. Buffalo chicken pieces on the pizza were over cooked. The only good thing on the pizza was the sliced Italian sausage. It has been a very long time since we have gotten pizza from this eatery, but 8 years ago this review would have been completely different. Whomever is making decisions for this establishment should seriously reconsider how they are running the restaurant. They take advantage of the fact that this is the only place in the valley to get pizza, but I hope another pizza place comes into town, blows Olde Waterville Pizza our of the water and closes it down.

1SiX Crew

Terrible service. Employees are rude and have zero communication skills. they dont deliver at all. Nobody working at this place cares about the company or how it functions. Not sure if the employees care about anything whatsoever. Pretty sad excuse for a pizza place in a vibrant ski town that could use a solid pizza place.

karla Coffey

The only reason I gave this place two stars was because the salads were good however, the pizza wasn't flavorful. To make matters worse the service was poor, the employees need to be courteous toward their customers.

Aidan O.

I come to Waterville valley every week. Both legends and The Pizza Co nevah disappoints. Have some brew at legends and a hot, delicious slice at the pizza place right across the way. It can't be beat!!!

Steve T.

I ordered a Meatball Sub to go. Watched a teen in the kitchen standing there in the window on his phone texting while adults were actually working; still can't understand that. $10 small meatball sub and it full of gristle - I actually had to chew slowly. If I could've I'd have returned it. Nothing about the place says "please come back."


Very tasty


Called in pizza order, walked over from Snowy Owl Inn, pizza was ready on time, had take out plates/silverware, brought back to room, great pizza, friendly staff and reasonable price. Will do again.

Wm Mock

Good pizza. Thin crust yum


Uninterested staff who seemed bothered and below average pizza. Convenient for takeout in the town square is the only plus.

Gavin Szymczak

best time ever loved the food it was great thanks for a ggod time

Peter J P.

Made the mistake of going here again. I ordered a small half plain half pepperoni they said it would be 30 minutes, after waiting about 40 minutes I went up to the counter and asked about it and saw the guy sliding my pizza into the oven..I asked the girl if that was my pizza and she said yes but it would only take another 10 minutes after another 30 minutes I got the pizza went back to my hotel...opened the box ....wrong order. Avoid this place at all costs it's not worth the aggravation

Dave Greene

Great pizza. It's right in Town Center at the bottom of the stairs. Something for everyone.

Papa Joe Gaudet

The food is the best value at Town Square! I love the chicken parm sub.

Anna K.

Grabbed two pizzas with one topping each. $33. Wish I could say it was worth the ridiculous price but it is not. It's not that it's bad, it's just no better than a frozen pizza but 6x the price. I get it's a tourist town but if you're going to price it like it's Boston pizza, please make it worth it. And they use styrofoam plates which is irresponsible. Next time we will bring frozen pizzas.

Heather M.

We were there tonight with 6 adults and 4 kids we left after finding out almost two hours later our pizzas had not even begun to cook...we come to Waterville every year... we will never visit this restaurant again.

Jorge K.

This was not a positive dining experience. It took them 70 minutes to get us our pizza. When I checked in every 20 minutes to update our order status, each time they lied and told me it would be ready in 10 minutes - they had clearly lost our order and would not acknowledge their mistake. They were not apologetic about the poor service and became increasingly angry at me for inquiring what was wrong and why it was taking so long for the pizza to come. The manager told me, with rage in his face, "we're busy!" I will not give this establishment my business in the future. They seem to make takeout orders a priority and consequently treat the in-restaurant clientele poorly. Sadly, the pizza is good but the horrific customer service condemns this establishment to failing mediocrity.

Kathy K.

This place has the worst customer service. It took over an hour for our food to come. We checked in on the order two times and it appeared twice that they forgot about our order. The ladies at the cashier proceeded to laugh at me while saying, "I'm sorry". This rude customer service is unacceptable.

Amber R.

The staff was drinking in the kitchen, and one of the women who worked there very obviously was going to go do coke (dialated eyes and checking nose in mirror a lot) in the bathroom 7 times. We went up to the counter to order and she asked for us to wait. After waiting over 7 minutes she came out to take our order. I'm almost positive she over charged us but we just decided to wait. We were told to wait at least over 30 min and it came out well over that. While waiting for our food, they were openly talking about us. We left with burnt pizza.

Jeff F.

I was in Waterville Valley on labor day weekend with a friend, and we were in the mood for pizza. Olde Waterville is literally the only pizza place in town so naturally that's where we went... We got a classic pepperoni pizza. The crust was a bit dry, but overall it was a great tasting pizza. The place was very busy and there was only one person working both the counter and the phones, but we only had to wait about 15 minutes to get our pizza. The atmosphere felt like a typical pizzeria and there's seasonal outside seating.

Ariel Benson

Walked in and it was very dirty. Not a clean table in sight and the pizza was terrible as well as the fries.

Christina Redfield

There's been two times youve been closed but the website and your signs say you are open at 11:30am-9:30pm.

Debra L S.

Very expensive and very grungy inside. Things that are needed, like plastic utensils, ketchup, etc. were not available. Had to wait for someone to refill them all. It is very run down and not in the least bit appealing. After traveling almost two hours, I was anxious to get something to eat and this was the first place I came upon. If you're planning things, don't stop here. I had a veggie burger - they're frozen so it wasn't likely to be tainted.

Mitchell S.

Fairly indifferent pizza, better buffalo chicken (not wings). Basically, a kids' place - ok for family with children but not a particularly good value even for the quantity. Two pizza sizes: 12 and 16. Add ins a function of pizza size. Not much cheese or sauce on the basic pie. Not overwhelming quantities for adds but probably sufficient. Canned olives, not Italian sausage. Bottom line: grub.

Joy N.

Waterville is amazing.... However; to have your closing time be 9pm and get to order taker at 8:45pm after waiting in line for 5 minutes to say "we are really busy right now and can't take anymore pizza orders" is absolutely unacceptable! But they can take salad orders or fries?!..So your name actually is the "Waterville Pizza Co." and can't take pizza orders, not ok. Very disappointing. Change your closing time if you can't keep up with your orders. Buyer beware.

Tom J.

BBQ chicken sandwich was good. Could have used more fries. My suggestion is make up the caloric difference with a sundae. Conveniently located at the top of the stairs to the right.

Tegan M.

Horrible. Got a small pizza with onions, tomato, and black olives, as well as a basket of onion rings. The onion rings were average and they gave a large portion, but I had major issues with the service, price, and pizza. Pizza: The toppings were not good -- not fresh at all. The cheese was awful, the sauce was okay. The crust was decent. Service: My significant other paid for the meal after we ordered. The server said something along the lines of "fill in the total here." -- in other words, "give me a tip," which we did....15% tip actually. Now, I'm fine with tipping if there is a service involved. The only service we got was them physically carrying our food to our table. As opposed to what -- us going up to the counter? Even the service they did give was rude and hastily done. We were not given plates, napkins, ketchup, and all this was self-service. We were also expected to clean up after ourselves. For $4 tip, they can do that themselves. Price: We paid something like $27 total for two people for the worst food I've had in a long time.