Olde Waterville Pizza

6 Village Rd, Waterville Valley
(603) 236-3663

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Bonnie Shirley

Up for the weekend and wanted some easy take out. I dont know if its lack of care or competition but this might have been some of the worst pizza I have had. Frozen pizza dough, fatty wings and tasteless mac and cheese bites. Sadly I would have enjoyed a frozen pizza more.


Pizza is almost always cold when you pick it up. Ordered again while up here and picked up before the estimated time and the pizza was cold and so are the mozzarella sticks . Place is so expensive too for basically microwaved food

John Missouri

Pizza slice was really small for $3.50 and did not taste good. Was unimpressed.


Pizza was ready on time. It was easy phone order and pick up. Pizza was pretty good taking, with thin crust.

Alex MacIsaac

run by children. you're better off buying a frozen pizza at Walmart and heating it up on the hood of your car. trash.

Jack K.

This place sucks. Yet I continue to go here. I'm no food critic but the pizza here is mediocre. It's kids working at the counter who have screwed up my order more than once, and I've often been confused by the classic "Go ahead" and nothing else when calling to order. Ordered one time, went to pick it up, waited another 45 minutes, and took the next pizza that came out This place will never go out of business though because it's so convenient and right in the valley. But if you're really looking for a good pie just do yourself a favor and make the drive to Plymouth or The Last Chair. Expensive, crappy pizza, and sub-par service. Only reason I'm giving it two stars is because the place has become a running joke among by friends and family LOL


We had a game down at Plymouth State. Came back around lunch and wanted something quick. The day before we went to Mulligan's twice and my son didn't want another burger so he asked for pizza. We went in here. They had pepperoni and plain. Very thin pizza's. Asked for 2 slices of each. I had the pepperoni. It was very greasy. We also ordered some mozzarella sticks. They took the order but then worked on lunch orders from people behind me. I wanted it at same time if not before pizza. Ended up coming after. After biting the first one my stomach I could tell was not agreeing with either. I threw out the rest of the sticks and we left. I planned on going back to the hotel and going to the exercise room for a bit before his evening game. The combination of not sleeping well the evening before and this food and I went back to the room and lied down. I ended up sleeping for about 2.5 hours. Had to drink a ton of water. My son said he felt ok but he didn't like it either. One of his teammates went towards 93 and found a pizza place he said was pretty good. If you want something quick it is in the village but it isn't very good. If you have time I would look into town closer to the highway,

Evan Rice

If you like burnt pizza and your orders of wings with less wings than what is advertised this is the place for you. If I could give zero stars because of the service as well, that’s what would be deserved.

Sarah Richards

Great little find up in the mountains! Pizza is DELICIOUS!


My wife, daughter and I visited this restaurant during an end of August stay at Waterville Valley. We had eaten there on past visits and enjoyed the food. We put in a takeout order for a large cheese pizza which we ate back at our hotel room. The pizza tasted good and was more than enough food for the three of us. It was also reasonably priced considering they were the only pizza restaurant in town. During our stay in Waterville there were very few people, so it was not surprising that there were no other customers in the restaurant when we ordered the pizza and when we picked it up. Should we return to Waterville Valley in the future it is more than likely we will get pizza from the Olde Waterville Pizza Company. This restaurant is located at the bottom of the stairs that lead down from the Waterville Valley town square.

Elizabeth G.

This establishment was very dirty and the staff was rude. It was a quiet Friday night and there was only one other family there. Took a while to get our "eat there" pizza and salad in a box. I said we wanted to eat there and the kid was "we have no dishwasher" which makes me think they had a water problem because I had to go use the public restroom. We even told the rude girl who took our order. It was crazy expensive for a small pizza, a salad and 2 waters. And to boot, the pizza (which was worse than many frozen) was cold. They also answer the phone "go ahead" which was really unpleasant to listen to while we were eating. Couldn't find a pepper shaker. We loved our trip to Waterville Valley but absolutely will not go here again. I wish I checked Yelp before going.


The pizza crust was both burned and soggy in the middle. When I gently informed the counter help of this, she said that they have to leave the pizza in the oven long enough to cook through, so it won't be soggy. Sauce, cheese, and toppings were very good. The place is flat out dirty. On a previous trip a few weeks before, we were the first to be served that morning. Three teens were behind the counter. The tables were dirty. Even the owner was talking to a beverage guy over at a service counter which was dirty, and he did nothing to tell the staff to clean up. I quietly told the staff that I would not flame them on reviews, but please clean the tables. They did nothing. So, second trip in as many weeks, same thing. Owners: do something. WV needs a good pizza place. Also, as I've said before, the decor is tired and now getting shabby, dirty, and out of date.

Owen C

I was extremely dissatisfied with my visit and instead of writing a normal review these are some ways this joint can improve. This place has so much potential but is very disappointing. Dining Room: Issue: Dirty tables, dirty floors, chairs in disarray, un-stocked napkin and silverware station Solution: Instead of your front counter people sitting on their phones have then go into the dining room and wipe down tables and stock things as needed. Customers spend the most time in this area so it needs to be spotless. Service: Issue: Untrained and unmotivated staff, lack of customer service skill sets EX. I head an employee answer the phone multiple times like this "Go 'head". This comes off as rude over the phone. Try something like "Olde Waterville Pizza Company this is _____ speaking. How can I help you today?" Solution: train staff on how to interact with customers and give them proper training. Food: Pizza was bland, sauce was watery and the crust was like cardboard. If you can't make pizza, don't operate a pizza shop. Don't waste your time here, find somewhere else if possible.

Eric M.

Absolutely garbage. It says "wood grilled, stone finished", but that's a joke. No wood stove, no stone. Just a regular pizza oven and a lot of frozen dough. I even asked the kid at the front where the wood oven was and he said he didn't know because he wasn't a cook. So bad. Worse than frozen from the grocery store. Just skip it and go to any place that sells frozen pizza and just buy that.

Alex S.

Literally the worst pizza I've ever eaten. Devoid of any character at all, or even flavor. Domino's would be a significant improvement.

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