1B Wall St Unit 103, Windham
(603) 824-3825

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Stephanie Saunders KEY TEAM at COMPASS

love having this yummy spot near my office! the modern cobb with chicken is a weekly must have! friendly staff

Bob Kriesen

Great healthy food options and very friendly staff

Rebecca Harvey

Hours very unpredictable— often not open when they post they will be. Pretty much always only one employee, who only comes out if you ring a bell. But better smoothies than Pressed so sometimes we just deal with it.Added after owner replied claiming this was false: There was no mention of different hours on the website (just normal 9-3). There was zero sign on the door or on the sign outside saying hours were different (we had to just pull the door to find out it was locked). Google also just showed 9-3. But yes, let’s just blame customers for telling the truth instead of actually taking the feedback (which OTHER reviewers have also shared) and correcting it. This is no way to run a business. I’m changing my view— we won’t be back here.

Melissa Devane

The food is quite good, everything is fresh and feels healthy. I also love online ordering!

Heather MacDonald

Had an amazing bowl and coffee today. So glad to have this healthy option so close and available on doordash.

Daryelle Puzzanghera

My husband and I love the smoothies and their nitro cold brew, it’s the best around. The issue stems from their hours. First, opening at 9 is late for a coffee breakfast place but that’s IF they open the doors at 9. My husband and I come here almost daily and sit and wait for them to actually open their doors at 9… which is seldom. Today we went there and it was 9:30 on a Tuesday .. the hours state they’re open yet their doors are not. They have such great coffee and food and we love the place, we just wish they’d open as stated.

Michelle Johnson

We order from here a lot solely on how fantastic their food is, but today we discovered a whole new level of love for a restaurant!! Grub hub did me dirty and canceled our lunch order. The fricken owner of restaurant calls me directly AND assisted me in getting my order with no time wasted. Then the restaurant even sent us a complimentary dessert toast, and my God, you didn’t know how bad we needed that *drool face* . 45/10 restaurant and owner!

Christina Cunningham

Delicious black bean wrap! Quick service on my lunch break and I got to swing in a hammock chair while I waited and watch coy fish swimming in their indoor aquarium. Thank you, I'll be back :)

George Frangomihalos

Amazing staff and good, quality food. The smoothies are always delicious and the food is on point. The owners are amazing friendly people who take customer service and quality as their priority. A new rewards program was just started and it is more customer driven. The owners explained it to me and it is awesome. Windham has needed a good food location and Balanced was it's rescue.

Sarah P.

Definitely JUST a smoothie place. I visited the Plaistow location and I ordered a chicken sandwich for lunch, which appeared to have canned chicken on it and not the fresh seasoned chicken as advertised. I puked not even 20 minutes after eating it... needless to say I won't be coming back for any other food menu items. The smoothies are pretty decent, but they definitely don't have a chef.

Shannon Goodrich

Delicious smoothies & açaí bowls! You can tell they use very fresh fruit.

Kimberly L

Good smoothies, cute location


I really wanted to like this place since windham needs some good food options. But terrible - for$11 I just got a bunch of undercooked/hard rice in my Benton burrito - almost nothing else. Paid extra $2 extra for avocado but none was included nor any cheese, very limited meat and maybe 2 black beans (no joke). Very bland and disappointed. Tuna melt was all bread as well. Based on other reviews, this unfortunately sounds common. Would be willing to try again when there is more training or consistency in place.

Mike Smith

When this restaurant first opened in Windham, we were thrilled and excited for variety. At first, food and smoothies were amazing with great consistency. Sadly however, over the last few months that’s changed. Consistency is never the same with smoothies. They will either be made correct, or you’ll get a watery drink with chunks of ingredients that were not properly blended. This has happened numerous times and I’ve let it go, and continued to go back. The same can be said for the food. At times, ingredients were missing, or the rice has been undercooked. When the owner is present at this store, the food and smoothies come out to perfection because of quality control. When he is not present the staff does not seem to care and will deliver lack luster food. Leaving this review is a bummer and I will not give up on Balanced. I’m hoping this finds the right person and more training/quality control is incorporated into the Windham location.

Rick N.

No one answers the phone, hours make no sense. Not open early enough to get something before work, closes too early to get something after. Had one smoothie once, pretty good. Just upped it to 4 stars because I got one the other day and they are really good, I just wish they'd open earlier.

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