425 Broad Street Ctr, Bloomfield
(973) 429-7244

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Madeline Santos

I made mistake on my order and the supervisor was so sweet she made my order right .I lost hope coming to this McDonald’s but yesterday was the first time and it made my day that I’m writing a review for the first time .Keep up the good work it’s not easy working with pandemic ?.We all have to think safety first .Thank You

Joe Gualtieri

I thought the customer service for the brookdale McDonald’s was bad but this one is even WORSE. The manager for the night shift has a TERRIBLE attitude. I don’t know how she became manager or how she has patience for anything in life. She was talking to all of the customers/drivers/ and coworkers like they were trash! I’m sure by the time this review is posted, she would have already been fired.

The club

Very disrespectfull short skinny black guy at the mobile order pick up. I refused to take a package ready because of disrespect. The customer can wait... Do not order there it is worse staff. Manager flirting with their employee . Terrible place .. I hope this guy will be fired! If you need a job stay away. Unprofessional. They can't even put the drink in the packages..( afternoon shift. I was there. Thursday at 8pm.. Crapy place.!! They hiring anybody from the street I guess..!

Heather Carpenter

Food was good. The service SUCKED!I waited at the front of the growing line for 8 minutes for someone to take my order.


Needed a quick bit as I was on the road for work. Saw the golden arches and used their drive-thru. Pretty much the standard McDonald's experience in terms of food and speed.


I do not know if the staff can read. I paid extra for whip cream on my smoothie and it was not there.

James Hartell

Fries were cold and stale. Probably due to me placing a special order, which took about 10 minutes. They should learn to get the fries when the rest is ready.

Kyle Kennedy

It's ok, they honor coupons but the drive through was ridiculous. I went in an the kiosk was broken. I got home and the food was cold, burger looked like it was thrown together. I went another time for breakfast and everything was cool. Not sure if the lunch experience was a fluke or the norm.

Vixen dulce

Horrible experience, I was rushed through my order at the drive through and the employee at the window was very rude and disrespectful. She was acting like she was tired and did not want to be there. Even worse and unprofessional manager.

Loretta Politano

Cold fries unmelted cheese no change when paying cash and can they spare the pickles. Yuk, yuk, yuk!

Gavin Pacheco

This is my to-do McDonald's but only because they are around the corner from my house. For every 5 times I order from here, my order is wrong 4 times. But I think my biggest issue is the lack of customer service. You don't get greeted inside, whenever you order, they seem annoyed, and once they throw your good at our, they turn around and walk away. I kill them with kindness and still don't even get a "you're welcome". Why do I keep going here, you ask? I guess I enjoy toxic energy.

Claire Wood-Forrester

As expected, it was a good experience. Greeter was polite as was the server. The fries were hot and the chocolate shake was good

Lauren Galeano

Busy lines but other then that the service was good.

John Wesley

I'll never go to this location again. It's the third time they charged me for a mobile order and never gave me my food. Not only did they not give me my food, they gave me an attitude and did very little to figure out a solution to my problem. Even after waiting patiently and respectfully talking to them. They just told me they didn't have it. After, that they just pretty much ignored me the rest of the time as I waited for them to figure something out. I eventually just left.

Vincent Calabresi

They haven’t fixed the ice cream machine for as long as I can remember. And the McFlurry machine too. Not to mention there’s a high chance they mess up my order.

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