Flying Pig Tavern & Tap

167 US-130, Fieldsboro
(609) 899-7447

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OpenTable Diner

We went the week of Christmas before 6 pm. Their drink specials were fall (pumpkin, etc.) We asked if they had Christmasy drinks…waiter seemed confused by that question. Asked if there were happy hour specials…waiter said not today. Ordered a White Russian drink, but said not too strong. It came very strong. Went to the bartender and asked if she could add more milk or cream because it was too strong. She added more Bailey’s (cream). Overall an odd experience.

Olivia A.

Tonight was our first night here. The host and waiters were amazing and so welcoming. The food is beyond amazing I highly recommend getting the garlic parm wing 10/10. Our waiter matt was great he went out of his way to make sure a women leaving alone got to her car safely. He made good suggestions on what was good and was definitely the friendliest waiter we've ever had before. We will definitely be coming back again

Evanthia G.

I visited The Flying Pig for the first time today and to say I was pleased is an understatement. The food was plentiful, creatively presented and everything we tasted was just delicious. The staff was so attentive and friendly. My personal favorites and recommendations would be the short ribs and the salmon, but there was not a bad bite anywhere on the table. Very nice experience overall. Definitely coming back!

Megan S.

One star is actually too much. My mom raves about how good this place was when they first opened so we decided to take her to dinner last night. WORST SERVICE EVER! At first he came over to get our drink order we told him we needed a few minutes to look, he walks away for 30 seconds then comes back and asks if we were ready. I was caught off guard, so I quickly pick a drink then before he brings the drinks back he says are you ready to order.. we are all clearly looking at the menu still. Drinks come we quickly pick something because he's now over bearing. Me and my mom order French onion soups and ask for them to come out first..he told me then my meal will take longer to come out I said okay (my mean was a chopped wedge salad NO PROTEIN). Soups come out they are meh nothing to rave about. Then my husbands and my moms burgers come out, he doesn't come over to check on us we had no ketchup, no silverware.. finally comes over looks at me sees I still have no meal, my company finishes their meals I STILL DONT HAVE MY SALAD. He came back over asked how everything was, I said uhm is my meal coming? He looked like a dear in headlights, he runs to the kitchen is gone maybe 10 minutes runs back out with my salad it's the most pathetic salad that was $15 maybe 3 tomatoes maybe 1.5 slices of bacon cut up. Then right away asks if we'd like dessert. I'm beyond annoyed I didn't even have a chance to take a bite of my meal. The manager stops over I voiced my frustrations she was beyond sweet and said dessert was on her. As sweet as that was it wasn't enough to even remotely win me over. Every time my husband wanted a beer refill he had to ask twice because the server wouldn't remember. It's a shame the place is adorable and would be a great local place to visit.


They are very accommodating when you have a special needs person. Great staff


Had to wait 5 min for salad dressing. Had to wait for an additional set of utensils- server forgot them 2x. Meals were brought , however, app & salad plates had not been cleared, so they just put down our main dishes amongst the crowed table.

Phyllis S.

Food is great, service too, sit at the bar and enjoy people watching, staff is so friendly without being intrusive.

OpenTable Diner

So I am sad to say that this was our 4th time visiting since they opened and it has gone down overall each time. This will be our last attempt to give this place a go. Long and short is that the service has gotten very slow and that is not because of staff shortages from what I see, but a lack in supervision. The staff congregates and chats while customers wait for drinks, food or even utensils. As far as the food, the prices have have rocketed but portions/quality has diminished. I wanted this place to succeed but it appears that it is headed in the wrong direction.


My husband and I came to eat with our toddler and we enjoyed the ambience and decor, he enjoyed that coloring and a take home tiny pig figure was given to him, and the menu has a great variety. Our waiter was friendly and very attentive but not lingering over us. Only criticism is the food lacks a bit of flavor (salt and pepper please!). We enjoyed the restaurant and will go again. This should be a place on everyone’s list who wants a casual, fun meal with lots of choices (including ones for picky eaters!)

Lisa P.

What a surprise! Then by here, many times decided to come in and I am very happy. Had the bang bang cauliflower and really enjoyed it. The facility is spotless. The employees are engaging and very positive. Can't wait to come back.

Gabriella H.

The food was below mediocre ($15 for chicken nachos that I could have easily made at home and would have made it better). The only thing that was good was the pretzel. I think the worst of it was my cocktail. A fall sangria that was somehow both extremely bitter and watered down. It's a cute place with a nice vibe, but they need to do better with the food. Everything seemed pre-bought frozen that they heated up.

Kevin W.

Just ate here for the first time this Friday after Thanksgiving. This place is incredible!! Very unassuming from the outside, but once you go in - WOW! The staff is so nice! Our waiter Josh was THE BEST! Big guy with a beard and tatts (I only say that in case I got his name wrong). Super knowledgeable about the menu and made great suggestions. I had one of the specials Mahi Mahi Risotto with shaved Crab sauce - it's a shame it's only there for the month. My guests were also very impressed with their selections as well. Oh, the drinks were nice too. I could see how some people might get a little frustrated - it was a little loud and it was busy. But, hey, that's what you'd want from a place like this, right? Obviously they're doing something right. They did everything right by me. Check it out!


Melanie is amaaaaazing!!!!!! Food is awesome too


Matt the bartender is attentive and amazing as well as the rest of the bar staff Wings and burgers are amazing!!!!

Michael L.

Good food and nice atmosphere. We had Bacon trio app and bang bang scrimp app were excellent.

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