Town & Country Diner

177 US-130, Fieldsboro
(609) 298-1711

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Mario Tello

Man, the food was great! Moderately priced and the service was above diner standard for sure. And truthfully, best blueberry pancakes I ever had.Food: 5/5

Prajakatta Mulay

Went here for breakfast. The food was delicious, the ingredients used were of good quality! The cheese was coming apart from the omelette though, would have preferred the cheese inside the omelette. Service was great even though it was a New Year’s day!

Candie Wilson

Exceptional experience across the board. The food was outstanding and that hot chocolate was memorable as well!Food: 5/5

Christina Danley

Attended a family dinner and while the place was clean, and the waiter prompt and pleasant, the food was good for some and not so much for others. The seafood bisque, two of the three that got it said it tasted heavily of old fish. My husband liked his chicken parmigiana but when we left said he started to get a weird freezer burn after taste. My cheese tortellini with chicken was excellent however. I did ask for it to be made spicy but it came out regular, which was fine, as stated, it was excellent. The complimentary bread basket had cheese, cinnamon and cornbread. Each we’re ok; slightly on the dry side. The cornbread was just right though. We finished up with a slice of homemade Oreo cheesecake. A very light and creamy cheesecake with a Oreo mousse topping; it was good. I would have liked it better had it had more of a crust to it. I’ll stick to Cheesecake Factory. Overall not a bad place to visit but you just have to watch as some dishes are better than others.

Lea M.

I just moved back to New Jersey after almost 10 years of living in California. So I couldn't WAIT to show my husband what a Jersey diner is all about. Unfortunately the classic Mastoris is permanently closed which is heartbreaking, so we tried this one. Town and country did NOT disappoint. Our server Rocco was speedy and efficient not to mention friendly! I ordered the Greek salad with chicken and a cup of the seafood bisque. My husband got the French dip with some matzoh ball soup. Everything was delicious and the portions were classic Jersey diner style: HUGE. After we got our food an older gentleman whom we assumed was the owner greeted us and asked how everything tasted which was pretty reminded me of that family atmosphere diners have. I think it's safe to say we have established our go to diner. Although Mastoris will always hold a special place in my heart, we can't wait to create new memories with each other and our daughter with this gem! We will be back!

Jo S.

I'd never been here before and have never eaten out on Thanksgiving before so a whole new experience... This place was packed with a constant influx of people. I was so impressed with the workers, everyone from the hostess, bus people, waiters etc. They all had such friendly, happy spirits and are such hard workers. Thanks. The food was delicious too: warm rolls, fresh salads, and the fettuccine Alfredo was creamy and flavorful. Prices are very reasonable and portion sizes are huge so definitely took home more than I ate to enjoy again tomorrow. I highly recommend this place.

Blair Hall

Second time coming here and the crab cakes have been consistently excellent. Being from DE and living in MD, I'm pretty picky about my crab cakes, and they definitely don't disappoint here. Service was friendly and prompt. Definitely my go to for dinner when I visit up here for work.Food: 5/5

Dottie Harrison

First of all we couldn't stop talking about our waitress driving home. She was on point, so sweet as soon as our drinks got low she checked to see if we wanted more. Very attentive to every detail. I forgot her name?. She was so kind we had lil conversations with her, I know what she looks like so next time I'm in I'm requesting her even if I have to wait for her station for a reasonable time that's the kind of service you don't always get at some places. Food was hot and delicious the way a restaurant should be serving it. Last place we went to 7 adults and 1 child over an hour for our food and the best part everyone's dish was cold even the soup wasn't hot. I don't blame the waitress she had so many tables... that's poor management... it wasn't Town & Country.

Keith C.

Want a tasty breakfast or lunch served with a smile and in timely fashion, this diner is a must. Reservations not required unless you have a large party. The property is fresh and clean with on-going upgrades to the outside facade. New HVAC units were just installed a must to control covid exposure. Plenty of parking and great meal portions at reasonable prices; you have to go!

Tony Lupo

Everything was terrible.They are not staffed enough at all.It took about 20 minutes just to get my coffee. The coffee is so bad, 3 equals didn’t even make it sweet somehow.The eggs were undercooked, almost liquid still in the middle, and unseasoned, forgot the cheese.The home fries are basically just boiled potato slices. No crunch or seasoning.The toast must have been toasted on the lowest setting possible.I did however finish all the food out of desperation.At the end the waitress said “good boy” like I’m a dog.

Jillian Lewis

Only gave 2 stars because the service was excellent. The food was probably some of the worst food I’ve ever had. School cafeteria food has more flavor. The menu variety is very enticing but I have my doubts that the kitchen can manage that large of a menu. And if you’re thinking about take out be aware there’s a 10% gratuity charge. The quality of food does not match the menu prices.

Laura G.

This diner is wonderful. The staff are super friendly and attentive and seem happy to be there. I started with matzo ball soup which was hot and flavorful. The matzo ball was just right, light and airy. Next was salad and this was a usual salad, nothing out of the ordinary except the blue cheese dressing was homemade and delicious. The rolls were not great but I was happy I didn't eat more than a bite because the main courses and rice pudding was so good, I needed to save room in my tummy. Hubby and I shared the spinach pie which came with melon and the corned beef and cabbage. The inside of the spinach pie was amazing, I ate that out before eating the outside. It had such great flavor. The melon was yummy and refreshing. Then the corned beef was so tasty and the cabbage, peas, carrots and potato were all do good. I can not tell you how delicious these two main dishes were. Then the rice pudding was the perfect ending. Rich and cinnamon forward. Great meal, great staff, great diner.

Little W.

Just what we needed after a long drive... friendly, professional service, tons of menu items, yummy fast food, and a clean bathroom to freshen up in. Skip the noise and hype of Chickie's and Pete's, and go right next door to Town & Country Diner!

Andrea Goodman

Been leery to eat in a diner Post Covid with staffing shortages and limited menus. What a surprise! Large expansive menu and outstanding service from a new personable waiter from Turkey. Never had to ask for anything.Had delicious shish kabob and my husband had prime rib. What a wonderful meal!

Darlene Murphy

A Beautiful Luncheon was held for a 95 Birthday Party. The food was Fantastic. We had dancing. The Guest of Honor was Radiant. Everyone commented on the Food. Cake was baked by Town and Country. It was so so Good. Everyone should try holding events there. Baby shower to Birthdays. Meetings to whatever your .need is for Great Service and Food. Don't forget they do bake whatever you need. 5 Stars Plus from Me.

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