Carnitas Taco Factory

574 Union Ave, Bridgewater
(732) 893-8147

Recent Reviews

Araw Gabi

Probably the best tacos in town. But for some reason I didn't get the Tuesday promo price. The burritos also are very good. Super friendly staff that hustle once like nobody's business onceyou place your order.Food: 5/5

Darin M W

Prices keep going up..Taco Tuesday/Thursday now $7 for 2 smallish tacosUsed to be just over $5Lost my business

Fielding Water

Simple process to have food put together, fair price, great flavor!

Viviana Jameson

This place is excellent! A lot of yummy food for a low price. The best place to stop by and get some tacos for the entire family instead of cooking yourself.

Madison Burns

The greatest tacos here. Would recommend going!

Tyme Jones

This is my favorite place for Taco Tuesdays! They are a higher quality version of Chipotle. They also have a similar ordering process.

Giorgi B.

Great service, quick and courteous. Will definitely come back! Keep on making these flavorful tacos! I would recommend a cleaner layout and more seasonings on the meats.


If you like American style tacos, this may be your spot. I was hoping for authentic Mexican tacos and that is not what this place offers. The staff is lovely. I tried ordering authentic but it was a hard taco shell wrapped in a flour tortilla and pretty boring.

Jeremy Hu (Mad Computer Scientist)

Asked for napkins and they said, "They're in the back, sorry". Never gets the napkins from the back. Lazy workers took forever to serve me. Good food though

Kerri Casey

Easily a favorite. Best guac ever, everyone requests I bring it from here when I visit. Lots of options and thoughtful and very considerate owners.

Ashley Garcia Velasco

Foods usually good but staff are rude and almost always get our order wrong (add extra things we didn’t order).

Jose A.

Not good at all. Do not recommend. Ratings pulled me in but was totally disappointed. Food was very bland and had no flavor at all. It's basically a Chipotle Mexican Grill knock-off but with way LESS portions. Pretty shameful honestly bowl looked pretty empty. Staff was so-so some workers seemed annoyed, like they hated their job.

Mike Cobucci

Taco Tuesday!!!!! Awesome loaded tacos with "the works" rule! Check this place out, they have a daily special M-F with discounts!!!

Alex Rozek

This truly amazing establishment has a very respective staff and the most appetizing food me and my boys have ever had. Please stop going to chiportle.


one of my favorite places to eat at around here. the staff are super friendly and the ground beef is very good. I also recommend trying the hard shell tacos with soft shells over them

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