Joe's Pizza

1938 Washington Valley Rd, Martinsville
(732) 469-3356

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S Wagner

I hadn't ordered from here since it changed hands so finally decided to give it a try and was very disappointed. One pie was all pepperoni when it was supposed to be 1/2 cheese and there was no sauce included with the garlic knots. Mistakes happen so I'd normally give them another chance, but the pizza was bland, the crust soggy and it had very little sauce or cheese,. The garlic knots were average at best. Definitely nothing like the old Joe's.


Best pizza in New Jersey hands down! Italian owned and so friendly!!

Louis Pizzigoni IV

This place is a gem. It's small but the food is fantastic. The pizza was delicious and the antipasto salad was fresh.Food: 5/5

Maria C.

The best pizza place in New jersey! the ingredients are so fresh, and the owner is the nicest person I have ever met! I will forever get my pizza here! The place is super clean and everyone who works there is so kind they will go beyond for their customers. I love JOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Irinaa C.

This place is amazing ! Everyone is always so friendly and welcoming, Sal the owner is just such a sweetheart and will go above and beyond for all his customers. The food is always fresh and done with perfection.

Carlos C.

We decided to try another pizza spot in our area to get a taste! Ordered via Slice which is always a plus. Buffalo chicken pie was pretty regular. Not a ton of chicken and not a ton of Buffalo. It was ok. Regular pie was also nothing to be making a big deal out of. Ordered mozz sticks, no sauce with it. Kind of a bummer. If you're in the area and need a pizza, why not? But not a place to go out of the way for.


Regular pie was so salty, which means canned sauce, low quality cheese. The regular pie was orange which always means oily and salty. So salty. Crust was average/ not bad, could use more rise.Now the Sicilian Pie...I can't believe that they sell this disaster. I would be embarrassed if I was the owner. I mean this sincerely. The dough was absolutely 'PAR BAKED' which is a pre cooked crust and joes then adds the sauce and cheese when and order is placed and its thrown back into the oven a second time... If the owner reads this, you know this is true and yes some people can tell what you are doing here. The sauce and cheese was just sitting in chunks on top of that dry, thick, dry, bready 'crust' with no oil.The dense bread 'crust' had no semblance of cornicione, no air bubbles just a brick of heavy dense bread. The bread was so dense and bready simular to a Cinnabon or Wonderbread.1) you have to reduce that salt, make fresh sauce or at least use a quality sauce product like Stanislaus or just store bought crushed san marzano salt and oil..2) cheese, I think that most of the salt and oil is coming from that lower grade cheese. Just use a better product.3) you have to stop attempting to make what you call a Sicilian Pie, you really need to start over and DO NOT par bake the crust. People are paying for a fresh pie. Cmon..make it correctly.I hope that someone from Joe's reads this and they can improve. Especially with Lombardi right next door...

Chris L.

I was in the area and I wanted a slice of pizza. The pizza looked gross and it was only one pie ready. I would definitely never eat pizza from this place. I walked right out and went to another location for Pizza. I have no idea how it gets 4.9 stars.

Antoinette V.

Good stuff.... Happy with the food, pizza and wings were great.

Victor F.

Ordered delivery from here tonight via slice. The pizza came, it was hot and tasty! We got a large pepperoni pizza and a large pizza rustica, a white pie with ricotta and ham. Overall, the pepperoni was pretty good, the sauce had a nice tang to it and the pepperoni was good. It was a thin crust that was a little "floppy" if we're using Dave Portnoy terms but the crust was crunchy. The white pie (pizza rustica) was okay, not too much flavor on it and I felt as though there was not enough ricotta on it. Overall this was a great experience and I will definitely keep Joe's in the front of my mind for future pizza orders, this is easily top 3 In my area.

Mark Zelfond

Wow, I haven’t had a good pizza in a while! This place is awesome! I also suggest their chicken nuggets!

Gabe Emtage

One bite you know the rules. Great pizza right in the middle of Martinsville. Plain slice is good around an 8.1 but a little greasy. Still a very good slice. Definitely recommend.

G “Jersey” A

Fabulous local pizza in Martinsville! We got fast service with salad, chicken wings amd three great full sized pies.

Dave Lenyel

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Robert Johnson

Ate here three years ago when visiting family (we are from London). Made a point of coming back when we were over again. As good as I remembered. Thanks again for the great pizza Sal

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