King Wing II

Shopping Mall with Rita's, 1303 Prince Rodgers Ave, Bridgewater
(908) 864-4344

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odell smoot

I ordered Old Bay wings and they were amazing. I asked for a small container of extra Old bay because I’m use to it not being enough but that wasn’t the case here. The wings were fried to perfection.


Their wings are really good. But we ordered a fish sandwich and fish and chips. Seems like they used store bought fish sticks/filet; microwaved them and served them to us. It was nasty! Won’t ever buy fish from them again.

Luisa H

Food wise good, staff wise...needs improvement. Went to pick up an order and the man working must have been overwhelmed (only my assumption) & was scolding a little boy (maybe 7-8 years old) also working there for not assisting him the right way.

Shahab Sheikh

Ordered a Fat Sandwich (Filipion) expecting to taste the three different meats on it. To my surprise I tasted French fries and bread. Not to mention no gyro sauce or letter. Disappointed!!!Only reason for the 2 star is the wings.

Darin M W

We love this placeWife loves the wings, all flavors.I love the buffalo chicken cheesesteakThe sauce is so good

Dustin Ruben

Always a 5 star experience! Some of the best food around!

Dan M.

I ordered this through a third-party and there were no issues regarding delivery and order accuracy. I have been to their other location before, so I knew what to expect. Besides wings, they have a number of sandwiches including fat sandwiches as well as salads and burgers along with other options. I opted for 20 wings ($24.99) and 10 tenders ($16.99). The chicken was of good quality and very meaty without much fat at all. For the wings, I had honey hickory and classic buffalo sauces. The honey hickory had a pleasant smoky flavor along with BBQ mixed in. The wings with buffalo sauce were breaded a little too much so the wing sauce was lacking. I had the tenders with cool ranch and mango habanero. I thought the cool ranch was going to be a sauce based on what I read on the third-party app, but it was just a dry rub. The seasoning could be tasted a little but would have preferred a stronger flavor. The mango habanero was definitely my favorite of everything I had. There was plenty of heat to these with just the right amount of sweetness. They were very tasty. Will I go back? Yes.

Tania Hill

Wings were huge and at a great price for their size. I also had onion rings that were hot and didn't fall apart when I bit into them. The dining room was clean with ample space inside and out. Patio was nice..wish I was there earlier in the day...I would have eaten outside. There was a drink box in the restaurant. I don't remember seeing a drink fountin was not open to the public. They also do deliver.

Anthony Velazquez

Great food couldn’t complain just wish they bring dine in back, but other then that food was amazing customer service was great


Lives up to the same great quality as the original King Wing in Hillsborough. Best chicken in town

Angel R.

Pretty good place! My niece loves this place and every time I pass it I order it myself. It's pretty cheap and the food is always good. They make everything quick and efficiently. They only time I didn't like my food was when I got the lemon pepper wings. Wayyyyyy too much lemon it was bitter. Garlic parm wings tho??? Soooo good

Arisha J.

Delicious! I work in Bridgewater and discovered this place close by and I've gone back like 4 times since to pick up lunch. I get the Buffalo chicken wrap with blue cheese. The nice thing is that you can pick the chicken flavor in your wraps too- I always get severe Buffalo because I love spicy food and this delivers. It burns of it gets on my lips! With the wrap and blue cheese, the spiciness is, however, well balanced. I've also tried the wings here which I found to be a LITTLE dry but still, the sauces were delicious! Service is always quick and reasonable prices as well! Update because I tried the the buff chicken wrap with the SUICIDE SAUCE and oh my goodness, the name was accurate. Even with the blue cheese and wrap to calm down, it was the kind of spice that stays in your mouth and gets worse even half an hour after I was done eating!! I had juice, milk, peanut butter and bread to try to calm down the fire but it was crazy spicy. Recommend if you want to burn your insides a bit

Matthew H.

Please don't call yourself a wing place if the normal wings are breaded. It's like they took "Cluck-U" wings (which are totally breaded and seem to be fueled with growth hormones), and made their own sauce for it. If you're a true fan of wings, this is probably not for you. If you like breaded boneless wings, then this might be to your liking.

Joey K.

Disappointing would be an understatement! Simply the worst excuse for wings I have ever had. Save your money and embarrassment and just skip this place.

Kevin B.

This food was horrible. The wings had feathers on them and seemed to be fried over and over again. The size of them made them inedible. The wings had no crunch, the texture was gummy. Even when I asked for a refund they refused.I highly recommend you do not go here if you are looking for good wings.

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