China Pagoda Restaurant

376 Main St, East Orange
(973) 673-0080

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Mika B

I am EXTREMELY particular about my Food & Customer Service experiences. Unfortunately, this location is BLESSED to have ranked 1 star for both COMBINED.> Food: after experiencing such terrible customer service from the male that answered the phone, I assumed that the food must be 100% on point--that was 100% NOT the case;The vegetable egg foo young tasted oddly, and I've had egg foo young in various states, but this one was unexplainably different, and not in a good way. The egg foo young gravy was extremely salty, therefore thrown away. The vegetable Mei Fun was decent, but unfortunately I wouldn't recommend it to anyone unless it was a last resort. The spring rolls were actually good, so it wasn't all a bust ??‍♀️.> Cust Svc: The male that answered the phone hung up on us twice. The first time I tried to explain that I've lost my voice due to sinusitis, and to please bear with me while I forced my words out. He became impatient and said I need to call back later than hung up in my face. The second time I called with my 9-year-old nephew on the line ready to provide the order he said "Hello" after the make said Hello, my nephew then began to provide the order and the male hung up in his face. I called back literally two more times and the phone just rang rang rang with no answer--by this time I assumed he was not going to answer the call from my number. During all of this, my daughter was already enroute to the location to pick up the order (which had not been placed yet), so by the time I was able to text her and ask her to call in the order she was sitting in front of the location. She placed the order, however, this was a 1 off, because the food is definitely and unfortunately not worth receiving the form of negative customer service being provided, for an un-tasty meal, as such.China Pagoda, I only speak what it true, NEVER based off emotions. I believe in second chances even when dealt with rudely. Maybe, should the possibility arise once again for me to seek out these regular dishes of ours elsewhere, I may return; but that will not be anytime soon. Please consider & restructure, where necessary.As long as I remain a resident of NJ (w/in this area), I will remain a Jin Lin Chinese Kitchen [Orange, NJ] diehard--made to order just RIGHT, extremely tasteful, & EVERYone is courteous.

derrick harris

Probably my favorite chinese food spots

Akeem smith

I can't think of any Chinese Store better than this one in the area

Shereen2 Samaroo

Going here for almost 20 years. Sadly, I have to find another Halal Chinese restaurant. Ordered for pick up..... Singapore noodles, chicken wings with beef fried rice, tofu with broccoli. I received a call back from the restaurant confirming my order and realized they had two beef fried rice, I told them to cancel one. I picked my order up 20 minutes later and went home. What a waste of my money. They did not cancel one of the beef fried rice, so I have two. The noodles tasted good but it was so salty and so much oil was used that it pooled at the bottom of the dish. I couldn’t eat it. Same unbearable saltiness with the tofu and broccoli and chicken wings. The tofu and chicken wings were also so greasy. Tasted like old oil. The fried rice was not cooked through meaning the rice still needed cooking to be tender and not taste like you eating grit in every grain. Please don’t waste your money. This place used to be good. It seems they have lived past caring about being a good establishment and the health of community which they serve. People do not need a ton of salt and oil in their food.

Demond Cowins

They have a very rude and combative staff. They don't appreciate the business that the community gives them. We will not support their business ever again.

art J

My people's always enjoy eating there

Aja Coston

I only eat halal and there are no halal Chinese restaurants in Hampton Roads VA. If anyone can confirm otherwise I will stand corrected. But in the past seven years having lived there I couldn't get authentic Chinese food. I don't count Panda Express as such. So coming back north to live I really have come home to China Pagoda. It did my heart and soul good to have clean, halal delicious food. I missed you shrimp and broccoli, beef lomein, shrimp lomein, shrimp fried rice, mei fun, teriyaki sticks....... And they give you salaams ? Welcome back me, welcome back

Bilal Johnson

Excellent chicken fried rice!!


I've been coming to this Chinese spot since I was a teenager and it's still as fresh and good like I remember. "Chefs kiss"

S Stanley

Ordered shrimp and broccoli with extra sauce. Very little sauce and the shrimp is soggy. Last time getting food from this place.


I think this place deserves praise in a city full of sketchy Chinese takeout spots. They never disappoint! Almost anything you order is a hit and they actually put service first. I do recommend you order the General Tso chicken with only a little sauce like I did this time because last time I ordered it was a little TOO much. Enjoy.

Bk R.

I have finally eaten here after saying I was so many times I usually order shrimp & broccoli with white rice and chicken wings ($14.50) I usually get to eat from it about 2x I don't eat a lot of food at one time and it was good I had no complaints, but I decided to try something a little different and wasn't to pleases I order half a chicken with brown rice ($10.00) well I think the brown rice is just fried rice with soy sauce all over it because I ain't never seen brown rice that dark so I will never order that rice again especially since I don't like soy sauce and it is too salty for me but the chicken was good..

Muhammad A.

Great food, good price and a timely service. Plus, its 100% halal. The owner is a Chinese man so seems to understand the taste expected by the customers. I ate at home so the pictures are from my home. I came all the way from Somerset!

Skyler Haley

Yesterday was our first time in this magnificent restaurant. But It is absolutely not the last. We passed a splendid evening with the courteous service, with the finest food and fine drinks and with the honest price. We will absolutely visit there in a short time.

Steak Wars

The fried chicken there is so good, The fried rice is so good with hot sauce and so is the fried chicken, the place is clean from what I know of the times I’ve been there and they serve good dishes.

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