Aly's Restaurant

372 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, East Orange
(973) 395-2630

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lifestyle 123

There customer service is so bad really waited 15 minutes to pick up a order I placed and never got it never again!!!!!!

ryska jo

Been eating there since the former owner David 5 stars. They have the best banane ak griot. They did some renovation compare to the way it was before, but it's still not a great atmosphere to eat in. I never eat in, always take out. Also, when they tell you cone pick up inn15 20min it is a lie, so come 45min to 1hr lol. I love that place tho, strongly recommend

Wetlene Pinthiere-Cross

The griot is Outstanding, very well seasoned, the national rice and beans is excellent.Vegetarian options: You can request Legume without meat, plaintain Ect.

Melissa Louis-Jean

This place has the worst customer service skills ever. A complet is suppose to come with fried or boiled plantains on the side and they either pretend as though they don't have it or fail to add it in your order without advising that they don't have plantains. Haitian restaurant such as this place have a tendency to forget that we, as the customers are helping their business stay afloat therefore they should respect and provide the best service to their customers.


They Lalo with Crabs is So Good and They Stew Chicken and they Fried Turkey with All Rice is So Good Keep up the Good Cooking, ALY'S Restaurant On 372 Main St. East Orange, NJ 07017, Nexts Door to Charles Restaurant On Main Street in East Orange, NJ And Winas Street in East Orange, NJ 07017 Diwn from the Liquor store on Main Street in East Orange, NJ OKAY GOOD FOOD AND GOOD EATING.

cari ferrell

My husband and I go eat here when we’re in the mood for Haitian food. It’s the best one in the area. Therefore, we drive down from Fort Lee. Great food and very friendly staff. Thanks.

Duhamel Mascary

Their foods are amazing but some renovations inside are necessary.

Merline VOLCY

People don't get 5 stars from me usually. You would have to rock my world with the food with the ambiance and the staff funny and helpful as hell. My 4 stars are basically already great places. I'm giving them here 4 stars but it is as if it was 5. 4 for the level of expectation, 4 for what it is. Not what a 5 or 4 star restaurant should be.Usually, Caribbean restaurants don't take cards, they don't deliver the food, and their food, too specific person's flave.Here, they do. Ambiance and look: Zero. But if you can pass that, the people are very friendly and the food tasty. Would recommend every time!

Andrew Pierre

Love David's. Too bad I had to move out of state. Surprisingly, I always recieved great customer service and that beats the stereotype that Haitians have poor service. Hahaha. Anyway the food is bomb and reasonably priced. Highly recommend.

Guerrier Isaac

Ya gotta work on ya pate man ??‍♂️

Jeff Jean

that black rice fried chicken Haitian style with that gravy they give you on a side for me!!! taste so flavorful on a monday ?.

Asia H

Disgusting. Rude and i didn’t even eat. Keep the 13$

Brad Frizzell

Extremely nice staff here! Thank you for the bottle of water!


Great and delicious food. Freshly cooked right in front of me. I've tried several Haitian restaurants in East Orange and hands down, this is the best.

Andre King

Very nice and clean

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