Elza's Restaurant Café & Grill

158 Sanford St, East Orange
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Starlica Reiné

Found a local Haitian restaurant and excited that it's close to me. Ordered their lunch special Griot and diriz kolé (Pork chunks with rice and beans for $9.99). The lunch specials come with a drink per the menu, they forgot my drink however. But check with the server to confirm. The food smelled so good, I couldn't wait to get it home. At first glance it was nicely presented with some chopped peppers and onions on the fried pork bites as garnish. The meat bites were a decent size, a little smaller than usual, but flavorful. The pork had a nice spice to it, not dry and well cooked. The rice was nicely cooked as well. The tomato based sauce was decent, not as flavored as I'm used to, but not bad either. Overall, for my first time, I am rating it a solid 4. The restaurant is small, but quaint and the hostess was friendly. Will be visiting again to see if they are consistent and if other items are just as good. As for now, thumbs up.

Mary Kay

Overpriced and every time I order the same thing it's a different price.

Kristal Langford

I usually rant and rave about this restaurant. Of the Haitian restaurants I've frequented in the State, they have been the most consistent. Today however was different. I ordered oxtails. My first issue, the sauce was watery. The flavor I've come to expect when eating Haitian oxtails was lacking in this dish. Did yall forget the epis? I refuse to pour water on my rice. The rice, which is usually flavorful was again, not as appetizing. Not sure if its measuring cups that we're not using as a people but this hit or miss habit we have in our restaurant culture has to end. I'm not sure if you're rotating your chefs, if so, please stop. Let people who know how to cook and cook well consistently take the lead. I'm both embarrassed and skeptical about inviting nonhaitians to order Haitian food because of the inconsistencies.Its 2022, please do better.I was disappointed. I paid less at the nearby Jamaican restaurant and enjoyed it more.

Jewella Dville

Not as good as it use to be. The sauces for meat entrees are watery & customer service has way too much attitude when placing an order

Welda Haspil

I love their rice

Fitzgerald Tales

If you like Haitian food you won't be disappointed here, but there are some slight wait times!!

Tamarah Etienne

Yesterday went there and purchased two dishes with diri djon Djon (black rice with peas). They served us SPOILED RICE. THE mold could be seen on the pead. If I could give no stars I would. That is not a way to save money. Don't serve your customers spoiled food. BEWARE

Y v

They’re very sweet. Very clean. The design gives me Haitian island vibes. Food is great. Would recommend.

Christy F

The food here is amazing. It is a bit pricey, but it’s worth it to me! I rather spend a few extra dollars for well seasoned clean Haitian food then bland/rushed Haitian food. I’ve never had a problem with customer service so I’m guessing that issue was fixed from reading previous posts, and the place is nice and clean. I would highly recommend.

Myrlene Pierre

The food as well as the service was fantastic. I recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for great cuisine.

Tanya J.

Okay, they are pricey and their portions are small.For the amount of food you can get here, you can get twice the amount and thensome for the same price at another Haitian restaurant.I just think it's unfair that another restaurant's large size platter, is the same price as their small size platter. One good thing about this place is that the restaurant looks clean and there is always parking.

Nickolas Molina

I simply enjoyed their dishes. I always get awesome customer service here. The place is well organised and the employees are always very welcoming. I highly recommend this place.


The Fried plantain was good with the fried sweet potatoes everything else no‼️ Fried dumplings and Fried okra taste spoiled past shelf life. And why so many square pork pieces? Come on guys for the price you ask it’s really not worth it . Thank you for your efforts.

Chance Stephenson

This place is my preferred one. I visit many restaurants but to this place I constantly return again and again. The crew is very friendly and the cuisine they place on your table is so delicious. I am always happy to have a good meal in this place. I recommend this place with pleasure.

L. T

Absolutely amazing!! I haven’t had griot since I was a kid and sadly it was short lived because they closed shortly after I knew about the restaurant. The taste was great the temperature once it was delivered to me was still hot and the amount you get for the price is worth it. I definitely recommend if you like hatian cuisine

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Elza's Restaurant Café & Grill

158 Sanford St, East Orange, NJ 07018
(973) 673-3592