Stage 5 Restaurant & Grill

71 Pine St, Montclair
(973) 707-2577

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Esther Roskam

This doesn't seem like the kind of place you go for the food, you go for the DJ. the club music is excellent on Saturday night. Go to enjoy the hip Hop and chat with your friends

Atiya Bailey

Great vibes,people and food! The owners are very accommodating and made the experience amazing for my friends and I.

Maria Irizarry

I ordered for the 1st time ever. I used doordash. My dasher had to tell me they did not have what i ordered. Then the restaurant tried to tell me to change my order. My dasher handled it so they changed it to shrimp. It was so salty i could not eat the shrimp. I will not order again. They lost my money.

Mahogany J

The seafood ziti is PHENOMENAL! Nice quiet spot, has hookah which is a plus, the vibe is great, Sharron’s personality is dope & her customer service is great! This is definitely my new go to spot! EVERY date I go on this summer has to bring me here!


Went INNNNN with the food and EVERYTHING was good!! Had the “taste of heaven” with Mac & cheese “shrimp fried rice” “seafood ziti” “**** wings” “taste of Destiny chicken” and EVERYTHING was delicious!! Sharron was an AMAZING host! Her personality & customer service is AMAZING! Definitely recommend


Food was amazing, I ordered the Taste of Heaven was amazing tasteful service was beyond immaculate, to the point I had to order to to plate.

Reggie D. II

The Salmon is on point and the Mac n Cheese is extra cheesy like Grandma makes it. The collard greens is full of soul and the potato salad has that zing that most potato salads don’t quite perfect. I appreciate the chef for sharing her personal palette. You don’t find to many places willing to have a signature taste that may not appeal to everyone but this place is definitely unique and a must try for those searching for food that’s reminiscent of family get togethers and holiday vibe like dinners.

Kendra Haley

Service and food was excellent. Food was hot and fresh and the portions size was large, I had plenty seafood pasta to take home. While I didn't order the Moscato chicken, I did taste it and boy was it fabulous!!! The owner was super friendly and personable and I will be supporting their business in the very near future. Highly recommend you visit them.

Jessica L.

The cat fish was very salty but the potato salad was good. The tropical punch was VERY VERY sweet but kinda liked it, didn't get to try the Mac n cheese because they forgot to pack it up.

sonnie sorsor

This is not my first time eating from here. I was going to them when they were in East orange then they moved to Montclair. Their food is good which is why I continued to order but today 1/09/2022 I placed an order for the salmon with rice and another order of sea food ziti pasta. The salmon was good but the cream sauce was watery and tasted like seasoned milk, the seafood Ziti pasta had 2 hard plastics in it that I unfortunately chewed on, this is very disappointing because I spent 40 In total and couldn't even enjoy my food.

Tony Streetz

The food was super delicious but the service was even better. I recommend this place to everyone. My picky 6 year old killed the Mac n cheese.

Aspiring M.

Stage 5 restaurant & Grill in Montclair NJ Group of 5 we ordered the ciroc shrimp , moscato wings , electric lemonade, water , taste of heaven , seafood ziti and salmon . The Mac and cheese was a bit salty but overall the service and food was exceptional. I need this on Uber eats and door dash asap . The food tasted exactly what the pictures look like .

njeri allen

Pasta and Alfredo sauce was really good. Only issue was the chicken and broccoli. I thought I was just getting chicken Alfredo but broccoli was added. I could have done without the broccoli it was over cook and chicken breast was dry. But overall good flavor and pasta was cooked perfect.

Yvette Williams

Omg! This is a nice place will go back to try other dishes that look sooo good

Marcos S

I call this excellent place from time to time since I love the good air that is outline this place. The personel is awfuly cordial and well trained. The service is pretty efficient. Needless to say, the food they prepare is outstanding. I have been there often and I was never disappointed. The expense is honest. I highly recommend this place to to everybody.

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Stage 5 Restaurant & Grill

71 Pine St, Montclair, NJ 07042
(973) 707-2577