White Castle

951 W S Orange Ave #951, East Orange
(973) 673-7207

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Service is quick. Customer service is welcoming and greatly appreciated. Thank you ladies and gentlemen ????

sunywea nicholsun

I like there impossible cheeseburger with egg & fish nibblers. But the customer service wasn't pleasing.

Shelley Rodriguez

Great service. ?? good place for cheese sticks! So yummy!

Lorranda Drake

Was so glad to finally have some White Castle after being down south for a while. And it was worth it

Sadira Hassell

The drive through is the worst. A woman in front of me asked for her money back after being in line for 20 minutes then getting to the window and the food still wasn’t ready.

Rosalie Pittman

Placed an order today and had to walk into the store twice one for a burnt waffle and another because the staff don’t know what comes with the Belgian chicken and waffle. There was an African lady there had a whole attitude folding her arms and everything with gloves on. Absolute disappointment.

Sandra Dee Wallace

This was actually the freshest WC food I've ever had....

Kareem Lewis

Murder burgers..go in good come out...ah..you know the rest!.. lolol..

Derrick Alexander

I've never been here a few times! The staff was respectful and professional!

tamika Henderson

This castle is much better with service. The food was great. The staff made the food to my liking..i had to travel away from the castle closest to me to because there food seemed precooked and very hard. No good. So hopefully this castle.keep up the good work.i really appreciate the kind staff.

Donald Son

Ordered food around 12 am something in the morning. They messed up the order and the impossible burger was not good at all! They forgot onions and our fries! But they charged for these things! Maybe they have a problem comprehending customer orders! Will not support again!

Jasmine Smith

Drive through had a long wait but the order was correct and food was hot.

Angela Edwards

As a homegrown Jersey Girl (now residing out of state), this location is my FIRST fast-food stop when I revisit home. Great food, made-to-order! The only downside was the presence of panhandlers while sitting in the drive-thru line, but that didn't discourage me from getting my food!!! ?

Eulas Boatwright

Nice and clean White Castle but in a f up neighborhood sad can never have nothing nice the workers were fast and polite service


Always hot and fresh if you don't mind alittle wait or order ahead on the app.

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