955 River Rd, Edgewater
(201) 224-9200

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Max S.

The store advertises Breakfast Menu: $3, 2 Sausage , Egg & Cheese Wake-up Wrap Sandwiches and $1 Medium Hot Coffee with Sandwich Purchase.However their employee claims that '2 Sausage , Egg & Cheese Wake-up Wrap Sandwiches" is not a SANDWICH. On the board it reads '2 Sausage , Egg & Cheese Wake-up Wrap Sandwiches' SANDWICHES as one can clearly read. The employee is downright hostile, asking me 'Do you want it or not?' rushing me for a purchase. I insist that the Menu reads 'SANDWICH' therefore the coffee should be $1, not $2.39. She said "NO. Thats not the case". She told me either I pay $5.64 or get off the line. I paid $5.64, and I was not very happy. Whether or not she is citing the Company Policy, or just misinformed, I feel CHEATED! If that is Dunkin Donut's Policy, that is FALSE ADVERTISING, if that is not their Policy, then they should re-trained their employees to be more courteous, and accommodating. I am not sure which one is the worst: Treatment that I received or the cup of coffee I ended up dunking in a trash.

John Markowitz

Small location but has all the usual items that can be found in other DD locations. Coffee is always good.

Lauren m.

Customers not wearing masks and staff staying silent regardless of their own signage on the front door and on the plexiglass at order counter. I said something to which the reply was " oh I didn't see it" even though customers stand right in front of her face a mere 2 feet away at counter. Shame on them for not standing up to their own rules, the law and endangering others

Fernando Olivera

Worst dunkin I ever seen.

Meyrav O.

Worse customer experience / service - literally couldn't care less. RUDE! Espresso machine is broken but doesn't bother to let me know and just lets me waiting there 10 min until I ask about it......

Gennadiy Gar

Great small DD with a lot of what you need.Very nice and friendly sale personal.

Steve S.

I am writing this review while I am In line since it takes so damn long to order Saturday and Sundays afternoon. The absolute worst service in the universe. I have no idea why they leave everything to a single older asian lady to manage a very busy Dunkin' Donuts. I purposely don't come here because of this reason. You see people Cringe when they see who is working behind the register. So far it's been 10 min and the lady still has not taken my order. Update. 15 min and still no order taken. I think atleast 3-4 people behind me already left.

Alan Klayman

Our goto Dunkin’

Saad Malik

You really have to explain it to them if you wabt your coffee right, probably because their staff keeps changing.

Affil Cruz

Good service

Steven Hic

Great staff

Klim Kavall

Nice and simple. Order ahead, pick up before the ferry, eat a wrap and drink coffee while waiting for the ferry to arrive... rinse, repeat again the next day.

Tim Swarbrick

stale Donuts coffee that's not really taste like Dunkin Donuts should taste do not recommend 1 *

James Robbins

Eh, the cake donuts were not all that great...kind of dry, but everything else was great!

Chenyue S.

Super bad service. I really have nothing to say about that lady. She gave me wrong coffee and refuse to change it or give me any apologize.

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