Burger King

260 Plainfield Ave, Edison
(732) 979-2151

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Malique Rosenbaum

If I can give this location no stars I definitely will. Just left this location and the service and energy was the worst, when I walked in the lady look at me and said can I help you no good morning or anything. When she gave me my food I ask for extra syrup she replied it's in the bag, just for me to leave and see it wasn't extra syrup in my bag.. No worries never will return again..?

Joshua Santiago

I recently ordered from burger King and I was eating a chicken nugget and it had 2 bones in it.... ik it's not big or whatever but I just find it dangerous because what happened if it was a little kid that had got the chicken nuggets and they ate it and something happened no factory or person is perfect but they need to work on leaving the bones out the chicken nuggets...... just be careful if you eat from here or any other location.....


The drive-thru staff is great, and always provides me quick, solid service.

Maxwell Wodka

Terrible service and no coupons were accepted. DO NOT ENTER!!

Michelle Ovadia

Veggie burger was yummy as well as mozzarella sticks but 17 dollars for that is outrageous but yummyVegetarian options: Veggie burger and mozzarella sticks was really good but way to much for that


Whopper impossible king niw 2 for $7, good!

Dorothea Lockhart

Just went through the drive through. New people. Lousy customer service.

Gail Bonis

Me & my husband went here last night as I was craving a whopper. When we got to the drive thru my husband asked if there were any specials, they replied "No!" With that being said we placed our order for 2 whoppers and a large fry - $21.17!?!? Then after the fact was told about a special that included a whopper meal!!! Horrible employees and over paid for nothing!!! Fast Food isn't supposed to cost more than going out to a nice restaurant for dinner!! I demand a response to this review as I'm extremely unsatisfied!!

Mike Mike

I have already stated on the APP that I don't want onions, why should I put onions in them?

Jeanette Cox

Good food and the Lady's Restroom was it Clean ?

Starship M.

Everytime I order there is always a screw up at the BK in Edison on Plainfield Ave. Today I ordered a $5 "have it your way meal" - which I was told cost $6 plus tax. I asked why the $5 meal was $6 and they just started screeching about something in a heavy accent I couldnt understand. I just paid the extra dollar. Another time I asked for tomatoes on a sandwich, and I was told I was a moron because the sandwich already had tomatoes - so I asked for additional extra tomato and got yelled at again that its called "heavy tomato" when you want an extra slice. Asking for the price to add tomato also made them lose it. Another time I asked to make sure the soda was diet or zero, and they went nuts saying I should have said that at the window - which I did but the person taking the order was impatient and did not seem to care to listen to my entire order. I one time recorded myself ordering and played it back to them, and then had to explain I am diabetic and cant have an ordinary soda due to the sugar. This is kind of typical for Edison NJ - but even going one town over is often impossible for lunch due to time constraints at work.

Daniel Stevens

This is my second favorite Burger King, great customer service

Yonatan Yeshua

April 1 10:09 PMVery rude employee in the drive thruIs a man, the lady is very polite.Please training more the employee if him don't like his job leave, very sample.

C D.

The food is super greasy. The meat especially has no flavor. The whopper is a soggy bun, wet lettuce, thin/grey beef and expensive for a sloppy burger.

Luis Santana

Fast service, extremely helpful manager and staff. Everything was made fresh and tasty.

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