Cuisine on 27, Inc.

1984 NJ-27, Edison
(732) 287-6388

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Ok... I usually don't give bad review's but because of what I found in our food I had to write about it. I didn't complain to management, the waiter, or the person wearing the white Dress shirt. Maybe that's my fault. Didn't want to make a stink, or raise eye brows, But after ordering a few plates of Dim Sun, I ordered a plate of chicken pan fried noodles and it came with a longer than usual black hair!!! See the photo, it wasn't my hair, I have grey hair, it was mixed in the sauce, chicken and veggies. Enjoy your meal!!!???


Very happy this great dimsum place is back. Great food and great service. Although dimsum is available every day it is on the weekends that you get the best of everything. I missed the dimsum carts and they are back. Will always be a favorite place.


Excellent Chinese Food and dim sum. The service is great and is very reasonable. You can get a lot delicious food for a decent price, I definitely recommend. There is a pretty sizeable parking area in the back but I could imagine that being filled if it’s extremely crowed.


If you are going for early lunch get there before 10:30 am on the weekend any time after that you will have wait for 30 min. to 1 Hr. wait. Great Food and Service. All the Dim Sum is Great.

Renee Hughes

Vietnamese food and the atmosphere at this location is excellent. super appetizing. the service was very sociable and kind. feels like a cafe in phoenix that i enjoyed visiting.

Melanie Grant

Nice scene for vietnamese food. Arrived at seven, it wasn't crowded. Certainly worth a return visit.

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