Harold's New York Deli

1173 King Georges Post Rd, Edison
(732) 661-9100

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Jonathan R.

I can give them four stars but it's limited to their desserts (except the carrot cake). I've eaten here a few times over the years and it remains a classic stay. The main courses are meant for parties of four or more! Way too much for one and way over priced. I keep returning for the cheesecake which I take out.

Stuart B.

Harold's is always an experience and the bigger the group the better. From bowling ball size matzah balls to humongous sandwiches, no one ever leaves here hungry. One comment and not their fault, inflation has taken a toll with prices having gone up significantly from my last visit.

Michael S

The closest restaurant from the hotel and WOW! The pastrami is delicious and the onion ring/fries combo platter just tops it all off. But wait! Don't forget about the pickle bar! A great place to eat and get your servings worth!

Will B.

Well, I finally made it to THE 'Harold's.' Took way too long considering I've known about it for YEARS, & it is less than 20 mins from my house. They did not disappoint. I have had Katz's in NYC many times, & Harold's is equally amazing, without the hassle of going into the city. I got the 'New York's Best Corned Beef' Junior, which is the size for an individual, & I STILL had plenty to share with my Wife. It comes with extra bread, Kosher pickle, Coleslaw, & Deli mustard I can't wait to go back & have the Brisket, & the Hot Pastrami. Those will be my next two to tackle.

Doug D.

Harold, the owner, goes to great lengths to accommodate all of his patrons. His former association with NY's famous Carnegie Deli, is evident in the way he does business. This restaurant represents all of things that NYC's Jewish delicatessens were known for and more. The menu is extensive and it is almost impossible to leave and still be hungry. In fact, most customers leave with a brown paper bag filled with enough leftovers for another meal or two. Try Harold's and discover the wonderful experience for yourself. Doug D

Lawrence B.

Excellent food. Too much food but v tadty. Son enjoyed. Great service Thank you great service great food.

Mary Ann J.

Still the best pastrami sandwiches around, so tender and plentiful. Great rye bread, excellent coleslaw. Lot's of variety on pickle bar as well. Sandwiches are huge. For dessert there is so much to choose from, but the strawberry cheese cake is the tastiest and delicious!

Marcy M.

Omg had The best pastrami sammy! Was absolutely huge! Loved it ! It Was melting in my mouth

Lily A.

Our whole group was honestly super underwhelmed by this place, especially after all the hype. All of us found the food to be bland. The fact they won't allow you modify anything to smaller portions was irritating. We wasted a ton of food even as a group, because of this. And in 2022 they don't have gluten free bread for sandwiches. ???? Thumbs down.

Scott W.

What can i say. Huge portions, unlimited pickle bar, meats made in house. Service is fast and friendly. This place has been doing it right for years

Gogo A.

This place is impossible to find. You must be a local or Yelp user to know about it. It shares the building with hotel but is hidden from the road. I had a pastrami sandwich for one, added Swiss cheese. Very generous helping of cheese. (It's like a pound of Swiss cheese). Comes with Cole slaw, and pickles bar. Wonderful pickles; I particularly enjoyed the pickles that were sweet. Their mustard is good. The Kaiser roll was soft & chewy. The potato knish was big and soft and delicious. I was so impressed, I ordered food to go - including the cheese blintzes. Friendly service. Pleasant family-oriented atmosphere. Recommended.

Dan O.

World famous sandwiches. Built for sharing they stack the meat so high they bring you extra bread to break it down into more sandwiches. Pickle bar is top notch . I love me a good Reuben and I couldn't even finish the small.. and their dessert are just as huge. I got a piece of carrot cake that each layer was a huge piece of carrot cake. It was delicious for 3 days straight.

Richard Martin

Fast, fantastic food!! Excellent service. The fine dining of deli’s.I am THE cynical critic when it comes to value and service. Recommended from a friend, and well received!Pickle bar is amazing. The square cut bread is better than a biscuit. Hands-down - the best pastrami(GOURMET lean) Reuben I’ve ever had!!A bit on the pricey side, but worth it.5 out of 5 star’s and add one

Courtney Day

Amazing experience with HUGE oversized NY deli classics. Sandwiches feed several people, we shared a brisket Philly cheesesteak among several people. Leftovers for days! Pickle bar was fun to try and the service was excellent. Great character and I’m glad they’ve preserved the history!

Steff B.

Love Jewish delis. Been to my fair share. Have a high standard for quality. Knowing this, someone recommended Harold's to me on my way to NY. So en route, I called them up and ordered just a Reuben to go, to eat on the road - classic, easy, delicious. There were two of us in the car, but usually Jewish deli sandwiches are enough to spilt between us, so that's all we ordered. Huge mistake. All I asked for was "a Reuben." Woman who took the order confirmed it was just one Reuben. Didn't give me a price. Didn't ask me a size. Nothing about this seemed odd to me. My driving buddy hops out to pick it up and pay. Comes out with a freaking LASAGNA PLATTER and half a loaf of sliced bread. AND A BILL OF $57 for an open faced Reuben to feed a horde of people. I get the gimmick. This is a sheer "quantity" place. But if I order a sandwich to go, I expect to receive a sandwich - not half a loaf of bread, impossibly flimsy plasticware, and a mountain of meat, kraut, and mostly melted cheese costing me SIXTY DOLLARS. OR I expect some indication when I order a sandwich that I'm not going to get a sandwich, I'm going to get a catering platter. The "diy" sandwich was fine - I've tried worse Reubens - but what a waste of money and food. THAT'S what really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. 3 stars for the food, 3 stars for the value, 1 star for the service. The service was nothing more than communication and placing my order, and both failed pretty miserably, in my book. Again, huge waste of food and money. Also, ironically, they really skimped on the pickles (which weren't great).

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