Mirchi Restaurant

1655 Oak Tree Rd, Edison
(877) 964-7244

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abhishek reddy

The food at this place is too good. Brought back my memories from india, the gobhi and specifically the Mirchi Special fish is too good to be real. The food is fresh and piping hot. staff is wearing masks and gloves and are maintaining social distancing, they allotted us tables following the SD. I would recommend you to give this place a shot.


Highly recommend the chicken lollypop and naan. All the food we ordered was tasty. The biryani was OK. Overall completely worth it!

Jagadeesh Para

We have ordered Lamb Biryani and Chicken 65 for a party on August 23rd, but we had to throw away entire Biryani tray as food was very salty so unable to eat. Even Chicken 65 also not that good. All the guests who came to the party disappointed of the food. Before ordering food here, please think twice as it is waste of money and time. We have called and spoke to the management and complained. He said some other family also called and complained the same.

b srivani

Paneer chilli tasted real good. Service was excellent.

The Technical Theory

I love the food here always but make sure you call in before you go and pickup. For me there was a glitch with ordering food tonight and i decided to drive 20 minutes to this location to maybe talk with someone about the order. Keep in mind i called in before too which nobody picked up. Arriving an hour before the closing, there was no light in the resturant and nobody was there. The google timings said that they were closing at 9:30. Once again, i love the food but todays visit made me upset.

Alka Anand

Mindblowing. First of all I am not a person who gets impressed eating out as I always look for perfection. Its hard to get everything perfect while eating out aboard. This restaurant blew my mind. My husband ordered MOTHER'S day take out during covid pandemic as we couldn't go for dinner. I must say every food was so delicious. Most of all Chettinard paneer was brilliant. I am a fan now. Since then we ordered many take outs. Make sure you mention perfect range of spiciness as food are real spicy here. Highly recommend it.

Hariharan Madhavan

I hate to write a review during the present situation.Today I got goat biryani and chicken lollypop. Goat biriyani was ok, no complaints. But the chicken lolly pop should have been marinated for at-least 2 weeks by looking at the inside color of chicken flesh . My only question is, what made you to process too much of food by knowing the sales have decreased due to Covid-19. You have listed just fifteen items in you mean. What stops you to prepare it after receiving the order since no customer is waiting on the table. Come on guys, don't insult the customer who had trust on you.

Biju Mannazhath

We ordered chicken 65 and masala idly. Both were good. I wish I had ordered spicy instead of medium, it being not spicy enough for me.

gopi krishna iruvaram

Worst buffet tastes just fooling people with more items with high cost . For 5 years kid they charged $17.99. Couple off years back they were good not now.

Suman Mandal

Had their lunch buffet a couple of times. Decent food. Can get quite busy on the weekends so expect a wait

Chaitanya Kiran P

We placed order through Doordash and the order is confirmed. But we didn't received the food even after 90mins and doordash delivery boy says restaurant is not giving the food. When we go all the way to restaurant they simply said we are not accepting doorsash order. Useless management, no proper response even in these extreme situation. Definitely not recommended.

Yahya S.

My friend and I walked in for their lunch buffet, all you can eat for $12. We were greeted by multiple waiters. The interior decor and design of the room was put together well. We got to our table and the individual disposable table mats were cheap looking and did not at all go with the design of the restaurant. No matter, we were there to eat. And eat we did. The food was great. Can't complain.

Ranveer Singh

Lots and lots of great items in buffet. Enjoyed all of them especially sweets. Make sure to skip the breakfast in order to accommodate so much food. ?


Great food. Friendly staff. I had the best buffet ever. Food Quality is too good. Nice customer service. I would definitely recommend this place

Gautam A.

We went to Mirchi (total 4 including us) for their weekend lunch buffet which was decent for the price 16-18 per head for the quality of food which I am perfectly Ok with paying. After we were done asked for the check to my surprise there is a 18% gratuity added to my bill. I asked why I am paying gratuity on a buffet and the response was very rude saying we include it. Tips are optional and not mandatory, In some instances of 6 or more yes when the server is serving a larger table I understand but for a Buffet really ? Beware before you go there as there are these hidden costs of additional $$ in the name of mandatory gratuity is screwed up.

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