Punjabi express

1700 Oak Tree Rd, Edison
(732) 515-9839

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Raj S

Conveniently located in heart of oak tree road . Not much of advertisement from outside but this is inside desi galaxy shop. There is a small banner outside but people never notice it . They have hot bufffet type ready made food once u enter .Taste is good for some dishes and average for others. Chicken curry is really good . Naan with chick or mutton curry is awesome . I don’t prefer their biryani or some of the veggie items . I think there are so much of options for biryani around … price point of view it is good. Not that expensive , especially compared with other restaurants who charge crazy ..Service is good . There is always someone in the front counter . There is a pan shop and fast food and juice shop too inside . Overall a mixed experience . It’s good sometimes when you are in no mood to eat anywhere else :)

Prashant Chaudhari

Ordered Chicken Biryani to go. On reaching home found it was stale and burnt because of overheating.

Bluechick 7.

Heard about this place through David's been here on YT and wanted to try it out. This place is known for its pani puri. We ordered two plates of pani puri. It was good. The restaurant shares with another restaurant, so seating was limited.

Sameer B.

It was my first time to visit this location while i was driving through the town. Live gol galpe (panipuri) was on point no doubt kathirolls were ok i wont get it again. Place ammas kitchen in that building need to work on the stuff i had dosa from there and it was not a good experience of dosa for me the dosa was so thick and salty idly was good i liked that sambar need to have some stuff in it make sure thae mexican chef is not making your food if you choose to eat there .

Danger M.

I really dig the multi stall setup. It offered memories of eating street food in India. A friend was craving paratha and chai, so I brought her here. The paratha are quite tasty. They are made to order, warm, flaky, and come with daal, raita, and pickle. For the unaware, Indian pickles are pickled fruit or veg that are quite spicy. They bring a nice zing to the plate! The masala chai was just okay. It was watered down. A good authentic chai will have more milk and a bit more sugar. I like my chai tej There are food and snack options from different states. The space is an open floor with about half a dozen tables and is shared with Amma's kitchen next door. I'd definitely return. Good place.

Jakeer Hussain

Ordered the Butter Chicken and 2 Naan Breads, and a chicken kebab roll.Butter Chicken was terrible, they used chicken from a chicken curry, as I could taste and see the chicken covered in a darker sauce, then they simply poured the butter Chicken sauce over the top. Plus the chicken pieces were much much spicier than the sauce.Next the roll was just bland and tasteless. 1 tiny chicken sheek wrapped by a Naan. All you end up tasting is Naan bread and lettuce.Didn't enjoy a single thing. Sorry.

Nadia S. Fondren

The chicken curry that comes with their non-veg Thali itself worth every penny of the $9.99 they charge for the Thali. Plus that nun bread... I can't have enough of it. So soft, buttery... ??This place is by far the most affordable place to eat in the whole oak tree street area..

Kaweesha Gurusinghe

People are really nice loved the pani puri. Food is average. No wow fact. But if ur looking for a good potion for a economical price. Then yes this is ur place

Karini Sandeep Kumar

Superb tasting chicken keema. Will definitely return to try other items.

Krishna Lekhi

Best Authentic Punjabi Indian Food you'll ever have. The people there are kind, and they really care about making good food. It is not overpriced, and there is no extra pomp or flair on the dishes, just good old punjabi food. It's a must try for anyone not looking to break the bank and still have amazing food.

Nischinth S.

This was my first visit to the desi galaxy express. I usually visit Desi galaxy a little down the street Desi galaxy is a bunch of small stalls in one location. The stalls include various juices, chaat, north Indian or mogul food and paan. We had paani puri and pav bhaji. Pani puri comes in 6 flavors and the last puri is the one you can pick. My 2 favorite flavors in order of my liking were Katta meeta and mango. Pav bhaji was good with onions. Make sure to get an extra pav for a dollar as they give you bhaji sufficient for 2 pavs. If you are in thevare and in mood to try some Indian food at a good value and forget about your ambience experience.....this is the place to be. This is the closest feeling you get to eating food in India and reminds ne of my roots. This licwtion also has ammas kitchen within the Desi galaxy group of staals and feel free to read my review of that amazingly low priced south Indian food!

Meghana A.

We stop here to satisfy our chaat cravings. Did I say here we accidentally picked the express ... and not the other desi galaxy down the street. It was cold and didn't want to turn around. And after having eaten here I prefer the other desi galaxy that's not "express". It's not the cleanest of the spots but that applies to most eateries in this area... they look rundown. But you continue eating like you have a blind spot. We tried the pani puri (not a smart choice if you're concerned about hygiene) but common it's pani puri!! 6 puris 5 pani flavors to try from..Kala Katta was my fav. We also had a pav bajji... consistency was good but I didn't like the flavor as much. We got couple of things from Ammas kitchen from the next counter. Can't believe they had idli and vada for a $1. Tasted great too!!

Raj S.

Lovedddddd their vada paav. Simply amazing Brought back memories of Mumbai. Live pani Puri is good, but I don't like all 6 types of panis. Except khatta meeta and pudina , others don't taste that good .. they also have various types of juices and ice creams .. sugar cane juice is available sometimes . I'm not a big fan of their hot food .. it isn't as good as other testy around . Lots of parking available I also love the raajwadi pan here.

Meena Singh

The gentleman behind the counter, walking in and out if kitchen was not wearing mask or gloves. This food court is unsanitary and should be visited by the department of health. Except for the guy in the stand making “Paan” everyone else working there just does not care about the customers or the public health.

Nimi V.

If there is one place you should go to in the morning for a good Chole Bhature, very fluffy fresh bhatura, just like anywhere in India, this is the place to go hands down! Don't miss their Indian Masala tea also very popular and authentic. I also liked their vadapav and samosa chat. The only thing dish that wasn't great was dabeli. All in all I wish I lived nearby for my weekend breakfasts.

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