Wu's Shanghai Dumpling 上海小笼 (上海小笼)

1581 NJ-27, Edison
(732) 543-1771

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Rob C.

Unique small find in Edison. This is a self serve establishment. Place your order online or on the tablet located in a nook up front as you enter. Find a seat when one becomes available and wait till your number is called. I tried the pork juicy buns as they called it (xiao long Bao) and their famous Wontons in spicy peanut butter sauce. The steam pork juicy buns were very good. Thin skin and broth exactly the way I like it. I dont like sweet broth in XLB. This is very porky fatty and savory. The wonton in spicy peanut butter was good. Slightly heavy on the sauce. I would of liked way less sauce or maybe ask to have sauce on the side. But the wonton itself were very juicy and tasty. Definitely not that spicy. Give it a try. Several other popular items here I will try eventually. They also give you a really cool utensil pouch that includes heavy duty wooden chop sticks, a napkin, a toothpick and a small baby fork. I will be back.

Joanna L.

Delicious and authentic Shanghai food! Went a couple of times, never disappointed! Love it!

carin leung

This place has been changed, self service now, don't like it. First, we order thru the order pad there, one is broken. The other .... No receipt or any paper come out. We wait and not sure our order was placed.Then we ask the guy who standing near the window & handling the take out order there, then he print us the receipt with the waiting nr. Didn't alert that becus this is the first time we were there after padamic.The food.... Is so so, pork soup dumpling is not as good as before, the pan fry bao is deep fry, don't like it. Pan fry shangai noodle.... it dry, taste not right.The only food that impacts me is the beef warp, taste good.What my review is compared with my experience. Generally, to me .... it's no more regular asian taste and cooking method.

Ashley Webb

We had heard about this restaurant before, but never had the opportunity to try it. My wife and I enjoyed our date night here. We had the pork juicy buns, pork moon cake, pan fried spicy dumplings and Shanghai pan fried udon. I will definitely come here again to explore more, especially soup dumplings in winter? . This place was pretty busy on a weeknight

Cecilia L.

Let's bump this to a 4.5 for the authenticity, taste, and value for what you get. The only disappointment from my end is the small plastic spoons so you can't really enjoy the soup dumplings even though they are good!

Anita W.

Came here on a Saturday evening at the suggestion of a friend who used to come here a lot. According to her the place has been renovated and the service and ordering process and entirely changed, for the worse. When you enter, you're directed to place your order at one of three iPad kiosks by the window. There's no wait-list for seating so you just have to grab a table when another party leaves. They recommend ordering first as the food takes 10-15 minutes and a table should open up by the time your food is ready. It gets crowded by the door as everyone spends time debating if they want to stay, what they want to order, and patiently waits for a table. We got the XLB, noodles with pork, har gow, and wontons in peanut sauce. Food was delicious and the amount of noodles was plenty to share my party of 4. I also got the brown sugar milk tea and was pleasantly surprised by the flavor and texture of bubbles. They didn't serve free tap water so my friends had to pay for a tea. Also wasnt a fan that they used single use containers and utensils (except the steamer baskets). Wish it was more eco-friendly for in-house diners. It did feel uncomfortable and rushed while eating as you know people are eyeing tables and waiting to grab it the second you put the last bite in your mouth.

Tommy C.

I've been going to Shanghai Dumpling since before the pandemic and even though the place is take-out only, they still deliver some of the best soup dumplings I have had in Central Jersey. Their other dishes are quite good as well but the shining star of this restaurant is definitely their signature soup dumplings.

Amy L.

4.5/5 Came here on a busy night! I did not know how this restaurant works, but shortly someone told me to order from the iPad, then wait for your number to be called. Any table that opens up, you will then sit on the table. They clean it for you. So I ordered: XLB both pork and crab, scallion noodles, sesame cold noodles, rice wine dessert, yuzu green tea, and passion fruit seltzer. The pork and crab XLB was okay compared to other places I've had, but overall flavor is there, but the skin breaks really easily when picking up. The scallion noodles and sesame noodles are so good! They didn't skimp out on the serving size! The rice wine dessert had sesame balls, regular glutenous rice balls, Gogi berries, and osantanum. The osantanum flowers really enhanced the rice wine dessert, and I highly recommend this since this is a classic dessert to have after XLB. This hot dessert washes down the oils, and it pairs very nicely. The yuzu green tea and passion fruit seltzer was SO good! When I say so good, this can replace lots of other tea shops. The flavor was strong, fragrant, and it seems as it's made from their shops. Great bottle and serving size. I absolutely love it. These drinks is a definite must try! . . . . The only con i found was that, there's only one bathroom. And I feel like they need a better regulation for sanitation there. Overall, the restaurant is very small. And please order from the tablets before trying to get a seat. Prices were fair $$.

Daniel Morovan

This was our first time coming here. The place is very modern, with you placing your order on an iPad. They prepare your order and then you can pick it up. You can see your number on a big screen TV. You get a receipt of your order via a text message, and can see every item you placed an order with.Seating is tight, but it's probably because the place is very popular. It's not a large place either, so best to avoid large parties.The dumplings were good. Not bad but not spectacular either. We ordered $30 worth of food, but did not feel full. It felt more like an appetizer, and left us wanting more food. Overall, try the place.

Richard A. Sims

My friend enjoyed the food he received from the place. It was clean they're a kindly helpful staff.Food: 5/5

Josalynn0909 X.

Never disappointed by Wu's Shanghai dumplings. I like the dumplings with full of flavoury meat soup inside. Second, I like wines tender chicken cuisine with authentic handmade sauce from Shanghai of China. And I also like lions meat ball and peach ice cream for my son. AMAZING!

Namron L.

Beef scallion pancake wrap is oily, crispy, good amount of filling, fave dish, so yum. Custard bun is sweet, soft dough bun, good. Crispy soft egg is yum, crispy outside. Sticky rice shumai is ok, rice is mushier than expected. Pan fried pork buns are dry. Wonton in spicy & peanut butter sauce is too spicy & does not go well with pb. Fried Shanghai Spicy pork steam juicy dumpling is ok, spicy. Order & pay thru iPad at front, no free water/drinks or condiments given, a bell sound rings when your order is ready to be picked up on small table, wait staff available to answer questions, clean up after yourself. Disposable utensils, napkin, toothpick in a wrapped package. Clean, no frills dining area. Best for small groups. Varied menu. Easy parking within strip mall.

Indy S.

I've never had really good dumplings. I googled best dumplings in Edison, NJ and Wu's was ranked the highest. It's a small joint in a strip mall, you order via the self serve kiosk. I ordered the pork dumplings and some noodle dish, and they were both excellent. Will definitely be back again!

Loanne N.

Located in a tiny strip mall, this place is a great authentic Chinese restaurant to order from. They are only doing take out and they were very efficient in their orders and are usually ready pretty fast. My favorite items to get are the crab and pork soup dumplings, the gold lava buns which are sweet and perfect for dessert, the cold cucumber as an appetizer and the pan fried noodles as they have good flavor to them. Would definitely order from them again for take out for good Chinese food.

Tammy C.

My taste buds will never be the same. One bite and I transformed to a spirit, all ecstasy, all divinity in food form. Each Soup Dumpling contains the nectar of the Gods. Please never leave us. My white body that now houses an Asian soul cries out for Juicy Pork Dumplings like a baby bird waiting for its Mama to give it sustenance. And people were fighting outside Popeyes for a chicken sandwich? Hahahaha!! Sooooooo not smart... sooooo clueless.. you know what? Don't go here, its MINE!! It's all MINE!!

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Wu's Shanghai Dumpling 上海小笼 (上海小笼)

1581 NJ-27, Edison, NJ 08817
(732) 543-1771