Tastee Sub Shop

267 Plainfield Ave, Edison
(732) 985-5423

Recent Reviews

Antonina Babenko

Very good local place for subs and soups. Today they had ‘Italian wedding’ special soup. I was intrigued by the name and it tasted great as well.

Foodi3 F.

Great subs . Fresh bread and great service . Subs are huge and tastee . I would recommend anyone order a nice fresh sub

Amy G.

I grew up in Edison and went to Tastee for years. It was a high school thing, what I had at parties, to outdoor concerts, you make it. Always the delicious, the best subs anywhere. I moved out of New Jersey and haven't been to Tastee in about 15 years. I've been telling my husband about it and we have an opportunity and couldn't wait. He was going to have his first Tastee sub and I was reliving my earlier life. You walked in and the line was huge just like it was years ago. It move fast because they have such a great system. The subs, amazing! Just as good as I remembered, probably better because it's been so long. Now I need an excuse to go back to Edison often for Tastee!

jerrell battle

A buddy of mine took me to the sandwich shop not too long ago. I had the honey turkey and cheese. It tastes like an old school deli....the subs from way back in the day. Very flavorful. Fast and friendly service and I was hungry I got the huge one.Parking: They have a decent amount of parking at least 10 to 15 cars

Robin G.

Subs done right Taste is everything and they do it right, not skimpy. Meat lovers dream sandwich - not ridiculous or gimmicky - very good "tastee" sandwiches.

Alison T

As a non-sub lover, I usually don't like subs because the bread to meat ratio is way off, or the sandwich gets too tall to fit in my mouth. Not a problem here !Would definitely recommend for a light but filling meal

Khanh N.

Simple and straight to the point. Sometimes, I'm just in the mood for a cold cut sandwich. You come in and they have a set menu from cold cuts to a hot sub. Nothing too fancy but it tastes soooo good. The bread itself tastes super fresh. I see why this place has been around for so long.

Rodney S.

I've been in Edison about 10 years. I've been only to a few sandwich places since I've been here. This place might be one of the best I had so far. It reminds me of a place I ate at growing up back home.

Seungmin L.

It's not a foot-long Subway's sub. It's like Subway's cousin who's been hitting the gym with a hot girlfriend. Mine was about 18"? It's so long that they know to cut it into fours. The cousin's personality though is down-to-earth and he's still that slightly older cousin who used to teach you how to play videogames. The taste is a classic deli-style sandwich with a spicy kick if you decide to add in the red pepper sauce / banana peppers. All in all, a great sandwich shop if you're looking for something big, clean (not greasy if you get the cold cut combo) and hoping to have enough left over for that night's dinner or tmrrw's lunch. I got the Tuna and Buffalo Chicken. I recommend both but the Buffalo chicken was especially great.

Stephen S.

A solid sandwich . Nothing fancy. Nothing extra . Solid bread , solid deli offers and fresh toppings. The portion is big so that's a plus . I got a whole (largest ) tuna , and it was okay- good . If I am ever was craving a regular deli sub , this would be a go to . I wish they had more hot sandwich offerings like steak and cheese but it's an old school traditional sub shop . I think they get a lot of regulars and that's because they know what they are getting when they enter the doors .

Dan Thomas

Good but overrated. I used to live pretty close to the shop over 10 years ago. So I'd get their subs quite a bit. I thought they were solid subs but you can find better quality subs in the area if you wanted it. I recently stopped by to see if things changed. I felt the same way: solid sub but a little overhyped.This place was always pretty well known even before Obama visited.

Katy Q.

We pass by here all the time while trekking through edison, and every time my husband makes some sort of comment on how good their subs are... despite how simple their temporary-looking sign is. But we been together 8 years and still have not tried one... Until today! I opted for a simple turkey breast with "everything" and he a pepperoni cheese. We opted for a half size, which is still a good 8 inch long and quite the girth... more than enough for a full meal. Man its good. Its weird right? There's no secret to their recipe, what you see is what you get, but somehow their subs just taste amazing compared to whatever you try making at home. Maybe its the chewy bread, maybe its the crisp lettuce, maybe its the mayonnaise ratio... but whatever it is, they make them tastee indeed. Cash is 5% off and its super easy to call in for an order and pickup. Its tiny inside, with a tiny parking lot, but TONS of traffic going in and out. This place is popular for lunch indeed. Cash is 5% off, call in pickup order super easy.

Stacey H.

Quality has been amazing the last few times We have ordered and sliced meats are the way I grew up with. Keep up the good work.

Lorraine P.

You cannot order Doordash from this store. They mess up the order every single time. You have to be standing there watching. I just paid $54 and got a single sub. I didn't get the platter I also ordered. And, my sub is made wrong. Once again. I asked for lettuce, onions, vinegar, and hot peppers. I said to put the vinegar and hot peppers on the side, and to put a ton of onions, more than even the lettuce. I cannot eat a whole sub from this place in one day. I can barely eat 1/4. So I do NOT want the vinegar put onto the bread, because it will get very soggy. So what do I get? I get a sub with the bread drenched in vinegar, the salt and pepper on the bread, and NO ONIONS. Not a SINGLE string of onion. I don't know why the orders would be wrong all the time, since the instructions are in writing. Another thing is, I prefer to have the cheese put on last, because it then helps to hold down the onions (if you get any) and the lettuce. Instead, they put it down right on top of the tuna, so instead of the condiments being pressed down into the tuna, the cheese makes it slippery and the lettuce and onions slide off the sandwich. The cheese could be acting like a wrapper to the veggies and instead they put it first, like a barrier to the mushy tuna. Also, the vinegar should go ON THE TUNA, not the bread. The cheese could act like a barrier against the bread getting all soggy. I'm very angry right now so I'm complaining, but I will say the tuna is awesome, the bread is usually fresh, the line moves fast, I love the pickles, and the potato salad is good and fresh. Also they rarely answer the phone. It's always unavailable.

Anna H.

Tastee Subs has the best subs ever, end of story. The bread is always soft, the 'half' is still a big portion, they slice the meats and cheeses to order, the veggies are fresh, and the best part- the hot peppers! I always get a honey roasted turkey with provolone with various toppings, and most importantly with extra hot peppers.

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