China Moon

264 South Ave, Fanwood
(908) 490-1133

Recent Reviews

Bobby Bass

Good lunch specials !!!Food: 5/5

A. Cook

Food is good ... at least the best in the area.

Josh R

Great little take out place offering your standard Chinese menu.

Maria Plochocki

They seem to have gone downhill again: I had problems ordering online and then couldn't order a lunch special by phone because it was just past 3 (even though I'd started my online order before 3). The food was OK but not as good as before.

Johnny M.

China moon staff are friendly and with best customer service ever. The food is delivered so quick that I love it. The delivery man is such great guy with a wonderful smile greeting the customer's in every delivery. Thank you, China Moon, for your service.

Charles L.

China Moon is our goto Chinese food spot in an area with a lot of choices. The food comes out quickly and always tasting great. We've ordered about 20 different items and everything is solid.


They’re the best in town. I was very very loyal to another Chinese food spot here in the area, but they’re closed on a day of the week so I tried this place. I’m always satisfied with what I pick up. Picture below wasn’t even $10. It was $8.90, with a free coke

Ian M.

China Moon provides a good, not great, American Chinese food experience. The options are pretty standard fare, which is fine by me, but don't expect any super authentic food. I had the General Tso's, because I am a cliche. It was crispy, and had some big pieces, but I didn't find it overly flavorful. The meal came with a side of rice that was in the serving dish. Also included was soup, I tried both the Won Ton and Egg drop. Egg drop was good, not a ton of egg but still a decent flavor. On the wonton side, they were quite flavorful, easily my favorite part of the meal. Lastly, I'll note that the staff was friendly and the location has a few parking spots and an easy online ordering system. Will definitely try again, maybe even branching out into some new main dishes!

Allie Hu

Chicken broccoli. Chicken was slimy and chewy ! Veggies and rice were excellent. Chicken wasn’t eaten by anyone. 4 meals. What a waste. Glad the veggies were good !!! Won’t go back. Slimy chicken ?

Allie H.

Chicken broccoli. Broccoli was excellent. Sauce was god. Chicken was scary !!! Slimy and chewy. 4 meals. None of are the chicken. Terrible. Glad the rice and veggies were good. Won't go back !!!!!

Cameron Hall

Good food. But if you like your fries not limp you must specify crispy.

Vincent M.

New owners? I ask because once upon a Fanwood, this was good. Very good. Now? It was awful. Enough said.

d S

The food was excellent. It was a little pricey for the small portions of food. Customer service was also great! I will definitely eat from there again.

Jason Haimo

The food was nothing special. I have certainly had better Chinese food. Purchased a combo and added the soup which they gave a larger portion of soup than expected which was nice. I ordered chicken with cashew nuts and asked for no veggies. I order the dish in this way all the time from many different restaurants and for the first time ever I was told I would be charged $2 extra bc there would be "extra chicken". Looking at the dish if there was more chicken, then I assume there would be barely any chicken if I received vegetables. Also, I ordered a chicken noodle soup and asked for no chicken but miraculously I didn't get money back for not getting chicken, only got charged more for supposedly asking for more chicken. Quite hypocritical if you ask me.

Godfred Yemofio

My go-to Chinese takeaway joint. Absolutely no complaints. Check it out.

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