Camila's Kitchen

4351 S Broad St, Hamilton
(609) 581-5815

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Shane Gunner

This is Shangri-La hiding in plain sight, some of the best food in the

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5


This place man .. I try to give them the benefit of a doubt but they always disappoint .. the food is subpar but the service ? HOLY HECK !!! The girl who answers the phone takes about 25 minutes to take the order .. then she repeats it back to you at least 15 times. … my fiancé went in tonight to get food the slices were raw he tells them the dude said “that’s not my problem” the customer service here is so bad it’s so unprofessional.. we are giving you your pay check why be so rude ? Beware of this place I’ll never ever ever order from here again this is the 3rd and last time they mess up my order !!!!!!

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 3

Service: 1


First time here enjoyed the food the outside patio is very nice for a lunch with the family or even a date

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Buffalo Chicken Cheese Steak Sandwich


I ordered the Monday special 2 pizzas for 25 dollars and I loved the pizzas the girl in the front was the sweetest so coming back again!Dietary restrictions: Love

Thomas McGrady

Rudest most ignorant and unprofessional service I have ever experienced. My handicap mother was berated and belittled to the point of tears when she simply asked for an order they messed up to be fixed. Terrible people that don't deserve your business

Joshua Lestina

Girl at the front couldn't care less about the customers. Busy flirting, and ended up getting my order wrong (and didn't even ask if it was for there or to go, on account of still busy flirting with the delivery boy). Ended up blaming me once the pizza came out, saying I should have specified. Smh... first time here and was looking forward to trying their food. But this girl ruined any chance that had

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 1

Service: 1

Alex Chambers

The pizza here is top notch close to being the best in town, but don’t order a chicken Caesar salad .Or chicken wings. The chicken wings were undercooked, large, and fatty , the chicken Caesar salad, the chicken was so dried we thought they were croutons . when we called in to discuss it. The person that answered the phone was very rude and told us that’s what we ORDERED . . We know what we ordered it was just horrible . again the pizza istop notch.

Na Nce

Chicken cheese steak with spinach and provolone on a fresh long roll

Mike Deleon

I love this pizza place.. they are very fast with delivery and the food is always good !

Nicole K

They were good up until 6 mths ago. Every order is wrong then they forget stuff I ordered and wanted to argue with me saying the delivery man brought them. So now I don't have stuff I paid for. Never ordering again. You want to make it up to me? You should have brought the food I ordered, this is about the 5th time it’s happened in the last 6 mth. I’ve been ordering for 3 years from you but never again

Mike Delon

I love this pizza place.. they are very fast with delivery and the food is always good !

Chris Lane

Very poor customer service. We have been order pizza weekly spenging $20-50 +. TodayOrdered $80 food including tip. Received flat bottle soda which they would not refund...lost my business...stupid the math. Sooo rude!!

Brian Klukososki

Take the time to call versus ordering online. It took a hour and had to wait 15 minutes extra for 3 pizzas. Also, the 2 pizza special was made with minimal sauce and cheese. I'm hoping if ordered the phone and not online it would have been better. The chicken cheese stake pizza was excellent.

James DiStefano

I’ve ordered takeout and delivery multiple times. Every single time the food is excellent and the staff is super friendly. One of my favorite spots in Hamilton!

Emanuel Murrell

Although a small place the Pizza was fantastic and the prices are very good. Everyone should try this place!!

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