Chucks Cafe

731 NJ-33, Hamilton
(609) 588-0088

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Richard Bodinizzo

Chucks on Rt 33 in HamiltonI ordered a steak sandwich w/po, absolutely HORRIBLE, they have no idea how to make pepper and onions on a so called steak sandwich. I also ordered Fish & Chips, the most DISCUSTING & SMELLING FISH I ever had, no clue how to cook fish, first you need fresh fish which it certainly was not. Took one week to get smell out of my house. Had to throw it out.I will never go back there again.

Stephanie Hicks

I ordered 30 wings and told them to add an extra side of sauce. Instead I got no sauce on the wings at all and the littlest container of sauce ( the same container used for blue cheese) for 30 wings how does that make sense! You have to be overly thorough when making your order or they will get it wrong

Luis Kimbell

Staff does a great job. Never disappointed. The wait is short even when they are packed. Burgers never soggy. Fresh everything.

Joseph Mirando

Chucks wings are not overly big and don't look like they are on steroids. That's a plus in my book. It's the buffalo sauce flavor and the blu cheese that keep me coming back for more. Monday thru Thursday they have a buy 1 large order get a small free deal from 2pm to 6pm I believe. Great time to go because you're gonna always want more. You can also request the wings grilled for a small additional fee. Very tasty

K Jones

I will not be back. Order messed up on DoorDash…on another note I was over charged a couple days ago and my order wasn’t right how is it cheaper to order on DoorDash and it’s mad added fees? Lol, so done..✌?get it together

J M.

I completely agree with the previous poster that the "blue cheese" dressing is watered down ranch/dill etc. This is not the same owners as the Princeton location. I placed my order over the phone and they told me 15 mins. I showed up 20 mins later and they just started my order when I arrived.

Meg Palladino

I like their wings and sauce. They have expanded their menu, although I've never eaten anything else.



edwin beauchamp

Be careful this people all the time love to give people old Buffalo wing.i tell the owner and keep giving old good people. ? ?


I had high hopes for this place after reading reviews. I was disappointed. Customer service was pretty good the food not so good

Z Beauty

Their grilled wings are so good as well as their sides which is rare

Sarah B.

I've always had a good experience at the Chucks in Princeton, and I'm not clear if they're related, but my experience here was terrible. I ordered 30 wings, jalapeño poppers and a shrimp entree w/ onion rings. Aside from the fact that all the sides were cheapo frozen items, my order arrived with only two small blue cheese containers, the type that cover maybe 5 wings. I had 30 for a group. Even if it was for two people, nowhere near enough. I know that is harsh for a review but wings is their thing and sauce is cheap. I also ordered shrimp w/onion rings and tartar sauce. They included cocktail sauce instead of tartar, and the cocktail sauce was rancid. Congealed, solidified, leaking oil all over all my food and stunk. Ruined all the food I ordered. I called the restaurant and they feigned not understanding what my issue was so I didn't bother and hung up. Waste of time and $60! Edited after eating- wings were dry, barely any flavor, and the blue cheese they provided was watered down with RANCH. Dill an everything. Jalapeño poppers were under cooked with unmelted cheese in the center. Honestly such a strange experience. If this is the same owners as the original chucks in Princeton, this has REALLY gone downhill.

Nope Nj

The food is good but I can only give it to three stars because I I have ordered through doordash three times and each time my order was wrong! Don't think the person that receives the order can read it. I don't think they understand that if customer order chicken fingers with buffalo sauce and onion rings the customer should get it but for some reason I matter what I order it's wrong. A chicken sandwich without blue cheese. It don't take pride in their food when it comes to deliveries

Corey Mccall

Chucks is best known for their grilled Buffalo wings, ribs and burgers. The side dishes could be better but you font go there for side dishes. If you looking for great wings at a good price then Chucks is for you.

Sandie V

Service was very quick...I got the 50 piece mixed wings (bbq & buffalo)...I went early afternoon on Christmas Eve to avoid the evening rush... My only complaint was that no one answers the phone so I couldn't order ahead

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