Flaming Grill and Supreme Buffet

1051 Whitehorse Mercerville Rd, Hamilton
(609) 438-9888

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kristie emproto

Went here today for lunch. I was there at 12:15 and the food was COLD. Not even warm, ice cold. And not just one thing was cold, everything I put on my plate was. When I said something to the waitress, she just ignored me. Since she ignored me, I wrote it on the tip money I left her. Won’t be going back again.

a j

They upped the price for mothers day to $25, pretty greedy. Also their needs to be domineering handling the crab legs area. Every time they were put out 1-2 people took them all, insane.

Rachel Formaniak

No problem with the food only when the lady came to clean up the table. My girlfriend almost forgot to tip but was was pressured by the lady to tip at that exact moment. “Nothing for me?” It’s uncomfortable having her ask and as well her standing around us until we were finished.

Gil Wildridge

Pretty solid buffet. Not just Asian, they have western stuff. Best things on their menu are their hibachi and sushi. Like a lot of buffets, a few things aren't labeled and I wouldn't get something if I didn't know what it was. Sundays are most expensive per person, weekdays are pretty reasonable and have cheaper lunchtime rates and more expensive dinner rates vs Sundays having just one rate.

Karen Gramajo

Good Buffet. Includes Hibachi and an array of sushi next to it. Food ranges from seafood to meat. Includes desserts such as ice cream, cakes, and fruits. Family friendly and staff is quick to clean plates and tables efficiently and quickly.

Chris Rowland

First time eating at this location.I thought the food would have been better then it actually was.Allot of the food I ate, tasted like it had been cross contaminated with other food, {I.E - fishy taste}...Nothing I had to eat tasted very well at all, I am disappointed to say!Overall not a good experience at all!I will not be returning to this location, & I would definitely not recommend this place to anyone either...


I like this place. It’s a self serve and very clean. They have virility of Chinese and American food! I enjoy taking both a couples night and my kids here!


My wife insisted that I provide a five star rating based on the friendliness of the wait staff, the restaurants cleanliness, and the variety and quality of the food.

luci rosario

Visited tonight & after seeing the food we left.There was no rice, the food was cold & look like it’s been there for hours, everyone was picking at scarps that were left, everything looked very unappealing.The place is huge but they want to sit everyone so close together (no social distance) , trash all over the floor & in the food area.I told the lady we are leaving, the food is cold & old. They didn’t care or feel the need to apologize.If your gonna run a Buffett restaurant at least make sure it is clean & food is fresh.WONT BE RETURNING EVER

Enit M

The food was terrible. Cheap ingredients and overcooked. I was gnawing on the butterfly shrimp, excited to see crab legs, but they were terrible. This place was waaaaay better just a few years ago. What the hell happened. Worst part wasnt even the food. It was the absolute film of filth on everything. I literally came home with a smell trapped in my coat, like booth stench from years of sweaty people sitting there and never having been cleaned.I would like to add, the staff were all super friendly and attentive.

Natalia Johnson

IF I COULD GIVE THIS ZERO STARS I WOULD. Bad service,False information,and unsanitary.They charged us extra.Before we got there we called to make sure that we new the price we were coming to.Whenever we would get up to get food they watched our every move.At the end when they gave us the bill it was 255 when they said it was all you can eat and you just needed to pay for yourself, drink and taxes.Based on the bill im guessing not.I DO NOT RECOMMEND GOING THERE.

Emma cranberry

If I could give this zero stars I would this place gave us false advertisement.They told us that you only had to pay for your age,drink,and tax.They told us that we only had to pay based on your age,drink,and tax which they lied about Whenever we would walk out to get food they would stalk us and look at out our every move.They gave us $255 dollar bill when 2 people in our group payed $70 which was a 5 person bill which was almost half of the people in our group,there was 12 of us.When we called them the day before they told us that if we went the next day which was Saturday that a 5 person meal would be $70.They literally told us it was all you can eat when the whole time they were stalking us and it was based on how much you ate.We did our calculations and 12 times 16 was $192 which it should have been less cuz most of us were kids which means that they counted up all of what we ate and pretended it was all you can eat.At first I thought it was cheap but turns out they count plates and it is not all you can eat.We payed over the amount we were supposed to pay and gave them a $10 tip when the whole time we got scammed we didn't even get any money back.Don't go to this place they give false advertisment .

Frank “TooncesVonKittenCat”

I’m not sure what to say about flamethrowers grill and buffet. Did I leave stuffed to the point of a diabbetus coma? Sure. Did I hate myself even more after eating like Jabba the hutt stoned out of his mind? Yes sir. But what really sets this place apart from other buffets is the crawfish. We’re they actually craw daddies? Or we’re they cockroaches? Only Jesus really knows.

melissa n

The service is so wonderful the ladies who took us were so kind and welcoming it really made the experience for me. The place itself is beautifully decorated and the food is a wide range and taste delicious!

Alyssa W.

OMG... delicious! My first time here and I'll definitely return! Very comfortable setting, attentive staff, and well made foods make for a great meal! Their grand reopening was a smash! Now...time for your visit! Dig in....

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