Flaming Grill and Supreme Buffet

1051 Whitehorse Mercerville Rd, Hamilton
(609) 438-9888

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Markia Fletcher

Good food, different varieties, but most places like this not hot enough. Need better warmers for the food. I eat there a lot so I don't mind for the price and selection.

Donnie Morse

3 of us decided to check it out.plenty of food and choices. Meat fell of the ribs ,prime rib was tender , 3 kinds of shrimp.The food was very tasty? The seafood was excellentI couldn't eat enough of the little shrimp seasoned.She'll fish 3 kinds of crab.I enjoyed the food and the fun we had.

Michelle E

Food was good.. 2nd time there. Like the hibachi makes the food right there..Food: 5/5

Enrique Argueta

Please don't let the name fool you, the establishment has recently been changed to Crab Du Jour. Me and my friend spent a good 10 minutes thinking we had the wrong address before walking in and confirming it was indeed the same place. The atmosphere was very gloomy, partly because the lighting inside isn't great, and despite having enough seats for 100 people, we were led to a corner where there were several people. This would be fine under normal circumstances, but there were maybe 10 other people there, and all of them sat pretty close despite being separate parties. The food was cold and appeared to have been sitting in the trays for a while. That, combined with the fact the food wasn't particularly good, resulted in a pretty bad meal for everyone. Good news is that for a single person it's only $16 and some change, but honestly, steer clear of this place during the week. Maybe on weekends it's a different story, as we went on a Thursday afternoon at a time when most people are getting out of work, but this absolutely ruined any chance of me coming back.

Kevin Pierce

When you go to and establishment walk in And your greeted with photos of many people who ditched there bill my expectations started to lowerhibachi grill was ok. I got the steak with mushrooms and onion. The steak tasted like a top round that was sliced into steak pieces and velveted with corn starch slurry to make it tender .The General Tso chicken was crunchy hot and fresh. But it was 85 percent breading and 1 percent chicken the other 14 percent I dont even want to knowThe bbq ribs tasted like watered down ketchup with a little extra sink water to add flavorThe Sushi was cold and flavorful the choices were very limited as expected when you go to a buffet that dont even have a sign out front to tell you its nameFor $17.99 per person for dinner i dont think i will be coming back to establishment any time soon

Fran Varela

The service is getting sloppy and more rude.. it's a shame!The food is also not what it used to be and when "only for dinner" trays are empty, it take a while to get more.Do not trust raw seafood here... sorry..Hibachi is always great!

Shirley Raines

The food was awesome! Everything was done completely not burnt. Customer service was great! I would definitely recommend this place. It's a 40 minute drive from where I live but it is worth it?Food: 5/5

Hisham Mohamed

Not the best place at all, the food is not fresh, not enough variety, “”” they come up with their tips and they just add it to the receipt “”” when I asked them what is that they said there are 6 of you have to pay a big tip. I wouldn't recommend the place at allCheck your receipt before you pay!!!!

Christopher Cardone

Simply the best Chinese Buffet in the local area. They have hibachi grill included in your price at no additional fee. Nice and clean establishment. The staff and waitresses are very welcoming and take good care of your tables. Great selection all around at a fair price. Highly recommended to all. Well worth it.

Genesis Aulet

The place was okay. I went Sunday 12/4 around 7:30-8. I asked to Apple Pay after the bill came and the server said well now it’s $46 something… so if I Apple Pay the price changes??? We were so confused plus the language barrier so my bf decided to give her a $50 in cash instead since the Apple Pay seemed complicated. She never came back with change just said thanks have a nice day. Either she took the change and assumed that it was her tip or can’t do simple math. Do not recommend this place! They need better servers and customer service.

drae green

Pics speak for themselves one of the prettiest continously well stocked buffet some of the food lackluster in flavor some was superb rock crab was a little dry crawfish was damn near perfect sushi perfect hibachi excellent mussels clams and oysters ? over all really liked it dessert selections was diverse and plentiful if i could do sweets like the good ol days there wouldn't have been any good humor or blue bell bars left give 3.5 out 5

Paloma Lora

For what you pay the food is good. They are my choice for one day a month. God forbid you never have a problem or inconvenience because the manager will never come out. I still like to go and eat. The food it's ok.Food: 3/5

Nicholas Howarth

Great place for a family. It has plenty of options to choose from. Especially for children. Every good food and a great time.Food: 5/5

Jane K.

Gross food, terrible service. Don't go there, sushi old hard rice and flavorless, nothing kept fresh, charged me almost $7 for 3 hot teas and gave me one pot and never filled or filled waters. Most places yea are free. Waitress cuts you off


I came here on mother's day. There was an unexpected price increase, but i figured it was justified by them serving specialty items like crab legs and cheese cake, so no big deal.Unfortunately, they didn't provide any serving control for the crab legs. Greedy customers would take every single crab leg on their plate and walk back to their table. This should have been anticipated. People with no shame or self control were allowed to serve themselves and we needed an employee to step in.So basically we paid a large price increase for no reason. We got whatever scrap of crab leg was left by the selfish customers, and some dry cheese cake. The rest of the food items were passable and would've receive a 3.5 out of 5.

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