Hibachi Grill and Supreme Buffet

4450 E Black Horse Pike, Mays Landing
(609) 625-0888

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When I came to the establishment I was greeted by the Hostess and my group and I got seated. They asked for our drinks which we all replied but none of us sat down yet we were literally touching the chair and we got handed a receipt for our visit at the BUFFET. We were being charged right before we even sat down. We didn’t even get our drinks yet, all we did was place the order for the drinks. On top of that I had the waitress literally point out the Tip portion. Ok very professional right. Anyways she points at it and says leave tip here and we were like we are leaving cash tip since one it’s at the end that you pay your bill and tip for a restaurant. But keep in mind this isn’t a restaurant it’s a buffet all the waitresses do is bring your drinks and remove your plates that you used.During my meal I had multiple waitresses give us weird looks or they be looking at our table and once they notice that one of us is looking at them they turn away as if they weren’t doing it in the first place. Like give us personal spaceWhen my group was about to leave . The waitress literally came chasing after us to leave more than a 5 dollar tip. Like no you don’t help me what so ever worst experience ever.


This is a big buffet Chinese place that serves pizza, roast beef, mac and cheese, and fresh sushi. It was 17 dollars not including drink for lunch.You can get salad, soup and dessert too.It has been crowded everytime I've come, but I've never waited to be seated. It is a little loud (just busy), but not so much that you can't have a quiet conversation.What is nice about this place is that the food is fresh and you can always find something to feed picky eaters.

Dana Jenita

All I can say good is that they have a variety of food. Downside is food is cold, old or had no taste. There there are the waitresses….. they are so unfriendly, cold and short. I felt like they were just standing at attention looking at everyone eat which wouldn’t be a problem if you were actually moving the empty plates. I don’t need security while I eat. I used to enjoy this place but it seems some unfortunate circumstances/ customers have turned them into a not a very enjoyable place to go anymore. Hibachi grill you used to be good but don’t think I’ll be back.This costs too much for such a sad experience.

Ashley Maree

Went here yesterday with a few people and we’ve been here before and it wasn’t bad. That is now not the case… it was so terrible! please seriously don’t go here.. chicken absolutely rock hard and dry as a bone, Mac and cheese is just straight slop, no crab legs (straight up baby crabs), dumplings are literally slimy almost puked!! One of the ladies brought out a brand new pan of fried rice and we were very excited to get some but to our disappointment the rice was a mixture of hard and literally inedible pieces… there was about 4 different desserts and others were either repeated desserts or fruit and ice cream. I would also like to say they raised prices it’s now 18 dollars for dinner and it was not worth my 18 dollars.. didn’t try the hibachi or much else because of how upset and sick I already felt.. and no pictures because the waitresses were already watching our table because she could see I was visibly upset.

Michael C

Yes you have to pay before you eat. Big deal…McDonald’s asks for the same. Too many dine and dashes I guess.This may have been the best buffet I’ve ever had! Tons of choices! Great price!Amazing quality and creativity! I’ll be going back as often as I can!If you love sea food this is your place!Yes it is too bad that most places don’t have crab legs or lobster tails any more.They make up for it here with soooo many other amazing choices! 100%

Wayne Hulek

You are no doubt reading reviews to see if this restaurant is worth the trip. Let me assure you, it’s not. We are not fussy eaters. From time to time we enjoy a good buffet for something different. We are the kind of people who appreciate having food to begin with. However, this was truly awful. Awful. I don’t want you to waste your money. I don’t want you to waste your gas if you are driving a long distance.When we walked in two waitstaff followed us to our table wanting payment. That’s okay, however a better way to handle that is to “pay at the door”. Now we were waiting for an eternity for the staff to run the credit card and return to the table. Drinks are not included which is a little ridiculous, however it is what it is.From a distance there appears to be a lot of food. As you get closer to the steam tables there is great repetition. Allow me to offer details.First, for some reason, as the other reviewers pointed out, the food is not hot. I just don’t understand it. Maybe the steam tables are turned down to save money (?)Second, the food is not cut up. Large, large pieces of broccoli, for example, are just tossed in. What is even funnier is there are no knives. We have traveled many places in the world and completely understand some countries do not use knives. However, this is America. A good bet would be every single customer uses knives at home and at work almost every day. So that means knives should be provided on every table, period. We should not have to ask.Third, the appearance of some of the “staples” look positively awful. The cocktail sauce looked like gobs of reddish mix the likes I have never seen before. The duck sauce looked and tasted like Kool-Aid.Forth, the food itself had no taste. It was flat and bland. There were crab legs, but you would not want them because they were so tiny it would not be worth the effort. Kids had their choice of some nasty looking pizza and the usual chicken nuggets. It was as if they were seriously trying to provide cold tasteless food.Fifth, they talk about the “ice cream”. Who doesn’t like a nice scoop of ice cream or even that ice milk from a machine? Well, nobody took the ice cream when we were there as there was a cooler of rock-hard mini ice cream sandwiches and those little paper cups of ice cream we used to get back in grade school.When we got up to leave as disappointed as we were we still left a tip. We said “thank you” only to hear nothing from the waitstaff. I don’t want to hear there was a “language problem” as they have heard the words thank you before and need say “thank you” back, nice and loud, especially when I am handing them money. However again, everyone is that restaurant needs a course in customer service, including the gentleman who just about pushed me over filling up something in the steam table as he just could not wait until I was finished.Our only regret was not asking for our money back. We were cheated out of a lot of money for some of the worst tasting food we have ever experienced.Don’t waste your money. Pay a few dollars more for a casino buffet or go to one of those franchise restaurants like Olive Garden. Even better, just go to Taco Bell as it’s much, much better than this restaurant.

Wendy Cossaboon

Great variety. The food is delicious and fresh. But I have to warn everyone about their tipping requirements. You tip your server BEFORE you know how good their service is! And they question why the tip is that size. Because if you're a decent server, I will give you more when I finish eating!!! That's how is is supposed to be!

chantel katanakis

Amazing they have a very large variety there food is delicious the service is great everything was perfect... the staff is really nice, there's free parking... you pay about 20$ a head including drink and tip abs it's soooo worth it

Katia A.

ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE! first time around the lady was very rude about a tip. food was okay. this time around the server was much nicer until another lady took over and begged for a 20% tip. we paid and began to eat when my friend found a hair in her food. She complained and wanted to speak to the manager and the lady Elise or Elianna or something like that said shes the manager and then got someone else. Like okay you’re not the manager. Another lady comes and says it’s probably another customers hair. okay that can happen we understand, but she was talking to us like little children. My friend asked for a refund and she said no. I heard them bickering afterwards. How is that our fault? you guys are so stingy for tips and can’t refund us for red hair that none of us have? give me a break. don’t bother. worst buffet in town and i really hope they read this.

Adelaide Ireland

I tried to tell my boyfriend that the reviews of this establishment were POOR. He and his friend said “it will be worth the experience”. The food was foul tasting, cold, and rotten. I had to stomach eating two rotten cream cheese cucumber rolls because the establishment had several info flyers posted throughout the restaurant stating there would be a $3.99 extra charge for uneaten food. Prior to our departure, there was a strange male in the mens’ restroom who we believe is an employee of this establishment who perpetrated a predatorial stare onto an individual that was a part of our dining party. Please do not dine here if you care about yourself or your family.

Arlene Cardamone

So sad they will not be open very long , they need to clean everything especially the front desk area is a mess bathrooms are a miss everything has gone down hill!! This place use to be one of the best in the area! , clean and beautiful! Even the music is horrible , I can only imagine how bad the kitchen is by the was everything else looks door and windows need cleaning too ! Board of health will be closing them down , if they don’t wake up very soon !!! You can’t take people money as soon as the sit down either !! How rude !!! Please go back to the way it was clean with great hot food and service !!! Before it’s too late!!! So sad !!!

Google User

Lunch costs $12 and Dinner costs about $15-16 dollars depending on the day for all you can eat. We got takeout and it was a little expensive which is my only complaint. We technically could have gotten the all you can eat for the same price of the takeout.The food and hibachi was really good and everything was warm for us. The sushi was replenished and they offered sashimi if you're into that. People keep complaining about the quality but it is a cheap all you can eat place. If you're paying $25 for lunch/$50 for dinner like a Vegas buffet I can get the complaints but it's not. It's literally a cheap buffet in Mays Landing sooo...for the price and quality I think it's good. Sometimes there's a staffing issue bc of Covid so they may forget your drink or be overwhelmed. Be considerate people. Lastly, if they make you pay ahead of time it's probably because a lot of people have eaten and not paid, aka dine and dash.

Lela Mooney

Honestly wish I could put zero stars... Where to begin? As many others mentioned it was really odd to have to pay as soon as you are seated, we were only given our drinks after we mentioned not ever receiving them. We got our check before the drinks, pretty backwards if you ask me. And we had not even at that point eaten anything. I wish I had trusted my mother's gut because this was the worst thing I've ever spent money on.Now let's get to the food. Everything is so cold, and the poorest of quality. Now when it comes to the sushi, there was very little in the ways of options. No actual fresh fish, it was either mushy or fake crab meat. It was slimy, didn't smell good, and I noticed something odd... Two of the rolls I picked up had something black in them. Now, I've eaten plenty of sushi in my life and many types of rolls/sashimi/etc. I cannot think of one single thing that should be completely black like that in a Sushi roll, I brought it to attention of a waitress who couldn't seem to care especially when I might have ate one. She mentioned something about getting a manager but none ever came. Not wanting our money to be completely wasted I thought about trying something else, however everything truly was inedible. No one was even at the Hibachi bar, and any of the other food I tried was cold and disappointing. It made me want to cry honestly.My mother had the shrimp which was some how mushy... As an aspiring chef I don't want to know what you can do to a whole shrimp to make it turn into mush. I am seriously concerned someone is going to get poisoned or very sick, it was like being in an episode of Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. The board of health should be in this place because it seriously is a nightmare, and I'm praying we don't get sick from what little we did eat before walking away in disgust. Worst money I ever spent in my life, wouldn't send my worst enemy here. I wish I took pictures before the waitress grabbed the plate away. Please save your time, money, and stomach.

Randy Kern

If i could give this place negative stars, i would. For the most part, the food was alright. Some was cold, but eatable. The waitresses on the other hand are cold hearted and hound you for tips before you even get the chance to sit down. It was quite a busy night and my wife and i had the chance to sit and watch over 5 tables- Including families, couples and people by themselves - get absolutely bashed and hounded about getting a tip as soon as they took a seat. It’s disgusting, revolting, and no human should ever beg for money from a customer in that way. These people get rude to their own customers right off the bat so what makes them think I’m going to tip them even before i see the services that they offer, which was unfortunately none. Our drinks never got refilled, our plates never got taken away, and nobody came and asked how we were doing. I will never go to this establishment again and i apologize for anyone who goes here

Asata Toure

I took my cousins here for a birthday dinner, we came a little late, like 2 hours before closing and the staff was really nice and accommodating. The options were a little limited because we were late but the staff brought out some extra food for us. They even bought out the cake and sang happy birthday to my cousin and made the night better. He loved the experience so I’m happy

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