Mama Dude's

11 Sunnybrae Blvd, Hamilton
(609) 954-8926

Recent Reviews

Kat P.

This place is fabulous! Such great choices! I am vegan and it's nice to have so many toppings. The toppings are different. I don't think I have ever had baba ganoush offered as a topping. It's a great idea. Everything was tasty and the guy who helped us was very nice and knowledgeable about vegan options. I would love to see some tofu or beans in the future. We will definitely be back!

brendan darigan

My first time in! The gentleman at the counter helped me navigate my way across the exciting menu! Built a large bowl with a bunch of delicious veggies, added a sweet potato, and the house sauce. It was absolutely incredible! Such quality food for a quality price! I will be back!

stevie-marie Holden

Fresh and awesome flavors. Accommodating to many different peoples eating preferences (vegan/vegetarian)and you get a huge helping!

B Reviewing

I actually really like this place. Food so good buildings clean and employees are always nice

Jessi Clark

The bowl was pretty pricey but the staff were incredible. Unfortunately my rice wasn't cooked enough, but the peanut sauce and avocado were amazing! I also ordered chickpeas but they didn't end up making it on the bowl. i think i just caught them at the wrong time, i would go back and give it another try.

Lindsey Casey

Mama Dudes is a staple meal in our home. There’s plenty of food to feel satisfied and sometimes I like to get a large for another meal the next day. You can tell all of the ingredients are fresh and the owner takes time to curate a menu with different ingredients than other bowl places. It’s also nice that the menu rotates seasonally so there’s always something new to try. It’s a quick, healthy option that we’ll continue returning to.

Cynthia Neme

Mama’s Dude will be taking all of my money from now on. Fresh delicious food, lots of extras to try. Very friendly atmosphere and clean environment. So good!

Michael Dougherty

Delicious locally sourced food. A little pricey but you definitely get what you pay for in quality and taste. I go here all of the time.

Sullivan Family

We ordered online, it was so easy, the food was ready when we got there and everything was delicious! I highly recommend.

Cara B

I love getting rice bowls from here! All of the ingredients are tasty and fresh, and it’s nice getting to create your own bowls. There is a wide range of topping options, and the menu changes seasonally. A delicious and healthy option for lunch or dinner- can’t wait to come back!

Elizabeth S.

Happened upon their food truck in Center city philadelphia and decided to give it a shot. The guys working the truck were super nice and gave me a run down of the menu. They had three protein options with a base of rice, lettuce mix or both. I went with a combo and chose the beef option. Everything was well prepared! The rice eas perfectly cooked, lettuce was fresh. The hot honey sauce was a nice combo of sweet with a kick. Apparently they're at the custom kitchen food truck most Tuesdays and Thursdays so definitely check them out!

Nick Crescenzo

Tried Mama Dude's for the first time today and I was very pleased. The ingredients were fresh and delicious, and it was overall a very healthy meal. I will definitely be returning.

Michelle Disbrow

Fantastic food with healthy options while supporting local. Interesting combination of flavors that are crave-worthy and delicious. Fast, fresh, amazing!

michelle rosenberg

This place is amazing! Is it even real or did I conjured this place up in a dream? Healthy, fun, totally unique, fast, tons of choices and delicious all at the same time! And when you read the local press about this place you come to find out that the owner is a mensch, a visionary not afraid to do his own thing. Stop eating at chains and support small businesses! Places like Mama Dude's make the world a better place.

Jennifer M.

Let me start by saying I don't love rice or so I thought - what I found out is I don't like over cooked rice! The rice bowls at Mama Dude's are outstanding!!! They start with perfectly cooked Jasmine rice, you then select your choice of protein, veggies and sauce. I would never put these combinations together in my own kitchen so I'm glad I gave this place a chance and do so regularly- when I'm not feeling their perfectly prepared rice I choose fresh spring greens aka salad or half & half! The owner and workers are super nice and will let you sample the sauces if you're unsure. One thing I like best about their business model is that they seasonally change their menu so you can never get tired of the selection! And last but not least all menu items are locally sourced and prepared without a ton of hidden ingredients so you feel good about putting the food in your body and supporting local businesses !

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