Rossi's Bar & Grill

2110 Whitehorse Mercerville Rd, Hamilton
(609) 890-2004

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Daniel Burlew

First time at Rossi's. I got the breakfast burger. Cooked medium. It was absolutely fantastic. There's nothing I love more than a fried egg on a burger. The burger was cooked absolutely perfect. Very flavorful and juicy. And the portion size for the price is absolutely worth it. My side of onion rings we crispy and delicious. Very nice atmosphere wonderful place for a get together with friends or a date night. I will definitely be going back. I highly recommend getting a burger!

Gina D.

Just perfect! excellent service! Delicious food!! - amazing bar pies with the perfect balance of sauce and toppings cooked to perfection!!!! loved everything from the friendly atmosphere, cleanliness, attentive bar tenders, service with a smile and polite and professional demeanor of all staff. Everyone here is happy - the workers and patrons, and for good reason... people are nice; music is great; lots of TV screens with sports, music videos, puppies... AWESOME!!!!


This was my first time to this former Trenton located bar and grill known for its Rossiburger. I understand after 90 years it is under new ownership. They feature a very large rectangular bar with plenty of booths and tables. There are many TVs and a lot of baseball memorabilia on the walls. Parking is in the rear and they outdoor tent dining in the front. My order was the Famous Rossiburger ($14) with lettuce, tomato and American cheese ($.75) deluxe ($2.25 with French fries). I found it interesting that they put the piece of lettuce and slice of tomato on the bottom of the burger instead of the traditional top layering. What I Liked: - The burger had great size and flavor - The coleslaw was slightly better than average at 7.2/10. It was shredded and chilled. - They serve Heinz ketchup What I Did Not Like: - No pickle! Every great burger has to have some type of a pickle on the dish with it. - Because of the thickness of the burger, in order to get the middle to medium, you end up with a large surrounding of well-done meat. It should not be a trade off rather press the burger down 3/8 of an inch to minimize the well-done ratio. - The fries could have been crisper and were too salty for me - There was no apple cider vinegar in the coleslaw to enhance the mayonnaise taste My Brutus Burgerus rating is 8.6/10 Thumbs Up for the Rossi burger.

Joanne D.

Before COVID , this was a once a week spot for dinner , but things have changed. The outdoor service has been ,sad to say ,horrible . The untrained young wait staff have been so inexperienced , they did not know to bring utensils or napkins to your table, got orders wrong , and just oblivious, but nice . And trying to order takeout -for the Continental salad with fresh shrimp - the shrimp are on the side doused in butter -even after specifically saying on 3 different occasions "fresh not sautéed on the side" . And the prices are now outrageous . Sorry ,but we will not be eating at Rossi's anymore

Melia B

Food was delicious, and our server Lisa was AMAZING! The bus boy, Anthony kept our table clean. All around a great group of employees.

Susan W.

Wow, this place has gone downhill. First impression when you walk in the door is not great. It smells like old fryer oil. Our waitress was good. She didn't hover and we didn't wait long for her. The food was mediocre. My roast pork sandwich, which is what I've always ordered, was just ok. Piping hot in the middle, which made it seem like it was fresh out of the microwave. The sweet potato fries were delicious, though. Husband enjoyed his mussels marinara, but I tried the broth and it was completely tasteless. Sorry, Rossi's, you're going to have to put in a little more effort, especially with JoJo's right up the street.

michael kilderry

Went to Rossi's bar and grill for the first time. The burger's are huge 3/4 of a pound. They were juicy and delicious. I was worried that no one in my party would be able to finish their burgers besides me. However, they were so good 3 out of 4 people finished. The house made chips with old bay were very good. The price was around $20 per person. Had a good time with good people. I would definitely return.

Tom T.

Living through its old fame is what I would describe these burgers as the burger is big and reasonably priced but not seasoned enough. The burger seems to be a bit outdated, even though the burger is 12oz, the taste seems to be lacking in spices and creativity. I would say that the other food I tried like the fried zucchini and Fish & Chips are better despite being known as the burger place. Overall, I would come back to try the other foods that they have in store as it seems more promising than the old-fashioned burger. It was definitely worth it in terms of food amount which is why I would say the points range closer to 3.5 -4 than to 3.

Kevin X.

Apparently, this place is known for their burger, called the "Rossi Burger", which is what I got for my first time. For about $10 base price, you get a pretty large burger with a thick beef patty, definity a great bang for your buck deal. Unfortunately, the patty has no flavor and is a bit on the dry side. I would highly recommend putting addons in your burger, though that will bump up the price. Same for the fries I got as a side, bland and in need of toppings. On the other hand, their fried zucchini is really good. The coating is very crispy and the savory marinara sauce makes it all even better. Good customer service. Would be willing to come back, just not for their burgers (unless I am starving and only have ten dollars to spend).

Kevin P.

Been on my "to go" lunch places for a while but totally forgot about it until it was on a best in NJ burger list recently. Ordered the "Rossi burger" plain with cheese and a side of fries to go. I had seen the picture of the burger before going to the restaurant but being how advertising is, I was skeptical. It was pretty big, and thick. Smelled good. Fries were crispy...just the way I like them. Burger was cooked perfectly. However, was lacking in the seasoning department. Still good, but could definitely have been better. Already mentioned the fried being crispy. But they were your normal steak fries, nothing spectacular. Also ordered chocolate chip cookies to go. They looked and smelled fantastic. Chewy and warm. Not sure if they just made a batch or threw them in the oven. But you'll definitely want milk with them. Overall, a good experience. I'll go there again, but I'll probably see what else they have to offer next time.

Chad Cooke

Service was good and food came out quickly. Overall, the food lacked flavor and seasoning. The famous zucchini sticks were devoid of any seasoning. Unless you drenched them in the marinara, there was almost no flavor. The fries didn't have any seasoning either. House salad dressing was essentially vinegar with some oregano sprinkled on top. Burger was fine but it's tough to mess that up. World famous peanut butter ice cream was meh. Unfortunately, it was an entirely underwhelming dining experience.

kathy kohut

First, the food was very good. We had burgers, zucchinni and shrimp apps, pasta, cookies and ice cream. The reason i am giving a 2 star rating is because the experience was sub par. This was entirely due to our waitress, Joanna. She was the worst waitress I have had in a very long time. She was surly inattentive and definitely had an anti customer/i hate my job vibe. It took her almost 30 minutes to bother to ask if we wanted apps. We had to practically yell at her to stop her from continually walking past our table without checking in. A meal came with a house salad and when asked what dressings were available, she replied "house". It took more questions to get her to state a partial lust if available dressings. The young guys who brought the food, water, cleared the dishes, were great!! I would have preferred to tip them only and skip tipping the waitress since she was so awful. Unfortunately, we spent time discussing this situation vs simply enjoying our own company. She should be gone.

Don Brovero

I stumbled across the place and I was really impressed. I sat at the bar and they had a great beer selection. The bartenders were really accommodating. I had a turkey burger with a side of sautéed spinach. The food was good and they were big portions and everything was priced very reasonable. They had both inside and outside seating and a large parking lot.

Joseph V.

The thing that made Rossi's what it used to be, was the neighborhood and the folks who went there. Now they've moved out to Hamilton and most of the old timers are gone. What your left with is a pretty generic bar with a sporting theme and lots of old pictures of the old place and a decent, but no longer spectacular burger. It's also gotten pretty pricey as everything else has, sadly. I still go, but it doesn't feel like it used to. Times change, sadly. Not always for the better.

Jonathan McCann

Rossi’s - the home of the Rossi Burger- is a Trenton Institution which transplanted itself to Hamilton Township. Their reputation for huge beef pattys is well earned. A delicious hunk of juicy meat, on a soft but flaky bun is a crowd pleaser.The atmosphere is old school feel- with the checked table cloths and old photos on the walls.The menu has plenty of bar fare, and Italian food which is solid. There are many other choices for Italian in the area - but none with burgers like these.

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