The Cheesecake Lady

3629 Nottingham Way, Hamilton Square
(609) 667-4500

Recent Reviews

Trish Black

I ordered the chocolate mousse cake for Easter after having seen her cakes on Facebook, and WOW. It was even better than it looked, which is saying something because it looked perfect! 100% recommend, if you haven’t tried it place an order, you will not be disappointed! 10/10! (Note, I added the sugar cookie on top, fyi)

Wilfredo Alejandro Perez

Amazing taste.

Teresa S.

Absolutely everything I wanted after giving birth to my first baby. We got the assorted cheesecake bites. All the flavors were sooo good! Our favs were Oreo and Carrot Cake. We ended up getting the bites for Christmas too. I highly recommend!!

Catalina Lopez

First time trying it and it was definitely an amazing experience! She was super kind and helped us out picking the best choice. We ended up getting the box of bites, each flavor was delicious ! Highly recommend this place and will visit again!

Julio Morales

Got an order of the cheesecake bites and my lord were they amazing! This place would get a 6/5 if possible and this is coming from a huge cheesecake lover. The customer service was impeccable, definitely recommending this spot to anyone and everyone I know.

Adrienne A.

It was so amazing of you to donate your cheesecake bites for our favorite Ukrainian teachers 70th birthday... It has been quite a struggle and this just made her day wonderful! They were absolutely delicious!!!

Kellee Ross Hesley

Love the cheesecake here and her cheesecake bites are perfect for parties. Everything is delicious.

Jamie Leigh

I haven't personally gone to the business, but got their products from a fundraiser. I pass it all the time and regret never stopping! Their cheesecake bites are the best, because not everyone in my house eats cheesecake. So I have them frozen so I can. Pop a few out when I want some without worrying about wasting a whole one!

Cathy Sirota


Justine Sullivan

Ordered a plain cheesecake for Thanksgiving. Absolutely delicious! A very creamy cheesecake, the way a cheesecake should taste! I’m looking forward to trying other flavors!


She’s simply the best: local and everyone raves about her cheesecakes.Mike and family

Neena Banger

Excellent! No complaints. Really delicious cheesecake, easy to order, great service.

Meg D

Great cheesecakes! Highly recommend

Patrick Bock

Delicious cheesecake and super friendly, patient service. My girlfriend and I drive by there on a whim -- the owner came out to the driveway and talked us through all the options, then included a little surprise with our cheesecake, which didn't last more than a few days in our house. Highly recommended.

Richie James

Unbelievably delicious. Very helpful very polite. I highly recommend.

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